Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Day!

We celebrated my 2nd child's birthday today as well as mine (as it's officially my day, July 31st). We had way too much cake/cupcakes, but it was worth it.

I was surprised by all the goodies I got, including Howl's Moving castle and the complete series of Mary Poppins. :) I feel happy even though I seem to be a cushion for a certain 19 month old. Gees! I'm surprised I don't have a bunch of bruises.

Anyway, it was a good started out rough and upsetting as our cockatiel had some serious problems with his beak. I had to trim it myself (he has an appointment with the vet on Thursday). I got it trimmed so he can eat/drink water and not stab himself in the chest (which was what he was doing...horrible!). This has never happened before with all the other cockatiels I've had in 20 yrs. So, I was very nervous and scared...but had to do it. I wrapped him in a towel and madly trimmed at his beak. I feel brave for doing it, but upset too. I looked up trimming beaks on-line/called 3 places and they either said go to a vet or they didn't do trimmings anymore. So, it came down to me doing this. I'm glad he's all right for now and thankfully, the vet will give him a better trim. I know now, that I will never put off trimming his beak again!

I was very emotional and feel sick about it all...I just wish I was braver when it comes to doing stuff like that (I can hardly trim the dogs nails...I can trim the cat's but that's it). I guess I just didn't want to hurt the critters and now, all the above happened. Deep breath

Otherwise, the day was much better then it began and once I told everyone why I was upset, I felt better too. It was just a bit emotional and ended happily, thank God.

Now, if tomorrow is just calm and relaxing, I'll be happy. Maybe a trip to the hardware store (to get more wood and supplies and then a walk/picnic after church. Sounds good to me. :)

By next Thursday, Odie should have his beak back to normal (they only trim on Thursdays because only 1 vet does this!)...I guess I should be grateful but at the same time, I think it's a syndrome of a small town. Sort of like, when big cities have the best doctors. Sigh.

Well, I'm going to focus on the positive now and be grateful. Good night and have a good rest of the weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Feeling great about to see my cousins (Jon's side) and have a good time with the kids. I just wish I hadn't exhausted myself cleaning. Yes, we needed the house to be cleaned up, yes, I've been down/sick and it was getting a bit much and yes, we are usually a tad messy. I was so tired by 11pm, I think I was sort of walking around but only half awake. The heat didn't help and I wish I could have taken more than 3 showers yesterday.

Before anyone arrived, I was cleaning up after the kiddos and when the youngest finally took a nap, that's when I could really get things moving. I was dripping with a crazy workout, I tell you!Nothing like company to get you to do what you've been putting off (even half arsed, like my attempts were). lol I figured, life is too short to worry about everything being perfect and I've got 3 kids who are with me all day, so I'm not going to worry about things being "perfect". Now, I have to clean up the books/toys piled

Pics soon of fun family, today we went to the park. It was a gorgeous day although, hot as heck at 1pm. I felt bad about that and I forgot the sunblock. argh!

The dogs were thrilled to get quality time yesterday. They yapped a bit but on the whole they were walked around by two sweet fairy gals and at one point, my cousin's daughter said, "This is a fairy dog. It's just her wings fell off". So cute!! :)

Today is my second child's birthday! She's 7 and is demanding cake/presents. We're celebrating on Saturday. Just too much going on and I wanted to make sure that Jon would be there. She'll get extra presents too. It falls on my B-day, oddly enough. So, it's a double party. :)

I feel grateful for loved ones, for warm days (even if it's too hot at times), for sweet furry critters, for people who like my art, for having time to spend with my mom and family and for my church. It's a good feeling to know you've got lots of people out there praying for you and I do believe prayer and positive thought make life better. Have a great day and get some fresh air!

A Spoonful Of Sugar Sing Along

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspiration in art

I was watching an old PBS show called "Art 21". Basically, it talks about various artists and gives the artist's take on what their art means to them. It was amazing and insightful...made me a bit anxious as well, to start more work and finish a lot of other things as well. Inspired, most definitely.

But it also made me down as well...I looked up two interesting artists, Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen. I found out they got married and had a daughter. 3 weeks after Margaret had her daughter, she died from breast cancer. It was so shocking and I felt like it was so immediate, like finding a dear friend was lost from you when you just started to get to know them. I remember learning about these artists about 10 yrs ago...must have been in college and hearing about them. So sad to know what has happened since.

