Busy as a bee

That's me...I'm so glad it's nearly Friday. This week has been a bit better than last week. And last week was better than the week before that. Let's just say, Jon was on a rotating shift and got the 11pm to 7am junk. I think I'm still recovering.

Ah, well. Another week has gone by and now the weather feels like Winter, finally. Do I thank the stars for the break in January weather or fret about Global warming (which I'm pretty sure was why everything was so warm...poor Europe got a blasted with unusual freezing tempts. I'm afraid to see what the summer is going to bring). But I won't worry about it too much...just keep my chin up and vote the incumbents out. ; )

In other news, I got a lovely surprise from Sister Celtic...

Very cool! We loved this surprise...I'm really surprised at how nicely the magnets came out! Thank you so much, SC!

It's really nice to get surprise packages. I still need to photograph the goodies my mom got me...Actually, I think I'll do that right now.

Now, isn't that a lovely site in all this cold and white stuff. Thank you mom! The packages were actually cradled with chocolate but look rather deflated now! Ah, chocolate...plus, there were strawberry white chocolate kisses! Wow! Are those good!

The pic above and below are goodies I got from my mom for Christmas. The first is an awesome yarn dispenser! And the one below is of a very cool knitting needle holder. Love it.

And lastly, I'm forcing some forsythia, lilac and I think it's mock orange in some water...a reminder of Spring to come.


sister celtic said…
wow i love what your mom sent you awesome.. the wind is howling like mad but trying to go to sleep.. your so sweet and appreciative glad you liked the shizad

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