Friday, June 25, 2010

Maybe it is the coffee

but I feel really good right now! I found some things I was researching for, for some time...I hope it helps me get through this creative slump I'm in. Yesterday, I even started to think I need to just give up everything, art wise, and be something practical. Today, I feel like I can be practical as well as be an need to dump my dreams into the gutter. :)

It's sort of like exercising. You get to a point where you reach a comfortable level and want to stay there. I'm more at the beginning of this, actually, but there nonetheless. I have to push my self to try harder, to have a time each day to create. That is what I'm missing...a schedule. It's not much, but I need 2 hours of uninterrupted/focused time. And no, I'm not allowed to clean up or organize; that is NOT creating. It's a tempting feeling to want to do that, just like sitting and watching TV or eating too many jelly beans. I'm going to try and get up earlier and do this, for my sanity and see if it helps with my current blah-ness. lol

Have a GREAT Friday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inch by inch

it's a cinch. This is a great saying, esp. for mom's and dad's that are stuck at home with kiddos. I'm finishing up projects, bit by bit, and am quite pleased by the progress. Yesterday was another story. I felt really blah and sluggish. My mom doesn't drive, so we have to stay home or putter around the house/neighborhood. I think this weekend I am going to insist on going on a little hike, even if it's rainy. I need to get out to nature!

I drove the car to the doctor's (kid check up; went great). It was like old times and I felt like I was moving really fast. Nice to be behind the wheel again. I think I officially have 1 more week to go and then, can drive again. That's something to celebrate! :)

Tomorrow is my niece's 14th b-day! I can hardly believe it!! I'm so excited for her and happy that she's going to have a great day. Her birthday theme is Japan and everything is going to be Japanese related. Boy, do I wish I could go!! :) I made her some pretty things with that in mind (it's going to be late, Becky...let Katie know). Plus, I forgot to take a picture of them before packing it! Darn!

The dogs are extremely restless from being cooped in the house all day and no walkies, except for the evenings. We're going to have to do morning walks again. I prefer this, actually. In a small town in Italy, they have a law that dogs must be walked 3 times a day! I guess neighbors report them? I'd also think, most people would be fit, too! lol

I'm really, really annoyed that my camera isn't downloading (I suspect low batteries). It makes me anxious and frustrated. Plus, I have about 900 pics I want to develop. It's going to be something like $72...I hope.

I'm going to start looking for a part-time job and the first thing I'm going to do, get every picture off the computer and printed...well, most of them, at least. lol

I can hardly believe how good I'm feeling. I did some light chores, and I'm hoping I feel all right later tonight. That's the way it goes, it seems. You feel good for a few hours, and then, bam! You feel lousy. Sigh

I'm also thinking about candy for some reason. It's 3 pm, that time of the day you want a snack, coffee or a nap. I hope it rains again and gets rid this humidity for once.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

walking in the rain

It started to rain about 4 hours was so hot, earlier and you just knew the weather was building up to something. My joints started aching and I felt tired and a bit cranky. Sure enough, the rain came and is wonderful.

I put H.'s rain boots on and we walked down our little path, lit by sparkling rain drops and fireflies. Felt really nice.

I walked the dogs with Jon, later on and had a good stroll. It didn't help the dogs calm down, actually, they became extremely hyper once we got home, in fact. Silly dogs.

I really hope my computer will download a few pics for me...I need to take a few as well.

I remember a few yrs ago, I tried to capture the fireflies in the yard. It's not easy, you have to have use a tripod and extra long exposure. It's difficult to do but worth trying. It makes me a little sad to think about it terms of years ago, how'd the time fly by so quickly? I guess that's normal but it seems so unfair. I know some people like to rush through their children's growing and can't wait till they have an empty house. I pity those people. I want to bottle everything and keep it close or keep hugging my kids as much as possible. Sure, there are times when we get tired/frustrated but how much richer are our lives with people in it. :)

A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to. ~Robert Brault

I have to remember this one. :)

Monkey Maddness

The kids are sock monkey crazy. Once I am able to download pics again, I will share this...It's really cute. I may just have to draw something to get the gist of it.

It is SO hot...nearly 90 degrees and I'm just sitting in front of the A/C. My middle kiddle is reading everything I type...boredom, I suppose. But at least she is reading.

I'm debating giving the dogs a bath (they need it) or just veggin' out/reading a book. I'd rather read, but we shall see.

I'm also debating whether I should trim my gals hair or just take them to a hair salon. We shall see.

I've got to get my studio worked on...I've got this idea in my head but lack the ability to move anything at the moment (from the surgery). I need an extra me, to get this done or else, just wait till I'm better to do anything (most likely what will end up happening).