It does make me feel as though I need to keep tabs on our health as well as make the most of time and not waste our lives. Also, be grateful for what we do have. I guess this is brought on by my upcoming B-day. Every year and every day is a blessing, when you think about it.

I was drawn into knowing more about these two artists because their work does have that quality I love, folksy and intricate and thoughtful. Much like Lynda Barry's work.

Well, I feel like crying. I know it's strange but I feel so emotional about all of this. I'd better stop before I get all mushy

Monday, July 26, 2010

Puggle stare

Falafel dinner

I made some Falafel's for dinner. Basically, I bought a box of the mix and made my own version of this delightful snack. I added French bread, sour cream (thinned with a little water, crushed mint and salt), sliced onion, tomato, and a bit of hummus and lettuce. Really good and quite good for you (meatless and very similar to what Jesus might have eaten during biblical times). It's super easy to make the mix (just add 1/2 cup water) and fry slowly in olive oil. Jon and I were delighted. The kids had pizza. Oh, least H had a small bowl of falafel with diced tomatoes and sour cream. Most markets sell this stuff, so don't worry about buying it on-line.

I have a dog who is trying to sneak up behind me and curl in the little space between my chair back and my seat. I think she likes the warmth...not that it's cold (finally have a break from the heat spell). Penny is such a funny dog. I really think she thinks she is a cat. I brought up a load of laundry and left it in the kitchen (our laundry is in the basement). When I came back up, she was sitting on the pile of clothes, just like my cats! So odd and funny! Silly, Penny. And yet, she is extremely protective of us from other dogs and people. I think this made Mr. Nelson a tad bit depressed (as he was always our (and really still is) our #1...don't tell Penny this. Actually, she wouldn't believe you anyway.).

The only limit to Penny's affection is her fear of the basement steps. She will not go down them. I have to carry her down there (it's also where I give the dogs a bath) or she will sit at the landing and stare at me in this pathetic way. Poor Penny.

I don't know if it's a trait of Puggles to be so affectionate or just that Penny has been through a lot of emotional stuff. She is like a shadow at times. Thankfully, she plays well with our Mr. Nelson. I do think she does feel she is part cat as she is very polite (90% of the time) with our cats. Dogs, she is a little less so. I do like having several dogs...I wasn't sure at first, but it's amazing how they grow on you. Now, I know why some people have 3 dogs! lol Though, I would like to have a mix of some of Nelson's qualities and some of Penny's. Would that make a Benji dog? I wonder...

I finally found the oil cloth to make Penny a raincoat. Of course, I found it while I was cleaning. There is much to be said for cleaning up.

Today I did a number of chores that were all belated (because I was feeling really badly). I finally cleaned up the rugs in the basement as someone was soiling them whenever it was raining (shame on you, Mr. N...and if I'm being fair, shame on me too). I did some other stuff, but I forgot what it was as I'm tired now.

I was rather surprised and sad to find all the marigolds I had planted by seed, were gone. I think my middle child may have something to do with this, but why?? I'm so upset (I very nearly cried). It was so sad and shocking as I wanted to see those guys bloom and instead there is a dirt patch where those plants had been. I feel like buying a tray of marigolds and snub whoever (or whatever) had destroyed those seedlings.

This week seems to be filled with good things. I will be glad if the weather stays as lovely as it was today. I'm starting to have a lot more energy and it's making me think of gardening. Yes, I'm a late bloomer this year. Well, better late then never.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

feeling a bit better

Apparently, I caught a mild version of the flu my 2nd child had. She had the same headache for 3 days and then the regular flu stuff. I had less flu stuff but a lot of the headache. Geesh, it was awful. Thankfully, I'm feeling about 90% better (I was at about 60% this morning). So, all in all things are progressing.

Let me just say this now, when you aren't feeling good you should not read literature with a morbid theme or that is depressing. I finished the Chamber by John Grisham and had to skip a lot of the details as it made me sick. I am on the fence about the death penality because of this book. I usually am very pro-death penality for those who are 100% sure of doing the crime. It's a good argument by Grisham...the idea of letting people live with the guilt of their crime. I tend to rule on the side of the victims.

