Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chores galore

I did a lot today...the most was lifting the full size mattress to get at the deposits made by an elderly cat. Not fun and I think I pulled a back muscle. Not fun and it hurts. The good thing is the bedroom smells really good and I hope it lasts for a bit. Why do cats do this once they get to a certain age?? It's really annoying and stinky.

I didn't want to do any cleaning but where you're stuck in the house with pouring down rain, you just have to do that, I guess. I even took a nap because I've still got this stupid cold hanging on. This helped and I even felt better once I got up. I did some mini exercises and that helped to wake me up too. For some reason, everything has a woodsy smoke smell (my nose if off, I think).

After cleaning up everything, I fiddled around with my website,, and gave it a fresh look. I was using a wordpress html and it wasn't working right with blogger. So, I found a better template and all is well. :) I really like it and will have a page with art for sale on there (as well as here).

I feel good about doing this as it's been on my mind. Lately, I've been reading a lot of inspirational quotes. It really helps me not feel down/depressed about various things in life. I read a good one about having inspirations every day as it's akin to having a shower. In other words, you need to have one to feel fresh.

The one that really appealed to me is “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt

It really motivated me to get active and not feel overwhelmed with life. I guess I just need a little push to get me going and keep me focused.

Tomorrow is Friday and it feels like we are in for a full weekend. Might be going to an insect show in State College among other stuff. I just feel tired all of the sudden thinking about it all. I still can't wrap my brain around it being the end of September. What was that book by Dr. Seus...On the first of Octember...wouldn't that be fun to get what you wanted in truckloads. lol

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

busy bee

That's what I'm feeling like...did a bunch of yard work (long over due as in piles created before my surgery and then left to compost, for some reason). I cleared up 3/4th of it. Now, I feel a bit tired.

Went for a morning walk with my little gang (dogs and kid). We didn't take a stroller and about a quarter way back, Mr. H, wanted to be held. It was cute because he's usually very "I can do that my self, thank you." Next time, I just bring the stroller and have him push it like he usually does.

I think I pulled a neck muscle bagging branches...not a problem. I want to do some artwork but feel sort of like, I need to clean. Haven't mopped the floors in ages and have promised my self I would. It just eats into my art time...which is annoying. Plus, I have to get my wood tools sharpened as they are so dull!!! I tried using a stone sharpener (came with the set) to no avail. So, I'm going to try the grinder at my in-laws...maybe after I pick up the kids?? We'll see. Jon's all, take the goggles!

Anywho, not too much happening. I've been in a yo-yo mood (as in fabric yo-yo's). And will have to share some pics of the things I made. I'm working on another for my mom-in-law. They come out really, really sweet in this one design I made. Plus, I bought small fabric squares and made some using bright cheerful material. I like them so much I made hair clips. I think I'll list those on etsy or else ebay. It seems like I have all these mini projects and just need to photograph them and list. Thinking about squares made me think about peanut butter bars (not that I need them)...but oh, do I want to make a batch now. argh!!!!!

I have several small abstract paintings I've done. Another, I have to photograph them...It's amazing how time really races away from you. At least I have my Halloween tree up and the decorations. The kids are being esp. good about costumes...a witch, a fortune teller and perhaps a pirate for Mr. H. Lord, give me strength is all I ask. This calls for a mega super cup of coffee. Oh, and did I mention I want to start doing Christmas decorations?? Am I insane?? lol Only a pinch. I hope you'll forgive me. Have a great day, darlings!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

was reading

and found this jewel:

"Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul." - Democritus (460?-370? BC)

Focus on the chase, the process, the journey—not the end result! At the end of the day, happiness is not about the big house, the money, or the material goods. The thrill is in the satisfaction of pushing our envelope and working hard. Happiness lives in the meaning and purpose we find in our lives. Melt into the process. Enjoy the ride. Happiness guaranteed!

