The power was out for 3.5 hours. There was an electrical crew on the corner working on some lines. Boy, the house got cold...really cold. I was wondering why I felt like hibernating. The girls wanted to curl up in their beds and sleep so early. Now, I know why. I've been doing odd end things around the house but mostly waiting for the power to come back on. And it did and now I've been reading blogs and websites and just nibbling on warm food heated by the microwave gods. brrr I'm glad to hear that furnace rumbling to life.

It's raining outside, so it's not that cold. It was really coming down for awhile and before that there was fog. I went to check for mail and found a mommy care package for Valentines day! She got my gals fuzzy heart bags and some other valentine goodies. She sent me my little Asian style shirt I had when I was around 2 years old. So very cute! I might need to scan that and see the texture. It looks really good for being 30 years old! I wish I had the little shoes and pants but I'll take the shirt. It's turquoise and has lovely designs. My mom, I'm sure, has pictures of me wearing it somewhere. Wish I had that too.

I feel like going to the antique mall and browsing for big pieces of furniture. Even a thrift store will do. I want a buffet or China cabinet. Something big with character and is slightly odd. If it was purple and had strange features that would be so great.

About a year ago my hubby and I were showing my sis and family around Altoona. It's funny because I was in a different car then Jon and we were driving by this old shelf on the side of the road. We both noticed it in the darkening light and when we met up at his folks house I was like did you see the shelf?? And he was like Yes! I saw it and we need to go get it! That was really funny. It was so big and dirty and this scratchy brown paint. Now, it's a bright shiny blue and looks great in my dining room. It has a cubby hole feel...I love it! Very cute.

I think I'm going to just paint all the dining room furniture. It's not worth restoring for several reasons. Previous owners had dogs that may or may not have piddled on the legs. Current owners (me) have dog that had chewed the legs. And there is just a large amount of stains on the table top. I'm thinking bright red top, black legs and base and maybe blue. Well, we'll see...

I have to say my dining room is different. The floor is a coffee cream color heavy on the cream, the trim is strawberry pink and the walls light cream. I like light colors and food apparently. I have a New Mexico blanket hanging on the soften the ugly echo of the room until I get furniture. It's a splash of color, red. Oh, and I have yellow curtains with a lace underskirt. I did that myself. Overall, it has a Mexican/Victorian our computer table. I wish I could paint that light green or blue but Jon said no. Oh, well.

It's funny because I love IKEA stuff and here I am with various colors and Cultural items. I think the floors do look Swedish, however.

I am sad. All of our little acorn plants died. I guess when we transplanted them, they were overwhelmed. Then one of my cats nibbled the heck out of the last survivor. Sigh. Poor little guys. I haven't thrown them out and they are dry and brittle in the pots. I believe they died because there just wasn't enough sun and Jon stuck them in one pot way too close together. I'm trying not to think about them.

I should really go and paint for a little while, so I'll sign off. The girls will probably wake up soon.



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