I think the main point of the book is that if there is any reasonable doubt of a crime, there shouldn't be a verdict of death. I did feel sorry for the main characters and there was reasonable doubt...but the character did do some horrible crimes (he wasn't caught). Good read and I recommend (just not when you're feeling blah).

I'm reading a detective novel...Angel's Cove, I believe is the title. It's written in a funny way in the sense there are quick comebacks by several characters...sort of annoying and odd but interesting.

I'm thinking of reading a classic, Far from the Maddening Crowd. We shall see how that goes. I just saw Pride and Prejudice (BBC production). I really want to read this as I usually would give up (I think I was just impatient). Anyway, I'm in the mood for something a little less moody and dark. lol

Monday, July 19, 2010


Thank God for Naps. That's my new motto. Summer naps esp. are a needful thing. We all dozed or else lounged around reading, while some of us dozed. I like afternoons like this.

I'm also glad we got 1 chore done...returned some library books and went for a much needed walk. I'm debating another walk. I really need to get some new sneakers as sandles are killing my feet. Otherwise, I love walking! :)

I feel good as I started 2 more wood carvings and actually used my dremel on one of them. I have to find a smaller part for fine details...that's annoying that I lost that adaptor for the small curved drill part. Anyway, stuff to do.

I wanted to do paper mache but I was too tired. They did watercoloring and now I want to do that too.

I've been sneezing all day...hope it's not a cold. The kids are starting to sneeze too. Summer cold? Road dust? Allergies? I don't know...hopefully, just mild sneezing.

Next Sunday we hope to see some relatives who will be in PA. We'll have to miss church, unfortuantely. That's annoying. Otherwise, things should be relatively calm. Oh, and I have a doctor appointment coming up. Hope it goes well.

Now, what to make for dinner. Maybe some simple pasta and sauce.


I need to get some sunblock for my face/ears/etc parts. Make up would be fine, maybe even a light foundation with high SPF. I just feel like I'm becoming a red lobster with all this outside stuff we're doing. Last night, Jon was all you look like you've got some sun. NO! That is not what I want to hear. To me, Sun = Wrinkled, leather skin. And then, there is the potential for sun damage (skin cancer). Scary stuff and I do not want to encourage any of that.

So, I'm looking and hoping to find something that isn't just spray on and I can wear/last all day. Recommendations welcomed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big foot with Little foot

That's the first thought that came to my mind when I saw!

parish picnic

parish picnic
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fun time and lots to eat!

water lilly

water lilly
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beautiful lilly at parish picnic

popcorn w/caramel

popcorn w/caramel
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dessert time...Jon made us some caramel corn! :)

Happy sunny Sunday

Today was a great day with perfectly beautiful weather and happy sunny people. I just feel so blessed to know some kindred souls. Just a good feeling to know this.

We had our parish picnic, and even though we were late (I mis-read the directions), we had a wonderful time. I'll be adding pics soon. It was so nice to see our fellow church members outside the church setting. We could have brought our dogs, but they are bit hyper and Penny is a bit young and head strong. So, it was best to make this relaxing as possible.

Supposedly, there is a big storm rolling in (my wrists are aching, so I think it's true). This would explain where all the storm clouds we were supposed to get, have gone. Ah, well...

I'm listening to one of my favorite melodies, the soundtrack to Anne of Green Gables movie. I love L. M. Montgomery books when I was teenager and often imagined I was living in another time. I hope my gals will like them some day.

I was reading a lovely blog and she has the soundtrack on her selections...I think I'm going to have to try them out too.

Now, I think I'll download some pics. I really loved the pond with the water lilies~so romantic like out of some old fashioned storybook.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

rock paper scissors

rock paper scissors
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Mom heading out

Mom heading out
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love with dots

love with dots
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Carving of a pumpkin

Carving of a pumpkin
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A fun piece...I'm going to list this on eBay. It will have hooks in the back/wire for hanging. Made of pine wood.

Angle wood carving

Angle wood carving
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My first angel carving...