(excerpt from

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lately, I've been thinking how I can be overly critical at times. Yes, I've got my pet peeves...I can be annoyingly obsessed about them when it involves physical harm to children (such as smoking, drinking or physical abuse). I'd assume most people are like this. On the whole, I'm not too crazy about stuff...actually a bit slack (it's all right if things get a bit messy). I guess what I'm getting at is, how sometimes, I can get a bit too judgemental about changes. I started to think about one of my favorite novels, "Emma" by Jane Austen and how we assume things about people we haven't met or once we do meet them, we get overly critical and find faults for no other reason then we feel threatened by change (or fear for some reason or another).

I just started thinking about this and came to the conclusion that people who are so overwhelmingly critical have some problem or issue they haven't worked out. It has nothing to do with you. It's only when that person can work through a particular stage, will they understand and learn to forgive.

Recently, I heard someone basically say something like half the population is not intelligent. I was surprised to see this and felt very sorry for the person who wrote this. It shows a huge deficit in that person if they truly think half of the world is below average. It's scary to think of lumping people into categories like this...has all sorts of implications that are not positive historically. I'd rather we lift up people and see that each person gives us something to learn. Certainly, there are people who are at extremes in what we can learn.

I can't help but think of Leo Buscaglia and his mentality at this point. There are many quotes by Buscaglia and one that comes to mind is "Love always creates, it never destroys..." For me, this means by lifting each other up, instead of tearing people down and being negative, we create good things.

For my self, I have to remember this constantly. It's easy as a mom/wife/artist/person to forget this and I need to remind myself how powerful such actions and words can be in the lives of those we hold most dear. It's a challenge but one we can obtain. It's about educating your self as well as making it so that other's can see by your example, how to be live better.

I remember several really great professors when I was in college. One was a sociology professor and she told us what made her happy. The first thing was that she was married and had her 4 kids. The second was that her kids brought their friends over to her home to hang out. The 3rd that she could afford a new washer when they needed it. I thought, wow. These basic things are what make most of us happy.

“It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.”

Leo Buscaglia

Yes, I think that's exactly what we should be living for. Have a good day!
Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.”
Dale Carnegie quotes

Monday, September 20, 2010


Or time to organize and start fresh. This is what I'm trying to do lately. I feel like things are finally not spinning around in a haze and I can start focusing on a plan for short/long term goals. Big, huge, gigantic breath right now...phew! lol :) It's a good thing...sometimes, you have to start fresh and now that I have some tools to help guide me for these plans, I know they will work out. Some of these plans are closer to finishing (such as my long awaited (for me) graphic novel) and other's are a matter of finding out what I can do to get some schooling finished up. Realistically, all are good and just a matter of planning to resolve.

Having this bad cold didn't help and really made me feel out of sort. It's nearly over, hopefully, and I can ready our little ship for the next battle of bugs to come our way. I really like that idea of families as their own little ships that protect each other and have a captain, etc. Just reminds me of Mary Poppins (one house has a tough captain who's house literally looks like a ship).

Today is such a gorgeous day with the sun shining and the blue sky. Hopefully, this is what most people have to experience. Tomorrow, Jon is bringing some of my wood carvings to be viewed at a shop. Wish me luck that they like, I just has a brain blast for a new idea of wood carvings! Woo hoo! I'm off to sketch!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Old Gumby Cat by T S Eliot

The Old Gumby Cat

I have a Gumby Cat in mind.
Her name is Jennyanydots.
Her coat is of the tabby kind with tiger stripes and leopard spots.
All day she sits beneath the stairs or on the steps or on the mat.
She sits and sits and sits and that's what makes a gumby cat.
That's what makes a Gumby Cat.

But . . .
When the day's hustle and bustle is done Then the Gumby Cat's work is but hardly begun.
And when all the family's in bed and asleep, She tucks up her skirts to the basement to creep.
She is deeply concerned with the ways of the mice:
Their behavior's not good and their manners not nice.
So when she has got them lined up on the matting,
She teaches them music, crocheting and tatting.

