"Egg Mcmuffin" Casserole

For me...sketch of my gal eating

I made one of my casseroles last night. Nothing fancy, just what I had in the freezer. I like to get day old bread and freeze it for later use (cheaper/economical life span, etc). I also have a tendency to have those premade mixes where you add some meat stuff and have a casserole. Those are great if the packages have the noodles separated and you can use the mix for other things.

Jon said when he ate this, it was like an Egg Mcmuffin, only better! A high compliment indeed. lol


Package frozen sausages (flat kind or whatever you have on hand)
6 slices of cheese (whatever kind you like, I used American cheese)
day old bread, cut up into bite size pieces
4-6 eggs
Milk or water and dried milk (I like this better as you get a lot of dried milk for about $9 and don't have to worry about people drinking it up or using up the last of the milk, etc)
butter (optional)
2 packets of seasoning from "hamburger helper" cheese flavored is best

In large bowl, mix the eggs, milk or dried milk/water and seasonings well. This is very important as the flavoring will gather up on the bottom of the bowl. This makes a nice custard. Should be on the watery side.

Spray casserole dish with vegetable oil or oil of your choice (olive is good). Put crumbled bread pieces in dish, place cheese slices and sausage slices on top. Pour the custard over the bread mix. Make sure to help the bread absorb the mixture by pressing with a fork. Put in the preheated oven (350) for 40 minutes. I bake it till I don't see any more liquid when I test it (cut open with knife). Let sit for 5 minutes after removing from oven. Enjoy!

casserole...really good!

This isn't an actual picture of my casserole...mine had big ol sausages on top. But we ate it before I remembered to photograph it. :) lol You can add all sorts of good stuff to yours too...veggies, nutmeg, etc. I especially like it with tomatoes.

This is such a nice and easy way of making a tasty dinner and using stuff you have in your freezer. 5 out of 4 people in my family enjoyed it (the "picky" one, was content with a corn dog). :)

love ya!


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