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
This is the second angel craving I did. I'm doing several...They make me happy and I have more ideas for different styles. Looks like I'm getting my creativity back! :)

before mom left

before mom left
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Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chores and then some...

Getting things done and feeling zapped out of creativity is not fun but very, very practical. First and foremost, the kids need their quality time (esp. the wee one). Then, it's regular food chores/clean up/more clean up and finally still more clean up. It's been so oppressing lately because the warmth keeps all inside and if I want to walk from point A to point B, I have to clear a path or risk twisting an ankle. Not good. This, and I can't seem to find various things I need (such as a bulletin from church, recently did find the remote (but it's lost again), various household items, etc, etc). It's frustrating and the more I tidy, the more other areas seem to just fall down in a heap. I need to teach my eldest kiddos how to clean things, like the sink in the bathroom and wipe off counters. It's time.

The biggest annoying thing is books. We are a book family and have books everywhere. I really should have about 4 full length book shelves; however, that will have to wait. The kids love to read and will pull out a bunch of them and leave them in piles around the house. I've told them countless times, but it just keeps happening. I wish we had a library.

One good thing is I did a lot of sprucing today and hopefully, the gang will help keep it in control (probably not, but I can wish). And now that my mom isn't here, they are even more relaxed and going stir crazy. Ah, well...

I do need to go to the library again. I have a feeling I have some late books, again. Argh!

With all this activity, I'm getting a bit tired out more than I would like. Plus, I felt like I pulled a muscle the other day. It feels A LOT better today. I just want to start doing art again. I'm feeling very Virginia Woolf like lately. lol

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
Mother Teresa

If I Didn't Have You (Billy Crystal & John Goodman) - Monsters, Inc OST

from a flickr friend

Silly Sunflower

boy, this made me happy! Thought I'd share!

photo by Pintavelloso

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the moment...

You know when I'm in the moment when I forget to take pictures. Today was one of those days...went out to the park and had such a good time, I completely forgot to take pics. Ah, well...I guess that's a really good thing, actually.

On a different note, I made some rice salad and it came out really good. However, I think it was a bit acidic (I used canned diced tomatoes, vinegar/oil, chopped onions and some olives). I call it Italian Rice Salad. It was really good and had a nice marinade quality to it.

I also made mini-corn breads. I recently got 4 muffin trays that make quarter sized muffins. So cute! My mom was jealous but she already has 1 (might need another one). Oddly, we were talking about this when we drove across the US and low and behold, there I get 4 from my sis-in-laws neighbor. So interesting how things work out.

The cornbread came out great and everyone LOVED it. Maybe I'll make some for the upcoming church picnic.

I've found out a secret for cooking (or I should say using the oven)in the summer. Keep a big ol' fan aimed at the room and it will cool it down tremendously. Yes, we do not have central air conditioning and the window don't open (are painted shut). But this really works well and keeps me sane. In fact, I had a rather enjoyable evening cooking with my hubby because of that fan. I hope he felt the same way (he's more into "his own space" when he cooks).

Well, I'm tired. I scrubbed off my muddy happy kids and failed at doing some crunches (boy, that was not a good hurt more then it should because of the surgery). It was a great day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be good as well. I just hope it will be calm, relaxing and possibly, hopeful.

Good night!


All right, I confess. I've become slightly obsessed with these vampire books (Twilight). I'm so ashamed. It's not great literature, it's not going to raise my intellect or do anything but keep me reading until they are finished. Yes, there is adventure. Yes, it's vaguely exciting and interesting. I have skimmed read them as the author likes to "refresh" her reader with last chapters events...which I find annoying. So, it's actually kind of fun to skim past all the internal conflict and constant doubt of the main character.

My feelings on the main character: I feel really sorry for Bella. She seems very insecure and is always trying fill her self up with men or cleaning. Very sad and boring person, actually. She comes across as a perfectionist, trying to do well in school but always looking for someone to rescue her. Her relationship with her dad is really depressing and he acts totally blind to her as a person, let alone his only child. The biggest thing he does is get her a broken down truck (and yet, he is the sheriff of the town and can't afford something nicer? Oh, come on!). Apparently, he has barely any sense about what is going on and is clueless to everything, even after she is nearly killed a dozen or so times.

