Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Definitely Spring

We spent a good deal outside yesterday. Slightly chaotic w/ bbq fluid spilling in the garage and I had to clean that up. We got the kiddie pool out and washed that, had Popsicle's and played in the sandbox. All was fine, until H. got jabbed w/ a Popsicle stick (L. bumped into him). That was awful and the poor kid was balling all over.

It was close to lunch time, so we all came in and had lunch/felt better. I didn't feel too badly...just thought I had a headache from the spill. By 9pm, I was really grumpy and feeling rotten. Honestly, I think I wouldn't feel so yuck if the thunder storm had finished up, but it hasn't and I feel all achy in my joints as well as sinus pain. We enjoyed being outdoors, but it is HIGH pollen and makes for a sick Emily.

When I put H. down for a nap, I actually slept for 3 hrs. I still can't believe I did that. I must have really felt worn out from everything.

I guess I shouldn't get an outside job or something. This makes me angry as I like gardening and feel sort of limited by what I can do. Oh, well...

Right now, my ear is pounding and I want to take a nap but can't because I have to take care of H. and do house stuff. I'll try nasal flushing next.

Otherwise, things are mostly stable. I hope, by tomorrow, I'll feel a lot better. I'm going to pull out my air filters and run them on high to at least make the house more comfortable. It's probably air conditioner time (we/Jon puts them in the window).

I hate that I had to write this post about having allergies. Oddly, it's still 90% better then when I first moved to PA. So, that is something. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acts 20:35
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Giving sets us free, while hoarding entraps us (James 5:2). Giving changes the lives of others (John 3:16). Giving brings blessing back to us (Luke 6:38). Giving allows us to store up treasures in Heaven rather than here on the earth (Matthew 19:21). Giving really is fun – we need to be in on it.

from Christian Personal Finance

Speaking and understanding

Lately, I've seen why it's so important to have communication and especially good communication between family members. There is a situation between some of my relatives...basically, one thing was agreed on, but another family member came and started dictating new rules. This is after everything was settled and calming down. Basically, it came down to someone seeing everything in terms of money and not listening to anyone, not even his wife. Honestly, it's scary how similar a pattern this is to other family situations I've seen.

I feel like a lot of people on my side have this miserly attitude. From stories I've heard from great-grandparents, all the way to today, there is this holding back of kindness, of forgiveness and acceptance. I don't know if it has to do with being hurt so badly (I know a lot of suffering happened to a lot of people over the generations) or if it's from religion/lack of beliefs, or what. It just amazes me that things keep repeating and people make the same mistakes, over and over again.

Sometimes I want to just shout, go see a damn therapist or you're not going to have any friends/family who want to be around you. I feel like saying that to a lot of people...but that would be rude. I'm certainly not perfect. And I think that's the point. We're all not perfect but we can certainly work on different aspects of our selves, those places that we know about that need to gardened and tilled. It's worthwhile because it makes us flexible and not rigid in personality and spirit. It's important to clean that emotional house out or we won't have space for new things to come in and new people.


I've gotta go and do a half hour on the bike and get some coffee in me. I'm not going to stress out about the situation. They are all grown-ups and I know whatever happens, nobody will be too hurt. I love my family and all our imperfections. They aren't so bad and I hope I'm working on me flaws so I'll have space for new things and people. Have a good day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

a good night

Tonight was one of those nights I'd take to eternity with me. The kids played happily with each other and we were all interacting and healthy. It made me feel so happy to see and be with everyone. It was great. We chatted and laughed at our silly antics...no TV or video games. Just relaxing and being with each other. I wish I made a video but the memory is good and strong. It was a relief from when someone or other was sick, cranky or just feeling neglected. I'm so glad for these moments. I want to make them last and make more of them. I hope other families feel like this, too.

It's midnight and I should be going to bed. I feel slightly wired having chatted w/my parents. Things seem stable...they had some sickness as well but are on the upwards feeling. My parents...so quirky and crazy. But who's parents aren't? lol

Things seem to be feeling better. Although, I just realized one of these nights we have to do the egg stuff for Easter and I have to get some plastic eggs to donate. It's all good.

