Monday, February 20, 2006


I should not have lit the fireplace two nights in a row. The smoke (even from those candle logs) bothers me. I feel a bit better today.

Sunday was interesting. Jon was the lay leader for the UU service. He did a great job. I played piano for the service. Was a bit nervous but did all right...especially since Jon chose the pieces the night before and I had to practice like mad to get them down...I even had a cramped hand after all was said and done. Ah, well.

We were a bit behind as Jon has gotten a new job! We're very happy and he had to plan some negotiating as well as the we were all a bit stressed. But I tell ya, the old adage is true: Take it one day at a time. This was a great way to deal with unwanted stress. Another way of dealing with stress is by planning to have a full half hour of stress/worries at such and such a time and be done with it. This helps me too. When doing the stress out half hour think of the most extreme worry and for some reason this always makes me feel better and less stressed.

Besides all this, I got a great bunch of loot from freecycle! I got a bunch of yarn, and some great dishes. I'm very happy with them. Also, there were a few vintage books with patterns! Yes! There are a few pieces of things started too...I think one is crocheted...very lovely. And the nice woman that gave me the goodies even met us half way from Altoona from Blairsville. That saved us time.

I did all that with a migraine...tried the nasal flushing, it helped with the nausea but still don't feel 100%. I hope this endoscope surgery helps. I don't know what I'm going to do come Spring if it doesn't. Meditate/pray for me. sigh...

I feel so good for Jon. I'm glad he's going to working some place he likes and hopefully, he'll get the wages he deserves. I'm thrilled that he finally has a good job that is unionized as well. Let's just say his previous job didn't even have sick days...

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