Her vampire boyfriend, dumps her and even takes his photos of him. Gee, that's are real nice thing to do. Why would he do that? Unless, it was proof that he existed? Strange and odd.

Honestly, the book really should be 1 book instead of stretched out into 4 books. So much of it repeats and goes on, I feel like it's almost hypnotic. I had that same feeling at the end of the Harry Potter books when the main wizard guy would start preaching. Just annoying and sort of like, why bother?

Anyway, all I want to know is if Bella becomes a vampire (don't tell me, as I'm not done with the books). The history of the vampires is even boring (sorry, Becky!). Why does the author write in such a dry, matter of fact way? I really think it has to do with the 1st person voice (coming from Bella's perspective...which sounds more like a 30 yr old than 17 or 18).

My book scale, from 1 to 10 (10 being the best literature and 1 being don't bother), has it at a solid 4...sometimes 5.

Monday, July 12, 2010

baker flowers and my gals

baker mansion, that is

grandma M

grandma M
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mom and the gals

mom and the girls
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my family

my family
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sand play

sand play
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with the cousins

jon and me

jon and me
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Stormy weather

A storm blew in, heavy with rain and splashed with lightening. That's how I felt, as well, as we got my mom ready for her trip back to California. I miss her already. I think I started to get angry and upset because she's leaving. As my sweet daughter said, "I hate seeing people I love, go away." Me too, honey, me too.

I was really glad that the group I was with at the train station seemed as somber and sad as we were. It made me feel like we weren't the only ones...I'm praying my mom makes it back in one piece and is safe and sound. I know God is watching over her and if you believe in praying, please do so for my mom. I'd be grateful if you did.

In the meantime, we are praying all goes well with some other things as well. It was an emotional day...I'm nearly done with the church newsletter too. I feel very lucky to have good things happening. I feel like we're in some funny story...I just hope I find the humor and the joy as we move along in our parts.

I just realized I forgot to make some phone calls...oh, well. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Trains look really fun to ride...and maybe well try it out. I think it would exciting and I hope not too stressful. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

These are the days

I wish I had an outdoor studio, my mom lived with us in PA and I had the ability to transport us instantly to different places (like Canoe Creek to Baker's Mansion). That would be really cool. I guess I just wish I had more time as my mom is leaving on!

Well, I better start the day. Had to make a quick change to the blog background as my fave one seems to have gone with the wind. I like the cherries, better. :)

Friday, July 09, 2010


The rain has come back, finally. I'll try not to complain when it gets stormy again, maybe just complain about my achy joints. Either way, it's real nice to feel cooler, though right now it's super humid right now. I think we you really wanted to remove any sort of stickers or tape from an object, just put it outside and it would fall off. lol! Would that work for wrinkled clothing? I wonder...

The 3rd child awoke from his nap, boy was he grumpy! I was a little surprised, a full blown throw-yourself-on-the-floor kind of grumpy/tantrum. He did this outside and scratched his forehead on the cement. Geesh! At the moment, he is Mr. Contentment...playing with pretzel sticks and an empty baby food jar. :)

We had a Mccie D's sort of lunch (just burgers and ice water=super cheap and yet filling). Then, off to Ollie's. I almost got a Rachel Ray's cookbook but had to put it back...I splurged on giant water guns for the kids. I felt like I should at least do that, even though I'm cautious about any sort of toy weapon type things (weapons are weapons and should not be's like candy cigarettes. I even find some soda's annoying if they look like beer cans, or vice versa). Anyway, these water guns are orange and toy-like enough. The kids had fun running in the rain/getting soaked.

I forgot to look for bubbles. I'm totally out and would like to do that with the kids. We love bubbles!

Otherwise, we had fun and came back just in time as it started to sprinkle. I walked the dogs and they got a nice stretch in before the down pour. I hope it rains more, however. Every one's yards are dry or wilted looking.

Well, Mr. Peaceable is not betting annoyed sitting in his highchair. Time to set him free. lol

Love Song For A Vampire

Reading some Twilight...some inspiration.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

This just made me feel so very happy

Going to sound like everyone else...

but it is too hot. The kids literally hung out by the air conditioner for most of the afternoon reading books and listening to (Sponge bob station). It was a nice change for them...but going outside was a bit crazy.

