The joy of a walk

I went for a walk in a fit of anger and excitment. I was upset because of events beyond my control but still always changeable. I was glad to be out on my own and free for a small amount of time of being mommy. Mr. Nelson and I started off small and then we walked up the big ol' hills of Altoona. I was puffing and red in face and I thought "Oh, my god, I have asthma".But it was only that my lungs weren't used to working a tad harder. Even Mr. Nelson felt the change. We walked and walked and found pine cones and started at the view. Gray and cold and the smell of peoples chimneys and dryers going off floated by. By the time I turned to go home, I had a headache but I felt strong and adventureous.

Slowly, slowly we decended and we came back to our little path to home. I felt calmer and everyone was taking a nap. We could talk as I painted and worked on my art supplies.

I felt for a moment the joy, perhaps, Henry Thoreau or the Alcotts may have had on going for a walk. Of course, they didn't have to watch out for cars...


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