I really need to get some pictures developed, too. And I want to make some new artwork but feel uninspired. I have several folk art books but I want to expand that. Was planning to go to the library but it doesn't look like it's happening at the moment (and I'm really not supposed to drive). All this will pass and things will get better, I just need to be patient (something I lack, at times).

I did get a copy of recipes from our adopted grandma Alta. She passed away about 10 yrs ago...she always made interesting food and had complied a small selection of recipes titled, "Cooking can be Fun!". One of them is called "Poor Man's Ice Cream". I remember this and have discovered it has several different names and ways to make it. This is her recipe:

1 pint Cottage cheese, small curd
1 pkg Jello, strawberry or other
1 sm pineapple, crushed and drained
1 8 oz Cool whip, or other brand

Blend cottage cheese and Jello adding jrello in small amounts. Use folding motion, so you add air. Add drained Pineapple and fold then, add cool whip and fold. Chill and serve.

I've had it with banana slices, manderin oranges and mixed fruit cocktail. So, you can really have fun with this and add what you have around the kitchen. Good luck and make a great summer dessert! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sleepy, lazy day...

and yet, I never got to nap. Hmmmm, my mom and youngest, did, however. I really, really want a porch swing or one of those freestanding hammocks. Sounds so good right now. I could plop it on the porch and just relax. Sounds so good.

It POURED down rain earlier...and now, it's nearly all dried up and all the world is fresh and clean and steamy. Feels good and cozy, like a hot house for plants.

The gals are busy making sock monkeys...I'm sort of the sock monkey aid/teacher/helper/fix it person. It keeps them busy but I'm tired of sewing now.

I have to work on a present for my niece. Becky, don't say anything.

I have to load pics but my computer is acting all slow...i tried 4 times! VERY frustrating. I think I have to remove some pics onto flickr and clean up space on here.

I feel jittery because it's pass dinner time and we didn't make anything. I should have made rice for a rice salad, but I'm tired. I've been making dinner nearly every day. So much for recovering. At least my mom is here to help with the kiddos.

Tomorrow is the library summer book reading program. I hope to get out there and do at least this. We were supposed to do the Basketball camp but I was not upto driving and just felt bad. Today is much better, but I'm trying to really take it easy (which is hard to do, let me just say, with 3 kids and 2 dogs and warm/rainy weather).

I wish Jon had painted the porch first so we can use it, finally. The front porch has lead on it, and I'm very careful about going out there, etc. I just want it finished. We could use the space and if it rains, it's outside and covered.

Okay, I'm just going on about nothing right now...I'm tired and hungry. I guess I'll go make some rice. :)

Wish me luck on my photos and clearing up computer space. Why does it always seem like I'm always doing something and nothing? I guess that's summer daze for you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet people

I have gotten a few lovely get well cards and I have to say, thank you! They really brighten up my day and make me feel cared for. I need to do that more often, say thank you and send get well cards.

I'm stuck at home. I should be at church but I over worked myself yesterday and am paying for it. How easy it is to forget to take it easy when you feel good and the sun is shining. Then, reality (or a few hours later) hits you. I feel annoyed by my self. So, here I am like a big bump on a log. I think I have a sun problem...just really energizes me and I hardly stop moving.

I feel a bit down as I am missing the new rector, a Father's Day/welcoming brunch and am feeling lousy. I guess I will go lay down in a bit. My mom said if I don't she's making me go to the hospital tomorrow and I don't want to do that!


I hope I can at least go to the Birthday/Father's Day lunch at the in-laws. How annoying to feel icky!!


I found this beautiful quote:

A Truly Rich Man is One Whose Children Run Into His Arms When His Hands are Empty


I want to share that with my dad. I'm going to send him a letter (we have a package with kid art in it as well) and have that quote too. I really wish I had my photos developed and could send that too.


Jon spent all afternoon painting the 3rd floor windows. This is a miracle because I have been terrified for the lead paint. We found this paint stripper stuff and it bubbles it all up, thus no lead chips! He did a great job and is making plans for the 2nd floor. We may have to higher someone to do the windows on side...impossibly high and Jon hates heights.

I hope the back porch steps that were painted hold up with the rain we got/are getting. We went 2 days w/out rain and it started again last night. It was magical, though, to see the fireflies EVERYWHERE! All over the trees, beautiful. My mom is like, it's just like Disneyland. I said, "only real!" I wish my brothers would visit us during the summer and have an evening like it was last night. You could feel fairy magic all lovely!