I took the dogs for a quick walk around 11:30am and it was much to hot to do more than once around. I was worried they'd burn their paws! Also, I seem to have slightly sprained my ankle. I guess it's not spasms but pain I'm feeling.

I'm hoping that storm that's supposed to be coming in, will and bring some much needed rain/coolness. Apparently, there was a brush fire on the hillside off by Lowe's! That is just crazy but there are no sprinkling systems (like in California or other dry places).

I feel like I zoned in front of the TV...watched "Wipe out", some sort of dancing show and feel a bit burnt out from it all. Tried to watch "Glee" but the kids were too interested and it's more of grown-up theme then for little kids. My mom loves watching TV, and this makes it a bit tempting to watch late night junk.

On another note, things are finally moving along with the church newsletter! Woo hoo! I'm plugging stuff in and getting lots of support. Plus, it's a lot of fun to use. :) I hope I do a good job.

While waiting for the day to cool down, I did some blog reading. I found this great site called joy the baker. At first, I wasn't too excited about it but then I kept reading and was thinking, hey, that food recipe sounds really good and easy to make! So, I now love this site. We tried the caramel popcorn (Jon actually made it as I am a bit out of commission for my ankle). He got one burn (that butter is sneaky when boiled), poor guy, and the popcorn was delightful! Basically, sugar, butter and a pinch of salt. SO GOOD!! Tomorrow, I'm going to try and make the Coffee Smoothie!

I found it at another favorite site called whip up. I need to up-date my links and much good stuff out there. I really love finding good food websites and felt luck was on my side this time.

My ankle is really starting to ache whenever it is not propped, I guess it is a sprain. Darn...must have been from trying to get the dogs the other day when they blotted out the back.

I did do some thing productive...cleaned out the guinea pig cage. We've been giving them watermelon rinds and pieces of watermelon. Whatever isn't eaten, becomes their bedding and it was quite gross. So, they are all fresh, clean and happy now. While down in the basement, I found a bubble blower...need to get some bubbles and batteries. The kids will have fun with that, I think.

I feel guilty for not cleaning up as much...the place is messy and it hurts too much to move around for too much. Just as well, all this warm weather makes everything feel blah.

I did think about doing some paper mache...but bringing up the supplies and all that seemed too, I forgot where I put my glasses, again and everything seems fuzzy. I think it's best if I just say good-night to everyone. Good-night, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

2101 posts

Geesh...that's a lot of posts! This is my 2101st post. Hmmm, should I have a give-away? Everyone is doing it. I suppose I should too...I'll hunt around and make a little gift baggie and see what falls into it.

On another note, it is VERY hot. But it actually, and I know this is strange, feels cooler today than yesterday. This is after I ran after two delirious dogs dancing in various neighbors yards. Crazy dogs.

I also took a nap. I haven't done that in some time and it felt great...except, I keep getting foot spasmims. They are painful. I have a feeling it's because I have been wearing sandles and not sneakers. Oh, dear.

My mom is leaving on Monday. I'm down about this...but I know it had to happen. Just wish she could stay an extra 2 weeks, I suppose. Oh, well.

My sis and I had an arguement. But we made up; I hope. :) Sometimes that's part of being sisters/friends, I suppose.

I really want to mop the floor but I'm feeling lazy plus, I have to sweep first and then, move the dogs out of the way. I did pick up a mass of toys, so that's something.

I think I'm getting a coffee ulcer or something; I need to ease up on that...and drink more water. I've got chores to day but feel sort of annoyed.

Plus, the church newsletter is constantly stumbling, we can't get the info over, somehow the emails aren't coming through. So, I'm vexed.

I feel like having a big hamburger with huge fries. Not going to happen...we're getting a take and bake from Sam's. I'll make a salad. We have bleu cheese too! woo hoo!

I know this sounds silly, but I feel like having a tantrum. Maybe I really just want to swim in a pool or splash in the sprinklers instead of making dinner. I am lazy. Sorry!

