It's been hot over here! 90 degrees...ugh!I wanted to do all this gardening but it's so hot I can hardly go outside. And now with the rise in gas prices (it's 2.45! This is a big difference as about 2 years ago gas was 1.30. I know it's worse in some areas exceeding 3 dollars!) we can't even really drive anywhere. Also, we had to tough it out for our health insurance. Next month should be a bit easier...still VERY vexing. Heat and low cash makes for lots of stress.

It's really funny to hear the news "report" about the gas prices. It's almost like they were paid by gas companies to make it sound better here in the US. For example, they compared gas prices to milk per gallon and to nasal spray (?!?). Nasal spray would cost $100+ per gallon. Then they reported that countries such as Belgium, Brussels gas is $5.91 a gallon. They left out these countries have mandatory social security/health coverage. This means you pay directly for your health coverage from your paycheck. You have free choice of any doctors/dentists/ etc you want from that point. Oh, and they have the highest minimum wage in the world (6.77 compared to the US 5.15 an hour). Hmmmm, this place doesn't seem too bad, actually...also, they were against the Iraq war so don't have 700 billion in debt like the US. Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway, I've been painting up a storm. Lots of artwork up on eBay right now. Plus, I've been thinking of having some things on here. So, look for that in the future. The only problem is my digital camera. Actually, the camera is not the's our cheap disk drive. It's broken and I am sad that I can't get anything up on the net. I lost over 25 pics already from that disk drive and I finally realized it was the disk drive not the camera or the floppies. I use a mavica (oldie, I know). If anyone wants to freecycle me a digital camera they don't want any more email me at I will pay for postage/handling. As long as the camera works and you can plug it in (no floppies), it would be greatly appreciated! : )

So, there you have it, folks. My current dilemma! It's funny because I know it's not as bad as a lot of peoples...I've been reading about women of the old West; that is some horribly rough stuff. No, my life is quite easy compared to them!

Here are some better pics of my niece holding the stuffed toy I made her. I asked my sis to send me a few and she did.

My beautiful Katie!

My poor nephew is suffering big time. He fell out of his bed around 1:30 am and gashed open his lower lip. They had to put in stitches and he looks terrible apparently. Poor little guy...he's only three. Just awful. My sister said she nearly fainted several times and had to leave the emergency room. I'm praying he'll be all right soon.

Well, that's whats happening, folks! Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Love and peace,


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