Self Portrait Tuesday...

I wasn't going to do the self portrait thing. Not because I was ashamed or overwhelmed by what might come out or that I hate my life or something. Rather, I couldn't find my old album of pics of my past. I moved here nearly three years ago and I'm still unpacking. It's terrible. Plus, my studio on the third floor (attic), I hate to even say this, is filled with litter boxes that are full apparently. My one cat, Autumn, is very picky about this and has taken to leaving protest poops...all over the place. So, unless I get the courage to clean it up (which I will...or get Jon to do it) I can't go up there. Well, I did go up there but I got disgusted and ran back down.

Anyway, I have this picture that I love because it was just so me at the time. I'm slouching because I'm tall and I wanted to look shorter. It's taken in 9th grade for the year book. I have blonde bangs (sun-in...that dreadful fun stuff that creates bold highlights), braces and I'm wearing this sweatshirt with a very 80's style. I love that pic. I remember in art class we had to do a self portrait from our year book picture (if you had one) and this forced me to see myself. I started to like me, even with all my flaws. I think I had a very smart art teacher in junior high, wish I remembered her name...

I couldn't find the picture but I did one from memory. Here it is:

I also remember I was tormented by two kids in that art class. They teased me about my breathing (I had allergies but didn't know it at the time) and asked if I was retarded because of my lisp. I had to go to speech therapy for quite awhile. I did get my "revenge", however.

I think it was a week or so before the last day of class and I remember telling these kids they were like snails. I didn't know any swear words (my parents over protected me) and all I could think of that they were like snails. I said, "You are like snails..." they laughed. Then I said, " do you know why? Because you are slow and can be crushed with one foot." They looked at me and I could tell they were surprised. After that, they didn't bother me. I'd catch sight of them in the hall or library and they'd look away. At the time, I was surprised words could have such an effect...sometimes I still am.


LoriLaurieLauri said…
Love this story...and especially the comment about snails!

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