tired...and yet, I seem to be the only one who knows this

{6/365} clean fridge.
This isn't me but I like the set up on this pic. :)

My kids are having a friend come over in a few and I'm beat. I scrubbed the fridge (was so yucky) and mopped the floor and countless of mini-semi important chores were done. All the stuff I had been putting off seemed to call me like a thousand punches in the nose. It's not a good thing if you can tell someone opened the fridge and you are in a different part of the house, let me just say. Now, it's so clean I'm tempted to photograph it. I am shameless.

Bathroom Cleaning

(not my bathroom, but I wish I had that counter space!)

Last night, I had a crazy time in the bathroom. Scrubbed nearly all the surfaces (sink and tub are next ) and it is quite shiny. It did make me realize I need to seriously redo the grout stuff I messed up on. It is awful. I will have to watch a few youtube vids on how to do this and get it done. It always comes down to a lack of cash. darn I'm seriously thinking of getting a night job for a little while. Or something something with daytime flexibility. I was thinking of subbing on Monday's and Friday. I hate being low on cash but that's the way it is. Now, with the Art Gallery in Hollidaysburg closing, there is a very limited place to sell art around here. The next place is to start checking out Bedford and list on my favorite Etsy store and on eBay! :)

mom and the girls (This is my mom and kids)

My dad just called...got to talk to my mom too. For some reason, talking to my mom helps so much. :) I know I made her ear fall off this time, sorry, mom!! I'm still trying to talk to my dad and get him to get the full treatment as well as alternative medicine. Praying that it works. I've had some very sweet people send me letters to help convince him. I just don't want to see my dad die because of this and I want to see him fight on all levels against this cancer. It's annoying because he keeps denying he doesn't have it. My mom confirmed he does. It really is difficult to talk to him because he is VERY convincing (at times), smart and feels like you are going against a crazy lawyer. But, I know I can't let my guard down or I'll give up and I'm not going to do that. If anything I will make him see the faces of all those who he would leave behind if he was even 1 pinch wrong. I hope/pray this works.

When Mary met Allan he had Crazy Hair

(not my artwork, click on the pics to get info on them. This would be perfect if the wookie had white hair like my dad.)

I talked to my mom and she mentioned about 3 blogs I wanted to check out and I forgot to write them down. Mom, if you're reading this, could you send me an email w/their names? Thank you! :)

I have to show up one of my mom's creations. I will have to hang it on the window first and then, I'll photograph it. It's really cute and colorful.

Oh, and I didn't break my camera! I thought I had but I actually had it on the wrong setting and am back to my usual amount of picture taking ability. :) yes! I have some ideas and will share soon.
ugly weather
(again, not my pic. Actually, the clouds don't look that bad)
I am still very tired and I think it's from this ugly weather system coming in. Good grief. I might take a nap for 20 minutes. Plus, scrubbing out that fridge was not easy. I'm just so glad I got it done before our market trip. Thank God (seriously, thank God).


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