From reading what I wrote about the painting (and knowing how I cleaned, yesterday), I see why I feel like I got punched in the stomach. Today I promise to take it hard to do when you want to do stuff (esp. when there is good weather).


I guess I'll go rest least I have the 1st season of Glee to watch. I'm such a baby.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

super warm day

It's only supposed to be in the high 70's but for some reason, it feels REALLY hot. Yesterday, it was 80's and it felt great. I don't know what all this is about but I suspect it has to do with humidity.

I started to feel really dizzy after cleaning the gals room. It was well pass lunch time and the heat/hunger got to me. So, I took a break. I nearly fell down the stairs...just felt really tired/weak. But I'm fine.

I'm so pleased with our back steps. I need to find some sort of flowers/plants to put on it and decorate it a bit. Now, I want to weed out the side yard, add mulch and put in some ferns. I've always wanted pretty and magical.

It feels like a lazy summer day...yard sales everywhere, people turning red (put that sunblock on!), kids running around half crazed or half bored and everyone thinking of watermelon and iced tea. I think I'll make a batch my self and treat everyone to some. I've also got an idea about making some popsicles. Remember doing that as a kid? I loved that. I just wish our set wasn't missing have the popsicle stick parts. I'll have to get a new one or try straws, I supposed. lol

Jon is working on stripping the paint from the 3rd floor windows. He said it's a mess...I am really nervous about that. I keep forgetting he's not used to paint stuff (I've removed paint from doors, houses, etc when I worked w/my handy man dad), so I'm used to that stuff. I guess I'll see what happens. sigh....

Well, VBS has ended. The kids are ready to start it for next year; they liked it that much!
Hopefully, next year, I can help out more. This year, I seem to be muddling around with small bursts of energy and lots of down time. lol

Have a good Saturday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

creative fizz

I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm still healing or something, but I seem to feel so BLAH when it comes to creating. I've sat and done a few hands on things but just feel like all my energy is there just to keep the house sane and the kids busy. Maybe that is normal, summer blues type of thing mixed with the whole post surgery stuff. Ah, least I can sit and do a few bits of things...or watch TV or read. Still, it's annoying and frustrating to be running on half or less a tank of the usual energy I have. I'm in putter mode plus naps.

Oh, and I was rejected twice from two design companies. I'll create some new things, but it's annoying. What's the old adage, get back on that horse, etc, etc. Sigh.

Well, I have to get some movie for the kids or they will explode. I'm working on the back porch...painting/scrapping, etc. If I can get my energy back up, that is. blah

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I realize now I wrote some snarky posts in the past few weeks. Please forgive me as I am still recovering and the silliest and smallest things seem large and impossible to me. It's just me being cranky. I even got in an argument with my mom and recently, with my sis. My mom knows I was not being my self, and was just feeling upset. Sorry, mom! And I hope, my sis, knows this too. When a person is recovering from surgery, trying to take care of 3 kids, her pets, her home and lastly her self, guess what? You become cranky and irrational when there is no need to be. So, be patient with me for being a cranky, petty person.

Well, I feel better for getting that off my heart. I felt annoyed by being so annoyed. Today, I feel tired and sleepy. I should have taken a nap but sat around trying to finish up a gift for my niece's upcoming birthday. I hope I finish it in time (and it comes out well). Half of it is done, just need to get the other half completed.

Also, our deacon at church is having a hard time with his mom having had a stroke. We're praying for him. And this Sunday, is the actual day for our new reactor...hope all goes well as not have Deacon Jack there, things might be a bit stretched.

I really feel tired for some reason. It's not too warm but for some reason, I feel sleepy and tired. I know my youngest has a bit of a fever, so I hope it's not a summer cold. I didn't even do very much; just went for a walk with the gang and was hit by lethargy of some sort. Well, whatever it is, I want to be back to my upbeat productive self.

It's funny. I'm trying to hunt down this recipe for a beautiful tart my uncle got when we visited their house. It was gorgeous and apparently is from a rather famous bakery in LA called "Whole Foods for Life", previously Los Feliz Bakery. It is run by Armenian family (I assume) and they are quite good at the baked goods. I need to find a phone number and see if I can get the recipe. I'll describe it now...

Basically, the tart "shell" is a waffle-type that has been dipped in honey and coated with chocolate. The center was filled with a pudding mixture topped with chocolate and various seasonal fruits; strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, etc. The size was a large salad bowl and pieces were broken off and spooned onto your plate. Delicious!! I may just try to make it by freehand and see what happens. It was so refreshing and good.

Here's a pic of us all enjoying our selves:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quote of the day

"It is all right to have flaws...we must accept that we have them and not allow those flaws to become obstacles for life's opportunities." Aubrey H. Fine

Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's back!