The Great Escape

The gate opens and with a mad glint in their eyes made all the brighter by summer sun beating down upon them, they dash out, and run like the very devil (and this could be a real possibility) is after them. Run, run, run they communicate in their very muscle and skin. Flabbergasted, on lookers watch, dazed at the speed and whirl of these two comrades. Who dares to leave their confines and especially when the heat seems to whirl from the very ground, dry and parched. And yet, they run.

Darting beneath the depth of shadowy brush and emerging like some wild other worldly creatures, they transform into something from a different time. Their very instinct overwhelms all previous commands and routines. A small furred rabbit dashes away in a panic...the chase is on.

Yards and yards, hedges and lawns, all melt away in a blur of the hunting game. Tongues hang out, heat and warmth and being alive all in a moment of absolute freedom. We are the hunters. You are the hunted. Streaks of tan and white fur fly like fantastic mythical beings. Only the roar of a dragon, coughing dust and dirt, startle and slow their stride.

Finally, all subdued, all rabbits and birds and squirrels hidden and in their place, they begin to trot meekly to their bedeviled guard. Slowly, slowly the realization that it is indeed a hot day and should be limited to the big cave with the cool air bellowing out of it's mouth, they allow themselves to be schlepped back. Humble and mellow and ready to carry their moment of freedom to be relived during a nap and in their doggie dreams.

Monday, July 05, 2010

us in front of house

us in front of house
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at our friends house. It was so hot...90 degrees (thus, the red faces and tired looks). I love this pic, nonetheless.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

As I write this, the sounds of fireworks are going off in the air. I'm sure I could find some place out there and watch a spectacular display. This year, we're taking a break and watching a movie at home with grandma. Earlier, we went to a 4th of July picnic at some family friend' was great; lots to eat and games to play as well as people to say hello to. They have a beautiful property and I got some wonderful pictures of various people.

Right now, everyone is watching "Up" and the littlest fell asleep a half hour earlier. He was really tired, poor guy. We had a lot of fun, even though it got to be about 90 the shade, you didn't feel this but in the sun, you sure did.

Church was great. The new rector seems to be getting more comfortable with us. It looks like the choir is taking some time's very hot and with no air conditioning, it makes all summer/early fall programs take a break. At least it wasn't humid, like last weekend! I thought I was going to faint.

I'm trying to work on the newsletter for church. I need to figure out a few things, but I'll probably "get it" once I go through publisher help section. Yes, this is boring but it works.

I need to up-date my calendar...I'm still in June. Gotta get things organized and ready for July. I can't believe June has gone by so fast. July will soon be gone and then, August and school. Poor kiddos. I feel a bit down as my mom is ready to leave in early July. I have about another week, and I'd rather have another month! I'm praying the train ride will go really well and she can come out again in November. I just thought of that right now, actually...what a great idea! :) I feel better...though, it might be a bit much of traveling for mom. We shall see (and pray!).

Well, the snaps of fire crackers are really echoing out now! The kids are all excited. My dogs are doing all right...hopefully, the cats are okay. The safest are probably the guinea pigs in the basement. lol

I'm glad for today and happy that we are ending it with a big bang. My mom had a great time at church and the 4th of July picnic. She kept saying it was like being in a Romantic Home magazine...and I can see why! Pics coming soon!

Friday, July 02, 2010


Finally, got my camera batteries and downloaded a few pics. I need to make some copies for the VBS and get them to church. I'm also doing the newsletter for my church (!), I feel a lot of responsibility and a tad bit nervous. Mostly, it's getting familiarized with the software...I know I can do this and am very excited. :) Plus, a lot of people are sending me updates on the various sections for the newsletter. I just want everything to go smoothly. I'll have to wake up a bit earlier as the kids really want my attention(since it's summer). It's all good.

I also ordered a whole bunch of photos...about 300 plus. I got it down from 1200! So, hey, that's REALLY good for me! I need to take some pics of my art and start updating things. I haven't really had the energy to do too much, but slowly, I'm feeling much better. It's amazing how your body heals and suddenly, you feel like things are getting back to normal (at last).

I'm a bit down because in about a week, my mom is going back to CA. I do not like this, but I knew it was going to happen. Hopefully, having come here, it will make it easier for her to come back. I'm praying the train trip back will go by extra smoothly and everything will go really well. We even got her special attention to make sure she would be safe and well taken care of. So, I feel God is watching out for my mom and all of us.

