January 2006 temp: 52 degrees!

Yes, it's Winter in the East but we've hit an official warm spot...hope it lasts till March! Ha! Yeah, right but I can dream.

For some reason, this warm patch made me a bit depressed. I guess because it's such a short warm patch (I'm not sure if it's supposed to get cold again in a few days) and I didn't do anything but chores today. I was out and about with the girls but when you're going to the market and later to the post, it's not the same. So, I feel like I wasted a day.

Lots happening this week...besides, tutoring and art lessons, I have a puppet meeting on Wednesday, and Knitting on Thursday evening. Actually, that's not too overwhelming. At least no doctors appoints or what not. I do have to schedule in my allergy shots but I'm dreading that. I'll aim for February.

Everyone is tearing down their Christmas stuff and either replacing it with Valentines day stuff or the old stuff that was there. I think I'm going to leave the artificial tree up and make it a valentines day tree. What's after Valentines day? Oh, yeah St. Patrick’s day. Maybe I'll take it down then. I like the idea of heart lights but they just remind me of a brothel or some other such place and really, I don't know if I care for that feel.


One of my dreams is to have our Christmas tree decked out in birds. Make it full of birds...they need to be made by hands (mainly mine) and I think that will be so pretty. I've started making a few but need to keep on it. I'm also going to try and sell them too...maybe.

I have been making softie cats...these are after the 12 I did for holiday presents. They are in all shapes and sizes and mostly bright colors. Once I get the features on, they will be available for sale.

Working on more paintings...just need to color them and such. I think I'm tired that's why I'm feeling down.

I finished this really, really good book called "The Secret life of bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. My mom (thanks, mom!) sent this to me and it's a keeper. Last week, when the weather was 15 or so degrees there was snow blowing and frozen sheets of ice in the alley. I looked out in surprise to see all of this. I felt like I had been in another world...summer, humid, bees, sticky hot weather, and the scent of rain about to come in with thunder announcing her arrival. This is what I was immersed in and only looking away from my book and staring out the window brought me back to Winter. If you ever have feel like you need to escape the frozen blue and white, this is the book. I'll have to read this every winter, I think. But not only is it well written, it's a beautiful story too.

Anyway, I have a stack of winter readings that give me the jolt I need esp. in this time of year. Jon got me the latest Harry Potter for my collection. I have not started this because once I start, there's no holding back. I will not stop reading it until my eye lids plead for mercy. I have to wait for a cold or maybe a weekend. My mom also remembered the name of one book I really love, "Scent of Water" by Elizabeth Goudge. It is a quiet book and full of lovely descriptions of a small village life as well as the thoughtful nature of people. I'm so glad to have this name back and will have to find a copy from half.com or some place.

Speaking of sites, I just started an account with netflex.com. For 9.99 a month they send you DVD's that you select. I've selected nearly all of Cary Grants films, lots of independents and even some up-to-date stuff. Also, stuff for the kids, too. I'm excited about this...I checked out 88 films...all of which I'm sure will last me for two years. lol. My first one is Robots...because it's for kids. Hopefully, it's kind of good.


I've identified several different groups for post office drop offs. Apparently, at about 1 pm to 2:45 pm this is heavy traffic time for the older crowd and single men. I am not kidding. I went to the post office at about 2:30 pm and there were at least 20 or so elderly people (mostly men) and then all these young guys. I felt like I was a bit behind my schedule as the morning time (9 am-ish) is the typical time for mom's/little kids and single women to be at the post. Noon is the lunch hour insanity time as bustling young to middle aged people (regardless of gender) are dropping off office stuff. Funny how that works.

My cat, Kiwi, blessed sweet kitty that she is and MANY people who have visited my house will vouch for her kind and friendly behavior, scratched my hand. It really wasn't her fault as I picked her up one handed from underneath and she twisted fell and scratched my hand in 2 places. It hurts but is feeling better. I won't tell Jon, yet, because he just had to clean up cat vomit. Having four cats, you need to do lots of clean up and patch up work. ugh.

The rats nibbled a hole in their water bottle for some insane, self loathing reason. So, I had to get a new one as the bowl of water I put in there was disgusting after an hour. I made a makeshift water bottle out of a "trendy" looking vial of vanilla flavored sugar (not bad, actually). Apparently, the rats thought so too as there may have been a little left in the vial and they drank more than have the water in a few hours. When I put up the new water bottle they acted confused and annoyed that the sugar tainted water was gone. Little addicts.

I might be getting a free African Grey parrot. I don't know for sure. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Apparently, someone at my husbands work inherited it from their relative and now they have it. They say it's mostly nice and except for screaming hello, hello when someone calls on the phone, it's s pleasant bird. I actually do have a fondness for birds. I had cockatiels but Jon made me give them up before Lydia was born in a fit of paranoia (he thought the bird dander would be bad). So, I do like birds. I hope this does not come to pass in some ways. Plus, parrots live for something like 50 years. FIFTY YEARS. That is something to consider as I would be in my late seventies by the time he/she left. Plus, Mr. Nelson's high pitched barking and a bird screaming hello, might drive me crazy. I may have to pass on this one.

I'm thinking about gardening and bee hives. That is what "The Secret life of Bees" does to you. My dad had a couple of bee hives when I was a kid. I could put them right next to my neighbors with the German Shepard’s... who now appear to have three. I don't want to be unfriendly but THREE German Shepard’s? And the two they have bark at US...not prowlers...US, their neighbors. Okay...deep breath. Twitching eye, calm down. Visions of a 6 or so foot fence and lots of ivy are the only solutions, I can think of. The annoying thing is they never trained their two "guard dogs" in the first place. I don't understand them. I really, really don't. I know why the neighbors on the other side of them have a fence and are moving. It is that bad. If I had ONE German Shepard, I'd send it to school. I am with Mr. Nelson all day and we are actually doing a bit better. We have our bad days but mostly we are doing good. I think he does have a lot of emotional hang ups from his previous owner but we're working on it. Plus, I'd like to look into valium... not for me, though. For Mr. Nelson...he's very high strung. Poor guy.

Anyway, that's the news from the Squirrels nest, so far. Pictures to come soon. Again, a moment of woe because I didn't bring my camera out and I just looked at some fantastic flickr photos that make me burn with jealousy. Just my little envies...


sister celtic said…
wow emily you had alot to say in this post..i guess the main thing i wanted to comment on was the african grey parrot...they are soooooo smart and fabulous as long as no one in the family has any lung problems and thats with asny bird ....we video taped our friends bird and amazing.. very entertaining.. we also had a red and blue macaw parrot that was not in a cage sat on a perch that my son got for a university graduation gift.. well he couldn't keep it when he was renting so we ended up with the parrott.. he then perferred only me aside from knawing on the cedar walls and wipeing them out.. then my son got a cockatoo given to him and all it did was yell scream saying shut-up loren! well needless to say my son as funny as it was getting bird couciling via phone 1 a week for an hour and he just gave up and gave the bird back.. so it all ended well...they are messy if out of a cage.. i'm sure you'll decide what is best for all..thanks for the wonderful post..

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