I'm glad I make time for my loved ones...even if it means doing w/out certain things. Although, I feel totally spoiled in some regards. Blessings and I hope I am/can share these things/gifts too.

Have a great week! I hope I can get up tomorrow...shame on me going to bed so late.

Cherry tree

I think it's really sweet how my youngest daughter loves the Japanese style. She says she really likes the cherry blossom. I'm going to make her something with cherry blossom's for her birthday in July.

My computer is really slow and I'm using the other one. For some reason, this one doesn't let me do spell check. I'm TERRIBLE at spelling but am trying to be aware of anything I might do. I'll miss something, I'm sure.

I'm reading an interesting book I got at the book sale called, "The French Gardener". It's very interesting and has a lovely feel like Elizabeth Goudge's book, The Scent of Water. I'm enjoying it, even though it makes you feel aware of how we can neglect our kids by being "too busy".

I have an overwhelming desire to do more art...I feel like I've been so busy trying to feel better (migraine) and then the car accident freaked me out a bit, I have been neglecting my work. What I need to do is organize some table space and go crazy w/ the paints. :) If I do any wood cutting, I'll wear extra protection (even on my hair. I think I'll set up the vaccum thingie in the garage to clean as I go. :)

I made some good soup. It's barley w/ cabbage and beef. I "copied" the soup I had at King's and had veggies, and tomato sauce in it as well. It feels great after the cool morning and now cold and cloudy. I'm glad we got out for a walk in the rare sunshine.

Well, I've got to take care of a little guy. Nap time, hopefully, will happen. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quite rainy out there...

It looks like the rain is starting to calm down, sort of. It was so rainy I felt like we should have a boat car! lol It would have been fine, actually, but we did get rear ended by another car. If I had been in CA when this happened, I would have thought we were in an earthquake as the car really shook. I'm glad they didn't push us into the oncoming traffic! But I was scared and my back hurt (I was twisting around trying to talk to the girls). I feel better now and am really glad the car took most of the damage (can't open our hatch). It's mostly annoying and makes me sad as our dad-in-law just got us new tires and I was feeling all happy about everything. I guess nothing is perfect...I'm all right with that. sigh

Before all of this, we did go to the library book sale at the Church of the Bretheren. The kids got to run around and look for books. Jon dropped off my new work at the art gallery and we had a good lunch at Kings. So, half the day was good. We would have gone to the Circus too, but after the crunch and my headache/migraine thing, we just went home. Plus, it was crazy raining still. Part of me is like, avoid all stress when it rains but another part of me is, do something fun when it's raining and make a memory. Tomorrow is the last day for the circus, so we'll see what happens.

Another intersting thing that happened is a relative contacted my dad-in-law. She's 93and wanted to talk/share some family geneology stuff. It should be interesting. Hopefully, they'll get some stories about family. They are golden.

I've been pouring over my bag of books and having fun w/all of it. It's fun to see what you can find and sometimes, it's not exactly what you'd expect. I also like talking to the people there, if I get a moment,too. I got a heads up about the next book sale in September. So, we shall see. I wonder if I missed the Altoona Library one. I hope not. Besides finding novels and craft books for my self, I love finding good kids books. We found a Frank Baum book, Ozam of Oz (3rd or so printing) and a Wrinkle in Time.

Oh, and my mom just sent me a big Easter box of books and goodies. Thanks mom!! I'm trying to make the kids control themselves (not easy).

Well, I hope everyone else has a calm weekend and is safe from that scary storm. I still can't believe how much damage has happened from it. Praying all are safe.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ready for a walk

ready for a walk by Emilyannamarie
ready for a walk, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Lovely green

Yesterday, spring decided to be born. The weather was hot, humid, filled with that dizzying magic of a thunder storm and though it was very quiet and patient, if you listened, you could hear the pale green buds sigh. It is time, they call to each other, it is time. Movement for the rest of us, me a sluggish human, was difficult and chasing a toddler in this intoxicating air, all the more difficult. The warm air seemed to grab onto you and want to pull you down onto the earth, to calm you and claim you. Or if there was a handy blanket, to make you pause, stare at the sky and command you to drink in life.

