Illustration Friday: Tea

Couldn't resist sharing this little illo...mouse in tea cup. I've seen lots of great illustrations for this week's topic. If I have time, I will do another one. I love tea and coffee. I just finished a cup of pepperment tea...lovely stuff, esp. with toast, butter and honey. Now, that is what I call a refreshing snack for Winter.

Speaking of Winter, we actually got some snow last night. It's been very cold but no snow and well, though I don't like driving in snow storms or having to worry about ice, it's nice to have snow when you should be having snow! It was getting so I actually saw a neighbor starting his plot for a garden. But now we're back to having snow and cold. Feels good.

A fantastic book I must recommend for children is called The Magic Nesting Doll by Jacqueline Ogburn and illustrated by Laurel Long. This is such a wonderful story about a young woman who must rescue the ice prince in what appears to be a reversed Sleeping beauty. The story has a similiar feeling to "Ever After" and the illustrations are incredible. If I could get a poster of some of these paintings for my girls rooms, I would. I'm going to have do some research on Laurel Long's work...exquiste.


I must say, tea and toast has a very good effect on me. I just feel so relaxed and happy. I'll be glad when it's this time next week and my nasal surgery will be over. I hope all will go well.

A few things I admired as I drove over to tutor some of my students and home again: A frozen pond and yellow reefs surrounded by fresh white snow, clear blue skies and bare patient trees waiting for Spring and a person bundled from head to toe in winter garb with puffs of cold air streaming from their mouth like smoke from a pipe.

It was one of those days where if you stood in the sun you felt warm but if you were in the shadows you felt cold and frozen. The wind was not as biting as it was a few days ago but today seemed to be drawing in some of the rays and circulating it to the cold earth.



oh! he is so cute!!!!!!
kaya said…
this is so beautiful, simple and cute! Love the soft tones. Nice stuff.
Ellen said…
Great illo! Soooo adorable!
Rhiannon said…
Hi Emily,

Oh this painting is so adorable! I love tea and toast also! Green tea is so good for you! I like all kinds.

"Ever after" is one of my favorite movies, I have it and have never tired of watching it. I relate to the character a lot.

Congratulations to your husband on his new job. Enjoy the snow while you can. It has been a very strange winter hasn't it? Weather wise and just in general in "America"..sigh..:(

Take care now..


steve said…
What a cute, simply rendered little critter. he almost looks to be tea-colored!
Very cute; looking forward to seeing more!!
Carol said…
I love watercolors.

I know what you mean about feeling there should be snow. We have it too, in full force but it isn't cold.

What kind of surgery are you having done? I must've missed that post.
Darling sweet picture....I Love It! Thanks for coming by Emily..Long-Time-No-See....I hope your coming surgery goes very very well....I'm sure you will be very glad when it is behind you...!
Awwwww, this is soooo cute! Love it! Love the warm colours too. Like a hug in a mug.
carla said…
Your tea with toast and honey sounds so gooood! I love this adorable little mouse in the teacup...very sweet. Good luck with your surgery.
Ives77 said…
Ah!! I want to hug him (her?)! Lovely! Nice use of colours, too!
Robin said…
This is so cute!

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