Busy as a bee, part 2

This was one of those weekends where Jon had to work on Saturday, so I'm off by a day. I took care of the gals all day and didn't get very much painting done. Today was better...got to do some painting though I still felt rushed. Jon took the gals up to the in-laws and I got a few hours by myself, amazingly. Started listening to this book on tape, "Inkheart". Very intersting and well read. Of course, now I want to hear the whole thing but might not be able too because of busy kids. Still, I'll have to try and sneak it in somehow.

Weather wise,it's gotten really cold again. I'm nervous about my septum operation...but at least I'm getting lots of good advice and comfort from many. Thanks to all.

Right now, I'm at my in-laws...they're place is 65% warmer than ours...all this wind feels like it's whips right through the house. I'm looking foward to doing some home fixer upper stuff come Spring!

Come on, Spring!


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