I had to shake my head at the warmth and how I hunted for shorts for my troop of kids. Summer clothes are now on the menu. I did find a pair of shorts for my youngest. He, in his exuberance and typical little boy fashion, stumbled onto the ground, instantly skinning his knee. A true mark of warm weather,lol.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

mac and Cheese

mac and Cheese by Emilyannamarie
mac and Cheese, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Inspired by my kids and niece and nephew. They all love Mac and Cheese. I might do some more of these...so much fun!


Angel by Emilyannamarie
Angel, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.


love by Emilyannamarie
love, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Spring Delivery

Spring Delivery by Emilyannamarie
Spring Delivery, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

I really like how this one came out. :)


Family by Emilyannamarie
Family, a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Someone's 9!

Someone's 9!  by Emilyannamarie
Someone's 9! , a photo by Emilyannamarie on Flickr.

Rainy days bring May Flowers

When I was growing up in Southern California, we'd have a lot of dry, hot days. I remember longing for the rain...I'd wish that every birthday I'd get a rainy day but being born in July, it never happened. Now that I'm over in PA, I'm very happy to report that I get a good dose of rainy days. Sometimes, it does feel like it can be a bit much but I'm not complaining. I love the rain and I love that there will soon be so much green it will feel like some enchanted world.

I was going through my photographs...years worth on the computer...and was surprised at how many times I seem to be carried away by the landscape and seasons. It's all good, even if it clogs the computer a bit.

Anyway, I know it's getting warmer as the dogs are rolling in all sorts of things and look extremely happy when they do so. It's annoying and a bit muddy...I'll have to buy more dog shampoo.

On a different topic, Jon and I have been watching this Sci-fy show called Eureka. It's actually fun to watch even if there are some things that are annoying (if you get into the details and specifics). But that's all right. I'm enjoying the story line and there is a delicious creepiness that they are working into the sub-text. Fun!
Although, I do find it annoying how cold the people on the show are progressively becoming. I guess when enough strange stuff happens, everyone becomes a bit hardened...

I'm going to try and watch some of the old Dr. Who's. I would like to get into it...just to see how things came about. Plus, I'm anxious for the new Dr. Who to start. The writing is much better in Dr. Who. There is this extra bit of kindness/thoughtfulness which makes it so good (in both character development/story line).

Well, I've got to go through some pics I downloaded. They are of my new wood carvings. I'm going to list a few on eBay, I think as well as the one I'm donating to Red Cross for helping Japan. I was planning on dropping off some at the art gallery but they were having a jewelry show. I bet it was wonderful; they always have such lovely/unique gifts at the Art 4 (http://www.art4gallery.com/). Hope I don't sound too much like a commercial. lol

We had an excellent birthday celebration for Lydia! She got all she wished for, unicorn toy, books, movie, and the creme de la creme 2 Magic sets! wow! I even had fun w/some of the tricks.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Books on my dream shelf

So, I'm having huge book order conflicts. The conflict is that I am low on the cash to buy such books. Lol I may have to sell some books I do not read/need. I always feel sort of like I should donate books...they are, after all, fountains of knowledge. Well, usually, that is.

Plus, I either need bigger book shelves or it's time to thin things out a pinch. I just feel tired thinking about the whole thing. I wish we had wall to wall book shelves. And yes, I'm that much of a book junkie. I probably should have another room for my house just for books. Oh, that would be heaven...and another bathroom.

The most recent book I'm pining for is "Unicorn Jelly". There is a cool website that hosts the book in it's entirety. It is the story of mystical arts vs. science. It is really good on a number of levels...I wonder if the author has written anything else since then.

