Busy week...phew!

Well, the week is coming to an end...Friday is here and things are calming down. Jon came back from an interview (feeling good about that), I'm wrapping up the entries for the Loretto Art show (I'm coordinating the homeschool entries) and I entered a submission to Syrcultural Workers (great shop with lots of inspirational messages). I hope my submission at least gets a card made of it, if not the cover of the calendar. I doubt I'd make the cover as I felt like I just rushed this out (I actually did it in two days...as I didn't realize the deadline was February 1st...not March like I thought). So, I was a bit frustrated with that. However, I'm glad to see they accept submissions all year long...I will be doing that.
Here is an excerpt:

The puppet show we're working on (my homeschool group) is going well. We're getting closer to getting it finished and putting on a performance, hopefully near the end of February. Exciting!

I feel congested and clogged with my ears right now but on the whole all right. I think I'm a bit tired as we had the Stitch and Bitch meeting last night. I brought the girls/Jon and they had fun. We were supposed to go see Doug Elliot and his performance and story of "Groundhogology". But we didn't know it was at the chapel not in the theater arts building. Jon went there with the girls and ended up crashing the Jubleirer's reception. They got lots of food and stuff and saw lots of stuffed shirts wearing expensive Italian suits. At the buffet, Norrie apparently grabbed 10 cookies but Jon put eight back. Kind of funny...

So, we missed the Groundhogology event but we had a good time nonetheless. I was so tired I couldn't believe I was even able to knit...actually, I didn't. I crocheted. The other knitters were amazed at my fingers of dexterity as I spun a hat before their eyes. lol~

We have about 5 scarves and 6-7 hats ready to donate to Family Services of Altoona. I hope they are still accepting donations as I need to organize my dining room/studio/art class/business office. It's very multi-fuctional, to say the least (and the least is it's a mess most of the time).

This week was a bit hectic and now I feel a bit relieved. I was amazed that I sold so many ACEO's on eBay. I have a new batch that I'm going to be listing. So, I'm excited about that. And I'm getting a huge stack ready to be mailed off.

Today the girls and I went to a local thrift store and got some great deals. I found lots of linen, sweaters for the girls and to take apart and make lots of little goodies and a few play items (a pair of black heels and blue hand bag).

The girls had fun and got lots of compliments as the place was run by a bunch of lovely older women. All in all a very nice day.

A new discovery was made: Mr. Nelson likes to be held in a baby sling.

Lydia was impressed...

One last thing, the girls were watching TV right now, and "Last of the Summer Wine" was on. A British show and the kids were watching like it was a cartoon...I think they're ready for naps!


Carol said…
That dog...

So you have plugged ears. A doctor told me to take antidecongestant.

What a neat project for the knitting group.
Emily said…
Thanks for dropping by Carol!

Mr. Nelson is a funny sweet dog.

I've tried antidecongestant...in fact, I'm on one now. I have to have a minor surgery for my deviated septum and it's supposed to help a bit. Wish me luck!

Yes, we're doing a great bunch of knitting/crocheting and I think it's really moving along. Glad we can use our hand crafts to help people.

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