Illustration Friday: Cats

Well, this was a topic I can get into! I have always had a fondness for cats. Having four cats, you sort of have to like cats. I do have a new fondness for dogs but cats and I have a long history. An odd history at times. When I was a child my dad didn't allow us to have cats and dogs. He'd heard somewhere they had disease. However, we were not petless as I had lots of rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons, countless fish and parakeets and even a pet crow over the years. It's one of the idiosyncrasies of my dad, I suppose.

Of course, my girls are surrounded by my pets; cats and dogs and even rats (which they love) are every where in the house. I like that my kids love to have animals around them.

The above illustration is actually something I did because an on-line friend told me there are no cards with boys and cats. Or rather very, very few cards and usually in somber colors or cutified (tough cat, etc). So, I thought I'd do something sweet and with a boy. Why does the publishing company think boys and girls have to be divided and made into a commodity? Well, obviously that's because they can sell it to us all the better. But we don't have to buy it. Boys and girls, we all have tenderness and thought. We all have the ability to be cruel and mean and harsh. One of my favorite posters is this one:

I remember once when my bestfriend's father read a poem to his wife and children. He does this every year for their anniversary and everyone was moved deeply. I think that needs to be expressed more in life. There is a mentality that somehow showing you care and are kind is not macho. Strange and so wrong. It's not balanced and makes people act cruel, regardless of their sex.

Anyway, my illo is titled "For a mama and her boys".


Saul Iscariot said…
Both pics are fine, the one of the little boy touched my heart, I remember many a moment as a child like that.
I love it! Especially since I'm a music teacher ---
Rhiannon said…
Emily, I just love this little boy and cat painting! Its just adorable so sweet. Boys and "men" can be tender, I wish they would show it more, i.e. "men" that is. I agree with everything you said in this post! I know what you mean. Also I've met a lot of women who also act "tough" and not showing emotions or feelings, but especially men I've dated since single etc..macho macho macho..or afraid to show feelings, so then there is a lack of communication..its make me sad and I grow so tired of "the games"..sigh...I know I have to be tough out in the outside world as a single woman,(I hate having to be though)in order to protect myself but I'm finding a "balance" of showing kindness,emotions and feelings, and its a good thing and no one is going to make me stop that! Its quite a balancing act!

Love your writing and thoughts.

With Angel Blessings,
Carol said…
Beautiful post, Emily and love that boy with his pet cat.
sister celtic said…
wow blows me away and i love your favorite poster celebrate the whole boy whoa right on! i have 2 boys and i remember my neighbor gave him a doll for his 1st b-day and i was kinda shocked..that was '76 and my other one born in '79 was all dolled up in dress and heals when i picked him up at nursery school.. i thought i was going to flip out but was assured this is okay...they both have the Holy Spirit.. which is the the feminine side and mothering and comforting sensitive side of the Godhead.. i love that about my guys..

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