I have a Gumby Cat in mind.
Her name is Jennyanydots.
The curtain cord she likes to wind and tie it into sailor knots.
She sits upon the windowsill or anything that's smooth and flat.
She sits and sits and sits and that's what makes a Gumby Cat.
That's what makes a Gumby Cat.

But . . . When the day's hustle and bustle is done
Then the Gumby Cat's work is but hardly begun.
She thinks that the cockroaches need employment
To prevent them from idle and wanton destroyment.

So she's formed from that lot of disorderly louts
A troop of well-disciplined helpful boy scouts
With a purpose in life and a good deed to do.
And she's even created a beetles tattoo!

For she's a jolly good fellow!

Thank you my dears . . .

I feel like and then, get busy once everyone else is resting. Such is the way of working at home and being a mama. :) I had to learn this poem in 6th grade and I'm very glad we did. I love it even more so as the years add up. It's sad that poetry is so watered down...I don't know. Maybe I'm so out of poetry that I have no idea if there is a resurgence of poetry. I would love to get back into writing and reading poetry. Are there any new favorites?I know there is a lot of cross over with poetry and music. I'm so thankful for teachers showing me poetry and for my parents getting me Cricket magazine when I was a young girl. That's how I feel in love with art and poetry. And now, my kids are learning this too. I feel so blessed when I think about all the good things in my life. Certainly, there are bad things but it's more important to me to remember the good. It helps having had a cup of coffee and listening to salsa guitar. Have a good day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thought I was over a cold...

Looks like I have another cold. What the heck??? I felt really lousy today and sluggish. Surprisingly, I did everything I normally do and wasn't too freaked out. I even went for a walk. I did, however, take a nap when Mr. H fell asleep. That was a really good move. I felt much better but still have a runny nose and swollen sinus's.

There's a White Elephant Sale I want to take part in on Saturday but I don't know how I'm going to feel up to this. I'm sort of feeling blah and my energy level is sort of hovering between wanting to nap and being functional. We shall see.

Since I entered an art contest, I've had a nice wave of ideas floating in my head. Actually, I've got a lot of ideas/ things I want to make. However, it's nice to get excited about something you love, again. Funny how this suddenly awakens some part of you that has been hibernating. For me, it must mean I'm feeling much better and getting my self organized. It's all good.

The other thing I've been trying to do is cover all the couches with slip covers. I made a really cute one for the small chair for Mr. H and of course, the dogs like it more. Sigh. Now, I'm going to make one for the pink chair. I'm using fabric from this ill fitting cover I made for the smaller couch. The arms on both couches are worn and spongy stuff is coming out. I patched that up and need to cover both now.

We brought the futon down and have that in the living room too. If we have guests, they can crash there...hopefully, this will be comfortable. Mr. H needed his own room and the gals have more space too. So much to do and I don't think I'll finish by the first cold snap (makes painting inside hard...can't open windows, etc). So, I'm bummed by that. If I can get the dining room floor painted, I'll be happy. Honestly, that is all that would make my dining room look better.

Well, I've got a headache. I baked pretzels with the kids and the smell is so good. So, at least I have that to my benefit. Have a great week!

Girl runs up San Francisco's 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

This is so gorgeous! I wish Altoona would do this as we have enough steps! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

well, Hello!

It's been a few days since I dropped by; I've been too busy. Seems like the first thing we always get once we start the school year are colds. So, I just got over the one that little Mr. H had and now the gals are all red and nose drippy. Sigh.

I still feel tired and out of sorts from running around cleaning up stuff. I feel a bit over extended. Plus, I did manage to finish my art piece and submit it. I'm glad I tried. And that is what matters.

The weather is nice right now. But it's been colder and we finally did have some rain, which is nice. I feel sort of like I want to go to bed early today. I actually did baking, called my friend, did cleaning and thought of doing some art work. I didn't get a chance as I think I was energized by the sunshine. It was just such a gorgeous day.

