Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 degrees and warming!

I know. I sound so optimistic. I'm thankful for the 2 hr delays we had but now, they are bringing us back to business now that the weather isn't 3 degrees. Still, cold but not as cold. Honestly, I thought my lips were going to burst from the cold/dry air. I'm glad I wasn't in a laughing mood last night, I know I would have spilt my lip a few times. Pulled out the chap stick, Bert's Bees and kept applying. The kids hands are all chapped and raw even with wearing gloves. It's not fun.

I can't believe it's Thursday already. So strange. Yesterday was an odd day for much driving around but I got it done. I got confused about an art pick-up and then realized my work is at the other art show. I felt bad about that. The good thing is the kids got to see the downtown art museum. :) So, that is good. They want to go back for the next show and were genuinely interested. We're going to have to go to the Pittsburgh Children's museum...soon.

It's lightly snowing at the moment. I got my hearing aid and can hear much more and if I'm not careful more than I realized. I didn't know I made so many creaking sounds. lol  Hopefully, I'm the only one who can hear that.

My middle gal's hearing is 100% better. :) She feels fine and I'm so relieved. It was scary to think she might have loss from her ear infection. But it was fluid that was taken care of. Thank God. This was her 1st ear infection, I believe.

I really wish they would remedy the way people call to go to the doctors. It almost feels like you have to do this odd dance and you don't feel like doing this because you're taking care of an ill child. Stress levels go up and it's not fun.

Today should be a little calmer and not so crazy. Going to do some baking, make granola bars and start on Turkey soup. I wish I had some kidney beans to make turkey chili. Might have to go to the market...I really don't want to do that.

Poor littlest Gottshall got tired from all of the activities yesterday and wanted to be carried in the parking lot. Let's just say, my arms are feeling it now. Lord, I feel bad I can't carry him more often but it's basically 60 pounds you're walking around with. I've got to do weight training again.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 2 of head pain/migraine

This is going to be a mostly complaining post. Sorry! I did a bunch of dusting about 4 days ago and tons of laundry...which is like some sort of tide that never ends. :( :( :( Anyway, I apparently, am very sensitive to the dust when I pull out the lint from the dryer. I'm going to have to wear a mask as it bothers me to no end.

I felt really ill and yucky. I did manage to make it to the doctor and get my new hearing aid. It works really good but right now, loud noises really make me feel ill (the sinus crude). So, I'm not using it. Plus, the youngest Gottshall got up really early and this has made me feel sluggish and blah. And I think I need my next dose of pain pills. :P

I did manage to clean up, a little. Now, the dining room table has only a few things on it, 1 kitten, a box of crayons and some coloring paper. Earlier, you would have had to add the youngest Gottshall as well. What is it with kids and a clean table that they have to sit on it??

I wrote to the Target headquarters and suggested a store in downtown Altoona. They have markets now and I thought this would be a great place to put one. Who knows? At least they know there is a need and a lot of people would use it (including me). :)

Anyway, I'd like to take a nap but really am not allowed unless someone else sleeps first. Oh, well.

I'm trying to organize my basement to get most of my art stuff down there and some of the kids art things. That way we have more space and everyone is in one spot. I think I need more overhead lighting too.

I dreamed we closed in our front porch and had a bathroom/spare room there. That would be cool. Or else the back porch (or both!). Yeah, well, we shall see.

Speaking of tables, the youngest G is back on the table. He is acing like it's a toy...maybe he's bored.

I've got to make another soup. I made potato soup but it's at the bottom of the pot. Wonder what I should try...we shall see. Maybe a lentil or pumpkin (I have a can of pumpkin).

I really hate feeling so blah...well, I better take my meds and get my self doing some more art. Oh, here's a recent article about my work.

I wanted to bring in some more work but the kids got ear infections and I was exhausted from driving around, etc. Plus, my own ear stuff. Oh, well. It did inspire me to start to make some new things and the desire to finish some things has happened too. All in all a good feeling.

