Ah, the weekend...

So glad it's here and we can muddle around and not have any definite plans. Saturday is already into night but there is still Sunday.

A snow storm is brewing but it's not too bad, really. Of course we are safe and warm inside. Everyone is just feeling good from a mostly fun day. I've been a bit irritable from a minor cold. But not to bad otherwise.

I got to do more painting yesterday. So, I feel good. I also got to go to Ollie's where they have a lot of interesting books at discount prices. I got a bunch of animal books and some for the girls. It was a nice relaxing trip...even with cold snow blowing like crazy outside.

Then we stopped at auntie's house and hung out for awhile. Her cat lost so much weight I couldn't believe it. But it's not from lack of an appetite...the cat is so pickie about eating it's healthy food it only eats the treats. So, I convinced my sis-in-law to give the kitty gravy with her allergy food. Poor Misty.

When we drove up to visit, Jon and I saw a ring tailed hawk emerge from the bushes. Very dramatic. We were getting quite a bit of hawk action (and had to clean up any left overs...feathers/fur) so I had to stop feeding the birds so frequently. It got to be such a frequent sighting I named the hawk Bernie. But I couldn't take it after awhile and only feed the seed eating birds every now and then.

I remember once there was this family of sparrows in the bush and this magpie type birds appeared to be feeding the baby sparrow. Much to my horror, Jon informed me they were killing the baby sparrow and eating it. The screams still haunt me...absolutely horrible. I wish I could have intervened but what would have happened? I don't know but it still sickens me. Why are some birds so cruel? I know it's not cruelity but survival still...I never did like those animal shows where the baby chicks would get eaten. I guess it's the whole "it's still alive" when being eaten thing. I guess I would not be tough enough to live on a farm. Oh, well...
Anyway, let's move on...

In other news, I've found that "shwheat" litter makes good bedding for my rats. They seem to really like it (or just having their cage cleaned finally). Poor gals...I ran out of bedding and when I ran down to the market they only had litter. But I was glad to find that the wheat stuff is recommended.

It's nice to have happy critters~

Well, I'll leave with an image of one of my abstract paintings...

This one hangs over the piano...I'm planning on doing about 10 more of these and making a portfolio to send to some galleries as well as a licensing company.


Rhiannon said…
I cried upon reading the story of the poor sparrow. I know how you feel. I love animals I am very sensitive to things like that also Emily. There was a whole family of deer(about 8 of them) I knew and I gave them all names...when married living up on a hill on 15 acres in a big house. So much nature and animals and beauty. For some reason all the deer trusted me and I named the female "leader" "Domi" short for dominant. She had the "scars of life" but a strong beautiful proud deer who protected all the family. She was my friend and trusted me but not my hubby!..hmmm?..:-). I miss her so much years later. Once one of the new baby deers face was all swollen on one side, looked like a parasite thing going on. It took me a few days of effort for the baby to come to it and drink it, but I put some water in a bowl out with some herbs I looked up that killed parasite infections,etc..and low and behold within days it got better! She had had it for about a month, and we thought she might die we were so happy and excited when we thought maybe it was the herbs that might have helped who knows!?Either way it was short of a miracle!

Sigh I love animals so much..:-)

Rhiannon said…
P.S. I really like your "critters" painting and the abstract one also, very nice..

Have a good weekend,snow is nice but bet you can't wait for spring!..ooh no more allergies then huh?..whoops!..:-(

Carol said…
I once witnessed a magpie stealing a baby pidgeon from its nest while its parents were off hunting for food. It disturbed me for awhile too.
Emily said…
Rhiannon, you are a true earth mother! Beautiful story/experience about the deers.
And thank you for your sweet comments about my work. : )

Sometimes birds can be so brutal...Obviously, as humans we are much more brutal.

I'm sorry that you had to see a baby pigeon get taken like that, Carol. Very painful to see. The good thing to know is pigeons and most birds are hearty and there are lots of them about. Sigh...I actually used to have several pigeons when I was in California...mostly intelligent birds.

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