Unfortuantely, Mr. H fell down twice and has 2 bumps on his head. He's so good about it and seemed to feel better with the bag of frozen veggies I stuck on his head. Geesh, I feel like a failure sometimes.

The funny thing about doing this art contest is I feel like I jump started my creativity and really want to get things made/experiment. Isn't that funny how forcing yourself to do something new has a positive chain reaction. Sort of like cleaning a room out and next thing you know, you're painting and giving the space a whole new look. Great feeling.

A funny thing about today. Jon comes home and has a $2 clock he got at a salvage shop. It's looks very utilitarian...old school type clock. I was like, oh, my. Oddly, it was the clock that calmed an ensuing fight of computer time between my kiddos. Jon stuck it on the wall, showed them 5 minutes and they calmed down (they get 5 minute turns). So, it was a good purchase and I will learn to love the school clock. I can decorate around it. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cool days

I'm thankful for cool days and the feeling of Fall. I'm sad to see summer go and I really feel like I missed a lot of summer because of all the rain that happened in June and July. It feels like we've had some strange roller coaster weather. Oh, not a problem, really. I like the dryness as it reminds me of being a kid again. We must have had some droughts in CA, if that's one of my fond memories!

I'm starting to feel like making pretzels and I would really like to do an apple picking thing...even if it's just us. I know some of my relatives are turned off as they've done that before and don't really want to again. Maybe, you get too many apples? I'd like it for the pictures too.

I need to start looking for a part-time job...evening hours. I'm thinking art stores or something of that nature. I'd like to get out of the house a little as well as have extra money. Always a plus. In the mean time, I'm looking into teaching internships. I hope I have enough credits to do this...will have to talk to a counselor. They don't have a specific one for art (at Penn State University) but one for vocational education. So, we shall see.

I need to find out about subbing too. If I did this one day a week, it might not be too bad. Friday's and Monday's would be good...though, it would mean, working with my in-laws for getting the kids to school/baby care. So, I'd hope this would be all right. Again, a big we shall see.

I've also been feeling really good about my art, lately. It's almost like healing from the surgery is at 100% and getting my feet better, has made me balance out as well. All in all, good stuff and realizing I can do what I want to do. Oddly, I have to say having lots of good friends on Facebook and seeing people do what they want to do, truly inspires me. A small part of me is a bit jealous, if they succeed, but a larger part of me thinks, "wow, if they can, so can I". I focus on that part.

Well, it's late and I need to sleep. I also need to mail a letter to my favorite 14 yr old niece which has been sitting, waiting for a stamp (I found some!). But mostly, I need to get ready for bed and hope it rains on Sunday because this surely is a long dry spell! lol

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Slightly sprained my finger

This is from the dogs jerking on the leash. For little dogs, they are SO strong and really can pull if you're not careful. When I first got Mr. Nelson, he actually ripped my shoulder muscle and I had to go to therapy for 3 months. That was awful.

I kept wondering why my pinkie finger was hurting and then I realized it's the dogs pulling on the leash so hard. They even hit Mr. H.'s head (gave him a red mark across the face) when he was in the stroller! I was really upset by that. I need to figure out what to's so irritating and makes me afraid.

In the meantime, I'm fretting about this upcoming contest that I want to enter. I just hope I can make something I feel good about. I want to win, of course. But I want to do my best too. So, we shall see. Wish me luck!!

Deep breath...

It seems like the next 2 weeks are a little bit congested. They will be better soon, and honestly, it's really not that bad. I guess I just feel sort of anxious and once everything has calmed down, I'll feel a million times better.

Okay! I feel better now. I've started some new work and it's a bit different than what I usually do. Once it gets completed, I'll take picks. I have about 7 new wood carving sculptures that need to be varnished and then set up. These may be going to a local gift shop, The Harvest Shop. They have a foodie theme. :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Gipsy Kings - Duende (Live at Royal Albert Hall)

Sneezy and grumps

That is what I am today. I feel tired and grumpy...on a beautiful gorgeous day. I just wish we could all nap but a little Mister doesn't want to. Plus, there are 3 baskets of laundry calling my name, paintings waiting to be finished and just over all house chores. I'm annoyed.