In other news, I've been slacking in my walks...yes, I've been going on a trail, but I need to do the daily walks. I guess I got a bit tired (it was the heat but it's still an excuse). However, the weather did cool down but it made me just want to hang out at home. The dogs are complained a bit, so we did take them for a mini-walk. I need to pump myself up to do this...does walking in a store count? I hope so!! lol

I'm really, really jealous of a bunch of lucky people who bought hydreagea's from Sam's Club. Oh, they looked gorgeous! Purple and blues...actually, if they were roses and in the reds/pinks or had peach colored ones, I'd be totally green with envy! I'm still looking for this heirloom miniature rose (climbing) from my childhood days...I think it was French. That would be the ultimate find, for me.

People are already doing the fireworks's frustrating and makes the pets/kids a bit anxious. I found out that dogs/cats can wear a special type of snug coat and it calms them down. Oddly, I remember putting on a snug fitting dog sweater once, and it really calmed him too. So, I think this would work...esp. for thunder storms.

We didn't really plant anything this Spring...the kids did put a few seeds of carrots and lettuce in their raised beds and I had mint that re-seeds itself. Boy, did I get a lot of mint...I'm drying several bunches. Hopefully, this will work for winter use. I feel so Little House on the Praire.

Well, gotta let the dogs out for the night. Have a great weekend!

just a little mint

just a little mint
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my two dogs in the shade

It was a warm day...walked on the Bells Gap trail at about noon (not a good idea, and without water, we were really not happy). But it was good to get out and spend time with my mom, kids and dogs. We all bonded a bit more. :)

Have a good 4th of July!

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bells gap trail

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

My dogs are barking...

They are having their daily conversation with the neighbors dog. Most likely, I need to walk them. Lately, we've been going to a trail close by and we all get a good walk. But I need to do the walk around the block thing, it's simple and immediate.

The trail was really nice and we went at dusk. We walked about 3/4 of a mile more the last time and found out there is a cow farm down below (we are on a raised shelf...this was once a train rail and has been converted into a walking trail). It is really amazing to see farms and walk the path where trains used to go. I love it.

The weather has dipped down after all that heat. It looks and feels like near perfection for a summer. This is the sort of day you want to bottle and save for Winter. I hope everyone gets at least a half hour to stretch out on the grass or sit outside today.

I'm a little mom is going to be going back to CA soon. I do not like it but I have to share, I suppose. I'm trying to tempt her into convincing my dad to live out here. It would be a change but a fun one too.

On a boring note, I started pulling out drawers in my studio and cleaning out stuff. I had stuff in there that I hadn't touched in at least 3-4 yrs. Not a good thing. Most, I'll probably donate...probably should try selling at a yard sale, but I'd rather just give it away. I don't know how some people do that whole yard sale thing, all the time. Having a lot of family probably helps, I guess. I wouldn't mind trying but it just seems like a lot of work and being in the heat, which I don't like.

I cut quite a bit of mint and am drying it. I hope it works and I have a lot for the winter...actually, if it does work, I'll have more then enough for winter and a yr or 2! lol

All this mint has given me ideas of having several beds of herbs. Once we get the bottom yard organized, we can start on that.

Right now, I just want to get a few things mailed (still need to mail out b-day cards/packages) and enjoy being with my mom and kiddos. Oh, and download some pics, if my computer will let me. I did get more batteries, so this should help.

Old and Wise

"As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows approaching me
And to those I left behind
I wanted you to know
You've always shared my deepest thoughts
You follow where I go

And oh, when I'm old and wise
Bitter words mean little to me
Autumn Winds will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they asked me if I knew you
I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine
And the sadness would be lifted from my eyes
Oh when I'm old and wise

As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me
And to those I leave behind
I want you all to know
You've always shared my darkest hours
I'll miss you when I go

And oh, when I'm old and wise
Heavy words that tossed and blew me
Like Autumn winds will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you if you knew me
Remember that you were a friend of mine
As the final curtain falls before my eyes
Oh when I'm old and wise

As far as my eyes can see"

Alan Parsons Project
Old and Wise


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