The Penny Olive's operation was a success and she's recovering. Threw up twice on the way up to the vets, but is better now. She needs to stay in her box to relax, poor gal. Glad this is over! :) What a relief.


Well, we got Penny Olive her operation (spayed). It was a bit more than we thought, but it's been accomplished. My mom and dad-in-law and 2 eldest kids took her all the way to Clearfield. Penny Olive is doing well and is on the way home. :)

I'm working on a dress for her...and am trying to find my oil cloth to make her a little raincoat. I feel badly the dogs get so wet. Fortunately, it's a warm rain and not freezing (as in the winter, ugh).

Around our area, it is very difficult to get low cost neutering. This is ridiculous. The Humane Society, apparently, doesn't have a vet and this makes it hard to offer low cost neutering. Centre County offers it to only those who work/live in Centre County but doesn't do spaying for female dogs. So, we ended up going with Clearfield...I'm very glad to get this taken care of and not have to worry about pups (though, it was tempting. Still, it can be messy and having dealt with Mr. Nelson, it's not really something I want to do...breeding dogs).

I'm so thankful for having my mom and dad-in-law help out. They are so sweet to drive (1 hour away) and help with this. With my surgery, it was impossible for me to drive up there (I'm not allowed to drive for 4 more weeks...I can't stand it).

My gals were so worried about Penny Olive and are so glad the operation is over. They really love her. :) A special thank you to Malinda for sharing that love! :) She's how we got Penny.

It's funny. I was thinking of changing my music's all about Glee right now. But I have to admit, it really cheers me up...I should have played it yesterday...boy, was it pouring down rain! Crazy!

But today, it's GORGEOUS! I hope it lasts for a bit. I'm thinking of baking some banana bread since we finally got more eggs. Hope you have a great Thursday.

I need to do some artwork...but it's going to be hard with all this sunshine. The kiddos should be back soon and I'll think of something for lunch. I think we need to get some ground turkey and make some burgers.

Oh, and I can hardly wait for church this Sunday! We have our new rector. I'm anxious and hope all goes well. What a blessing. :) Plus, there is a last fix up before VBS. :) I'm going to go and help out a bit.

I tried sweeping the floors yesterday and I was so tired. I couldn't believe how exhausted I was...I guess I'm just really out of shape/recovering. What's that expression, inch by inch, it's a cinch. I need to put that on a tee-shirt. lol

Monday, June 07, 2010

Family sign...given to my sis-in-law

I need to make one for me! I really like the way this came cute and free spirited. :)

Thought I was going to write a post...

but I hear someone crying! Oh, does happen when it happens. :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Home again

How annoying. I was ready for church and all but was feeling very apprehensive about getting into the car. I did make it for about 3 blocks but started feeling painful, so Jon took me home. I was annoyed because I want to go out and start doing things. Plus, although it is nice going for walks in your neighborhood, it's not the same if you get to go on trails and hiking a bit. ANNOYING!

Once I was dropped off, I took the dogs out walking and they had a great time. They burned off energy esp. since it's been raining like crazy since yesterday. I'm glad we got out...though, I'd rather be in church and seeing everyone.

My goal is to take short drives up to 4 blocks next week, and see how I can manage it. I shudder at the thought. But there isn't really anything (shop wise) to walk to. I think they even closed down the mom and pop shop that's about 4 blocks away. Great.

I just heard weird noises coming from my neighbors house (we have one of those really close houses that are 5 feet away on one side). The sounds were like crying and not pleasant...I thought I heard someone say their dog died? It was sad.

I'm a bit frustrated with my other neighbor. They keep parking on our grass and making it look awful. For years, they have been good about not parking on our grass, but when Jon put up a stack (several feet in) they took advantage of it and act like they have a 2 car parking drive way. It's very frustrating and rude of them, honestly. They know better, but still do it.

We also have a problem of neighbor children walking into my yard to catch bugs and things. I was really upset about that because, A. there are lots of chipmunk holes and kids can totally get hurt (I've sprained my ankle a few times) & B. I have my garden there and they are being rude to tramp on my plants. Sometimes, I can see why people become known at the meanies of the block. I hate to become that, but gees, show a little courtesy and not park on people's property/walk all over their plants! I would never do this...maybe, only in an emergency, I guess.

Anyway, this has been on my mind a lot and just irritates me that some people are so rude and inconsiderate. It was bad too when the neighbors would choose to go out and smoke just when my kiddos were outside. Really shameful, when you think about it. We did talk to them about that, finally, and they were kind enough to listen. So, I feel better and not so upset.