I will not let my temperment get the best of me, however...somewhat, as it bubbled out in annoyed frenzy earlier. I'll do better now that I've had lunch.

Well, a Mister just ran up to me with stinky pants. Gotta go. Blah...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feeling better...

Terrible wind...always effects me too much. I got a pounding headache and felt awful. I was so exhausted...I guess the weather change really effected me. Today is much better. My ear feels better, I don't feel too much like being sick and I just feel sniffy. I can make it to church. Just need to wash up after a painful night's sleep. Geesh, I feel like a weakling.

Other wise, I'm doing 100 times better today and hopefully, will continue to feel good. Have a great Sunday! :)


So, we decided to have our Art Yard Sale, again. I was reluctant as it was ultra windy and felt nervous for my work being out (and possible damage happening). Jon stayed out with everything, I watched over the kids.

As it turned out, was an all right day...though, we got some really annoying people. Some wanted to buy art for under $20. When they heard some of the pieces were not "cheap" they got all huffy and said, "That's too expensive". Sorry, lady. This isn't shipped en masse from China and you won't find these original art pieces in bulk.

It reminded me all too much of two shows I did, locally. The first one was were a woman was selling tons of Indian type sculptures for something like $2-5 and kept bad mouthing my work as well as other artists. She'd actually lure people over to buy stuff she bought in bulk. My friend and I were both shaking our heads and thought, what a jerk. She bad mouthed people selling their own handmade work and if anyone was interested, she'd complain about the price! I was like, what in the world is this? Honestly, if a person wants to buy bulk made stuff, that's their choice. But I wouldn't put down others that make their own handwork/crafts to sell. It's just wrong. And oddly, very un-American when you think about it.

I did another show and sold a few things. People were nice. However, it didn't help that it was a show with people who sold mass bulk items, again. For some reason, people who do this are very aggressive and not in a good way. Maybe I'm naive or something, but usually these people seem very loud, flashy and usually have a false friendliness about them. I honestly think nobody holds them accountable and they get away with being pushy. That's the problem. I notice in the world of bloggers and doing business on-line, you are very aware of being polite, courteous, and professional. The big difference, I think, is professionalism. If a person is being professional, it shows. You don't bash your fellow person or talk trash to tear people down. It makes the seller look trashy.

It all comes down to being honest and fair as well as being responsible. I do think supporting the local arts is very important and being aware of what we bring into our homes and lives, can make us better or worse.

Friday, September 03, 2010

“Each man takes care that his neighbor shall not cheat him. But a day comes when he begins to care that he does not cheat his neighbor. Then all goes well -- he has changed his market-cart into a chariot of the sun.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Warm days and sniffles

The first week of school has been great, so far. I slightly missed the school bus today but fortunately, a mom flagged it down as we zoomed after it. Talk about an adventure! lol I didn't see it parked further down the street and it took off, when I was waiting (I wasn't late, oddly. Exactly on time, actually). Still, it was annoying but we caught it in downtown Altoona. That was interesting, to say the least...hahaha.

Anyway, we got home, walked the dogs and I hope I burned off some energy. I certainly was warm enough. Last night, Jon and I went on a date night. It was sort of funny as we intended to go on the trail with our bikes and all sorts of bike issues broke free. I guess storing your bikes for 7 yrs in the garage will do that. At least we know what to do to get them working.

Then we went to Lowes and I got some wood and a really pretty basket on sale. I'd like to get some more for the kids toys. I usually use those giant cereal boxes from Sam's or old popcorn tins. I'd like something bigger and not so easy to break/dent. Actually, I'd like to get 2 wood trunks but will have to search for those.

After a morning like that, I think we should just relax, pray a little and hope things will be calm. I think I'm getting my Mr. H's cold, unfortunately. So, resting sounds very good right now. Have a great day!


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