Pray that I feel better soon! I need to call my mom too. Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet potatoes, good things in the most ugly package

It's true. I just baked about 5 yams...they looked, on the outside, like some alien seed pod that has flown through space and landed, mishapened and gnarled on the ground. Or in my case the kitchen counter. I even thought one was starting to mold (cut that part off of it). Just plain ugly. I've scared the children with the ugliness of these things (the alien seed pod thing). But once they start to bake, the house begins to smell as if someone had decided to sprinkle love in every room. It is that good. So warm and heavenly and all from these ugly hard, red moon rock like shapes. I just ate one...adding 2 tablespoons of butter. That was it. Nothing else. SO GOOD! I'm still amazed by the flavor, warmth and satisfying richness of this ultimately simple sweet potato. :) I baked mine for about 30-40 minutes...basically, till the skin was separated from the meat. Give it a try, very good. If you do, let me know in the comments.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yummies and good omens

I've been trying the kids on different foods and mostly, trying to get them to make the food (making foods equals trying the food, I've found).

We tried this easy recipe called Peanut Butter Noodles. The kids loved it. I used regular pasta and it came out fine. My husband loved it too. The recipe is very Thai in taste and simple, a new favorite.

I just did a marshmallow popcorn ball...super easy especially if you have a popcorn maker. The kids all love it and not too messy. Just really wait till the marhmallow and butter cools a bit as it's very hot to handle.

It's funny we're usually at one of the relatives houses during Sunday, so I have more time to do stuff. I sort of wish we'd take off every other Sunday to just relax. I love the family but it can be a bit too much together time.

We actually went for a walk in a month or more. I know it's mostly because of my sprained foot that I've been house, a healthy dose of ice fear. It was really nice walking around...even the mud looked pretty! I hope this is it for storms but every time I think this, a storm pops up. So, I'll say, I hope we get more snow storms!! ;)

One of the exciting things at actual bat flew around. Of course this delighted the kids and even I was excited about possibly seeing it. The bat talk brought up conversations of a bat pooing on you as we walked up to communion. I said it's good luck. They were like, what?!? I guess they hadn't heard of the that good omen! I looked up good omen's and here's what I found. I really like the bird dropping one and the bat nesting in your house. Who knew?! What are some omens of fortune that you know? I grew up with the bird droppings one. Nice to know that different cultures have these too. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013


early morning rain


feeling sort of low today. I hope I'm not getting a flu. :( I thought it was just a bit of melancholy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

too much of too much

bracelet by me
Curious title, I know. Basically, I've been on Facebook a wee bit too much. Well, what I do is hop on between chores, kid stuff, and running around...usually, I love to find art that inspires me. I have a huge catalog of things on my EDGE Gallery facebook page. :) Check it out sometime.

Anyway, I've been cleaning and picking up mostly...driving kids to doctors appointments, me to doctors, etc, etc. Cuddling with my ailing kitty, Simone. She's 22 and is getting dramatically thin and fragile. :( So, this is emotionally over my head. This brings up a lot of other emotional things from dad passing and my first doggie, Mr. Nelson. So, it's depressing. The kittens are keeping things balanced as are the kids. I just feel tired from everything (mostly, the driving). Plus, I've been thinking a lot of what I want to start for the year, etc.

I got my art up at the library...though, I wish I had more pieces and I was planning to bring in more but all this stuff happened. The good thing is we seem to be catching up on things health wise.

Maybe the ice is getting to me or the weather...I don't know. All I do know is I want to do more art work and I just seem stretched thin. I know I was recovering from my sprained ankle (which is SO much better) and I still have some other things to heal, etc. But I am doing better and I need to focus on that (instead of what I "haven't finished"). I guess this is coming out since I've been cleaning up my studio...a lot of unfinished work. One of my plans is to finish at least 1 thing a week and post it. Actually, I just added that last part on...the post it part. Why'd I write that?? Now, I feel annoyed but I will try to do this.

I'm making a huge progress in cleaning out my space and letting things go. I just want space and less stuff to deal with. My mom had a good point...give it away and let others use it. I love this and am trying to remember/do this. :)

old man Finn
Plus, and this is shameful for me, I still haven't sent out Christmas cards/gifts and will have to wait till the end of the month as we used up our extra money already.  Oh, well. Sorry! Hopefully, by then, all the kids photos will be in and I can start mailing things out.

But it is good to get late gifts ... I got a late box and it really brightened my spirits. :) THanks, Mom!

Friday, January 04, 2013


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