Went trick/treating at the campus with my little gals and daddy. Thought it was going to be It was in the freezing windy cold. So cold, I didn't realize I sprained my ankle and now it hurts, hurts hurts (and is why I'm up at's 7am now) . It was fun but so crazy and inconsiderate...even the poor college students were freezing (they handed out most of the treats).

Anyway, Norrie wouldn't wear her costume. She acted like it was filled with pins and emitted this high pitched screech that seems to come from the bottom of hell. Lydia was a good sport and trotted around wearing her dinosaur costume even though many thought it was a dragon. Oh, well...close enough and at least it was 95% handmade by me (I bought sweats/pants and cut sewed them up to create the will come later...Probably much later...busy day).

The plan today:
Find some new music for my piano students, clean up dining room, drop off girls at grandma's, teach piano, come home and set up for art, clean up and pick up gals, possible trip to post and drop off art/mail, come home and hope kids are tired and ready for nap. Rest for a bit, get ready for trick/treaters and family and hopefully just hang out and relax.

Well, I'm overwhelmed by this list already and my ankle still hurts. I guess that's why I feel so sluggish...


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