It's really windy outside...

It's Fall and this is a sure sign of Fall...wind. I don't really care for wind. Mostly the noise factor as well as the kicking up particles for my allergies, aspect. I'm running on six hours of sleep...the wind sounds haunting and makes for odd dreams.

Had I known we'd have this much wind, I don't think I'd have moved here. This is one reason why I didn't like San Francisco...way too windy (plus has a bad history of earthquakes). I guess any where someone lives there's going to be dangers.

Just had a memory...last Fall we went outside and were either coming home or leaving; it was dark. The leaves swayed, the neighbors garage light flicked on and for a moment it felt like a scene out of "To Kill a Mocking bird".

On another note, we went to JB Tree Farm and had a great time, the girls and I. When we got home, Lydia gave me a hug and said, "I like you, mommy" with such made my heart melt. Unexpected surprises...I'll have more on the farm later. I think I know what photo I'm going to do a painting of while the Winter snows are piled high and I am feeling the need to escape into memories of warmer times. Actually, there might be two photos...

I'm trying to push my self into working on a larger scale for paintings...nothing in the mural size...just trying to go bigger (22 X 30 inches) in Sumi ink. I'll see if that works.


la vie en rose said…
The wind can get pretty nasty here in West Texas too. A couple of weekends ago it was so bad it knocked out back fence down.

Love the To Kill a Mockingbird reference...I haven't read that book in ages. Boo, Scout, Jem, Dill, them.
Emily said…
Texas...boy that has some wild weather! Wow! Hope you got your fence fixed.

Yes, To Kill a Mockingbird...such a beautiful movie and the book is even you know. Maybe I should re-read it, too. : )

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