Did anyone else notice?

About a week ago Yahoo, of yahoo.com, has some new listings under their groups section. Low and behold they had "Stitch and Bitch" as a new knitting forum group. I was like, hey, that's cool! And checked it out and thoughts of expanding the Altoona Stitch and Bitch ran through my head. Then the next day, I checked back and now it's called "Nifty Knitters". I'm all what in the world? What happened?

I know that with my association with a charity group, I've had to change the name to Stitch and Knit (well, in theory anyway. We still call it Stitch in Bitch at church and on the campus). I think it's so amazing how words can be used to either liberate or control people and lots of other verbs.

I wonder why Yahoo decided to pull it. Was it too "radical"? Was it copy right infringement? What? I feel a letter to yahoo coming on. My guess is I'll get a form letter. And if anything, they will say they were afraid of legal allegations. Nifty Knitters...does not have the ring of Stitch and Bitch, my dears. Nor does it have the strength of the mighty Stitch and Bitch. Ah, well...

On a lighter note, I just found out about this place called "Slinky Town". Kid zone, ball pit, stuff for kidz and older kidz apparently. Anyway, the dad that told us said this, " Kids are $4 and parents are free." That cracked us up.


Ah, I must say I love being a UU. Not only is it open minded and you meet great, postive people but we all get a chance to speak and lead the service. I don't know if I'll ever lead (maybe read a poem, or something like that) but Jon is up next! He's working on a sermon and I know he'll do well.



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