Feeling blah...actually, feeling better...

I did quite a bit today...tutored Science, went home and made a special brew for my in-laws for their colds which was found at mompoet's, took the kids home, played with them and cleaned up their rooms a bit, straightened the something but I forgot what, took care of the kids again and entertained them with glitter and glue, Jon came home and Norrie passed out, and then I got a big headache. So big, it's a minor migraine...I'm like why? Why tonight when I'm supposed to go out with Jon at 7:30pm and see Cornel West at the campus? I took a nap and woke to oddly thunder and lightening. Now I know why I have a headache. The odd pressure of a thunderstorm is doing this. Now, it's snowing outside...

Thankfully, the kids are sleeping and I can complain for a bit. I hate having migraines and headaches. I hope, hope, hope it goes away soon so I can do a bit of painting and put some more work up on eBay. I've actually had some time between all the stuff I'm doing. I'm actually very fond of packed days...sometimes you need a break but if I can pack a bunch of stuff into one day, I'm happy.

Things to do:

I need to get several paintings framed for an art show at a local museum. I'm in charge of the homeschool art students and have promised to frame two of my students work as well as my daughters painting. This will be Lydia's first show! I'm so excited! I remember my first show. I was in high school and I had an excellent art teacher, Mrs. Wong. Fortunately for me, this was before they had cut the arts program from my high school and district. I got to try working in metal, wood, and learn various techniques, how to use charcoal and do a still life drawing. I am forever grateful for this. Years later, I went back to my high school to observe for some of my teaching credential. It was SO horrible. Not only had they made the high school into year round, but over crowding in the worst sense was happening. 45-55 kids in one small room. One of the four teachers I observed had apparently, gone mad as she would punish the entire class if someone would act out by having half the class face the wall and write standards (in a 10/11th grade class!) and do absolutely no art (I watched this for a week...strange, strange person). She was mostly concerned with buying a house and acted like a warden in a jail. The other teachers were much better though one decided she was going to just leave in the middle of the school year now that she had just gotten married and the school had to call in a sub. Another teacher was very pro-Nadar and was trying to convince one of his art students (an 18 year old) to vote or at least vote for Nadar. He was also very pessimistic and said no one knew how to draw as they had cut art programs from the schools and now the kids didn't even know how to achieve perspective (again, it was a hugely over crowded class). The fourth art teacher had had a stroke but was the most ambitious and had the kids constantly working and doing art. I'd say she was the most inspired...though she looked like she was a bubbling over kettle, poor thing. There was an elite fifth class of six students...they talked about art and history and discussed doing joint art projects. You had to be a straight A student to be there...very strange.

So, I was fortunate I had the classes I had but I felt very, very sorry for the students that came after me. I imagine only a few, very few got to be in an art show and I hope some didn't totally get turned off of art. Mrs. Wong got us to show our work at a bank in downtown Los Angeles in 1989. I showed two pieces, a harp seal pendent I made from brass and copper and a rabbit I carved from wood. I still have both. I was offered $25 for the harp seal pendant but refused to sell it. I'm glad I didn't.

Jon just came back. The lecture has been cancelled! I can't believe it. Wow. Must have been the storm...I hope they use the same tickets we have so we have definite seats. I still can't believe they cancelled the lecture...is it luck? It will be luck if I can still use those tickets!

I do feel a bit better...maybe I was just tired and the thunderstorm made me do a spiral down. But I'm balancing off and feeling better. I must be feeling better because I just told Jon that the stainless steel cup with Marci Ellen engraved in it was made for a favorite doll of mine (this is actually not true. I like to do that every now and then...play the trickster. Jon and I often do that to each other). So, he is now plotting (I told him the truth) his revenge on me...I can tell because he's pacing back and forth. He said, "when you least expect it...when you least expect it!" lol...: )

~~~Am now listening to William Shatner's "Tambourine Man". Groovy and odd.~~~

Well, I saw the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I gave it one star on netflix as that was the lowest one I could do. Boy, that film was not good. I'm a fan of Tim Burton but this really stunk. Plus, Johnny Depp...what the heck happened? He's grayish green! Just wrong...like a rotten tooth color. The only good thing was the special effects but usually Burton makes such good stories for his films. This was not the case, unfortunately.

~~~Now listening to Hall and Oates, Jon's request~~~

An interesting story: Jon has been searching for a tune he first heard as part of the opening news cast theme song in the early 80's. That's nearly 20 years ago. Then he'd catch bits of it on the radio and I got to hear it on the last show of Frasier. He even asked our know-it-all music relation about this melody and he couldn't identify it from Jon's humming. Imagine that!

Anyway, there I was a few days ago listening to the local radio station for once and what should I catch but that song. I immediately write down the time and the song afterwards (one by The Mama's and the Papa's). I then hunt around and find the radio station on-line and write to the webmaster, Bill Kurtis of WALY 103 explaining the situation and if he could help. And by the stars, he did! A day or so later we get an email and at long last we have found out what that melody is! "CLASSICAL GAS" by Mason Williams - It was #2 in the summer of 1968. I just feel so much like a detective. One less mystery in this mysterious world!

Now I can rest easy.


Foolosopher said…
yeah...rest easy...KNOWING THERE'S one PARTICULAR random dude who likes your site lots!!! the random gallary/poetry/rambling thing is juz so rad^^
hey, try writing poetry u'reself why don'tcha?
Emily said…
Thank you Foolosopher! You're very sweet and I like you blog too! I'll think about sharing poetry...

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