Anywho, it's pouring rain today. We went stir crazy, the kid and I. We drove to the Dollar Store and splurged on goodies...windmill flowers for the garden, magic top hats that appear out of thin air for the upcoming kid party, rainbow spinners, and 2 bags of dog toys. They had quite a few fun things at the shop and we had a good time wandering around. Well, I did...the kid had to sit in the cart the whole time. He was not happy. His plan was to run around the store, knock things from the shelves and say "NO!" in a loud deep voice and frighten people. I guess I must sound like that to him...great.

Either way, I had a good time and got to do some walking too. I didn't get to go to Joann's Fabric but oh, well. It was fun to get out.

Well, I'm disappointed. My cat (the oldest one, Simone) has gone back to her bad habit of doing a hide/poo/pee thing. I really thought she was over it.Plus, she's doing that creepy meowing thing again. I really, really do not like that. It grates my nerves. I know she is 21 (or 22), but still. Why does she have to meow like that? I think she knows she gets attention (I usually run upstairs and see what's wrong). I guess that's the way with life. People/pets, they all want our attention.

Speaking of attention, I need to finish the last bit of my artwork so I can spray them w/varnish. I just realized I think I'm low on gloss varnish! DARN IT! I'll see if Jon can pick up some for me on the way home.

I was supposed to go to a meeting last night, Relay for Life, but didn't go. Jon was late from work and had to get air for my tires (they need replaced, soon). So, I decided not to get stressed out and we all had a great dinner by candle light. It was good. :)

Speaking of pets/attention, our dogs were so house crazy. I bought them both their own doggie toys and they immediately couldn't share. Nelson grabbed one and Penny came over and said, hey, that's mine! Apparently, she thinks she's the queen. Fortunately, she is very good and listened and Nelson did get his own toy. I hope that stops them from grabbing the kids stuff.

My wrists are killing me. I think I've got carpal tunnel syndrome. It's the rain (chill) and doing some artwork (drilling).

I really want to finish up some art stuff even w/my aching wrists. Plus, I can't find my felt kit since we installed the floor. This is very annoying. I also wanted to make a wood carving for my daughter's present. A Pokemon, rapidash (Spelling?), on wood. I think she'll like this. Great, the kid is not sleeping and is now throwing stuff out of his jail, I mean crib.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 01, 2011


Jon and I cooked a bunch of enchilada's, soup and baked potatoes. We didn't eat it all, thankfully! It's nice to have a lot of things to make and I guess when you feel better, you feel like making food. Only 1 kid didn't like anything (the middle kid). I guess we should bring her something to eat, but it's very frustrating when they don't want to eat what everyone else is eating. She didn't even want to eat the veggies! Geesh. I bet she'll be hungry tomorrow.

Actually, the reason I think we're cooking is because we're procrastinating the floor. So far, we've put it in the wrong way and have torn out half of it. Bleh. This is SO annoying. We've got to remove the other quarter and I think once we do that, and start plunking it down the right way, we'll move a lot faster. Sigh. It's all good and I feel confidant we'll get it done.

For myself, I had another stinking migraine. I woke up w/ it and started to think it might be an allergic reaction to "Nutella". I never had it before. The kids love it. I didn't eat that much of the stuff, just enough to cover toast. Still, when I woke up my face was really hot and puffy. My right side feels like someone punched me or I was stung by something and my left side had an ear ache/sinus pain. I nasal flushed and took a nap and all this helped. I noticed, again, when I feel yucky, my spelling/writing is awful. It's like I can't compute basic sentence structures and so on. Weird.

I'm really glad I feel better and I'm catching up on house chores and stuff. I did take a few minutes and sketched out some miniature watercolor paintings. It was nice to do something, finally. I did a wood carving of some water w/ lanterns floating on it. I'm planning to put up an auction on eBay and raise money for aid for Japan through Red Cross. I have really missed doing my art/carving/painting all week.

Well, gotta do some more stuff for tomorrow. I'm praying when next I type, all the flooring will be done and I'll be on to the next project. :)


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