Got a sinus headache from working with power tools. I was cutting up thin plywood to make a dozen or more canvas' and I had all my protection gear on, ear plugs and mask. But I forgot the goggles. I felt the tiniest fibers go in my eyes and sure enough about 24 hours, I got a terrible allergy headache. Darn. I tried this new thing of nasal flushing and it actually helped. I still feel pretty lousy...mostly because I should have taken a nap with the girls but didn't...I was zoning out, I think because I can't really remember what I was doing.

Anyway, Jon came home and I was out of sorts, and his work left this vague message about going to work on the weekend but not sure. Irritating. We're thinking of going to Pitts and try a different restaurant. I wish they had a Trader Joes...not likely. They do have an Ikea. So, we might got there. How I miss Trader Joes. They had a lot of good, quality foods and they were reasonably priced. Plus, they treat their employees really well. Wish someone would open one in downtown Altoona. Now this would be the revitalization of downtown on many levels, would have total employee loyalty and lots of customers. On this side of town, there are few shopping areas and you have to drive across town to get to most groceries. Anyway, that's my rant of the day.

We had a puppet meeting...planning/designing a two shows with homeschoolers. Should be fun...just wish I had felt better and didn't have a clogged head.

I'm going to complain about my aches go ahead a skip this left ear hurts. My ENT says it's TMJ. I don't think TMJ hurts the inner ear part! So annoying. I need to find another ENT possible in Pittsburgh. I'm still going to go through the deviated septum surgery because I feel so bad when I get a headache. It's one of the worst pains I've had (besides induced labor).

The day was beautiful...I mean, really beautiful. Slight chill but nothing a little sun wouldn't cure. And the sun was out! I just feel great when there is sun even with an sinus headache.

Next week should be interesting...I have to drop off submissions for the art show and do some puppet making. I hope I can do it.

On the 24th, Jon and I are going to the Corneil West lecture at the campus. I can hardly wait. Corneil West! Wow. Jon's thinking of questions to ask him...Maybe I'll try to do that too.

Lydia and Norrie had a good time with the kids when they came over. They are so funny for being 3.5 and 2. One little kid tried to have the rats sniff her finger and Lydia thought she was poking the rats and moved this kids hand away. She gave her this stern "Don't mess with my rats" look. Norrie was doing well until she got hungry and tired. Ah, well.

I feel tired from the pain medication but am getting better. I'll feel better tomorrow but it really is annoying to loose so much time from feeling bad.

Otherwise, a fun Friday...wish I felt like doing Illustration Friday or posting some pics but I just don't have the energy. Perhaps, as Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day."

One last note, I wish it was Spring. I took the tree down and Lydia cried. For some reason she thought I was giving it away. I've never seen her so upset in awhile. I may buy a real tree (if the cats don't get to it) and put it on the table, instead. To freshen up the room. Good night to you all!


Carol said…
I know what you mean, I am sick myself.
Emily said…
Hope you feel better soon!

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