I know there is no perfect neighbor and it's better to be thankful and work with what you've got. I hope I can be a better neighbor as well. The only thing I can think of is we are a bit messy and have barky dogs. Otherwise, we are pretty good...I hope! :)

One of the other annoying things about recovering (and so slowly) is I'm not allowed to do chores. My mom is trying to pick up the slack but basically, it's not as nice as I do things. And Jon is trying too but just sort of doing the minimum. The house is messier and I usually sweep every day (the dogs/kids track in a bunch of mess). So, that is frustrating. I have been doing laundry but there are 2 baskets that I have to have someone drag up for me. I didn't realize how crazy I am about chores, until now. I thought I was pretty easy going.

On a whole different subject, I've been working on designing a dress for Penny Olive. I have the first part done, but need to get to the next part. My energy level always slows down a bit and simple tasks seem like mountains. I guess this is normal. I'd prefer to stand and work...which is different. Hopefully, this goes away soon.

I've been looking at various artists and there is this one, Nancy Thomas, who I really admire. She does paintings and woodcuts!! Just like I do! Or rather, as I would do more of, once I get a face mask. I was really pleased to see another artist who does more than one thing and in fact, does several. She also does primitive work...which I love. I would love to get a print of her work, even a calendar. She is just so inspiring and cheerful. I found her in my old copy of Home Companion. I miss that magazine. Wish it was still around, sigh.

Well, I have to get moving. I hate sitting for too long, even with two dogs curled around my ankles. :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Spelling Bee

My kiddos are watching the big spelling bee that is on right now. I hope it inspires them to want to go for this...I'm willing to help them. It looks like a hard competition. I've never been good at spelling and still have issues with grammar. Hopefully, it's not too bad. :)

I had to take a pain pill and as it turns out, it will knock you out if you have it at dinner time. I missed the family walk (they drove over to the campus and walked to see the ducks, anyway). Oh, well. I did one turn around the block and came back (rain, plus, I felt sort of naked without the kids/dogs).

Anywho, I still can't believe I fell asleep like that. It was very pleasant but sort of annoying as I don't like sleeping after eating.

Well, it looks like a rainy much for fix-it plans. Maybe between the rain showers??

Drowsy afternoon

I was thinking this is such a nice afternoon...a warm comfort born out of healthy plants kissed by the sun. Makes you want to pull out a quilt, find a bit of shade and take a nap beneath the mulberry trees. Hmmm, sounds really good. I found this poem and it sort of captures a bit of what I'm thinking about just now...

Come, Rest Awhile

Come, rest awhile, and let us idly stray
In glimmering valleys, cool and far away.

Come from the greedy mart, the troubled street,
And listen to the music, faint and sweet,

That echoes ever to a listening ear,
Unheard by those who will not pause to hear?

The wayward chimes of memory's pensive bells,
Wind-blown o'er misty hills and curtained dells.

One step aside and dewy buds unclose
The sweetness of the violet and the rose;

Song and romance still linger in the green,
Emblossomed ways by you so seldom seen,

And near at hand, would you but see them, lie
All lovely things beloved in days gone by.

You have forgotten what it is to smile
In your too busy life?come, rest awhile.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

It's so nice, so very nice, to have my mom here with us. I just wish I could get my dad over here too and they could move. Am I greedy? I think a part of me is, but it would be so good if they could just be here with us (sorry, brothers and sis). I wouldn't even mind if we got into a few arguments (well, not too many). lol

Anyway, just me wishing out loud. I like CA but for all there is, it's so noisy, so busy and just too much. I hate to sound like a snob, but smaller cities/towns may not be big but in other ways they are much bigger and better.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2nd post of the day

I feel better now that I've gotten a few pics up. I took a nap and feel grumpy for some reason...I think it's the warmth. I wanted to go to the meeting (I think it's tonight) for the rest of the decorating for VBC. Oh, well. I know that would be pushing it. I really, really dread getting into a car, right now. Driving was the worse part, actually.

So, I will most likely go for a little walk and rest some more. I started getting frustrated. Good thing I could play the piano and do something creative. Plus, my slippers are still in the dirty wash and I miss them. I'm a big baby right now.

I want to record some of my piano pieces. Jon seems to like them. I guess I could make some short videos or something. I promised myself I would finish a project, and now that I have remembered this, I will have to try. It's slightly frustrating because it's a bit bigger when you are limited by energy. Sigh...

I feel bad I yelled at my hubby and mom. I got frustrated with the kids and the mess they made. Plus, my system isn't up to the norm and it makes everything slow. Annoying, to say the least.

I wish we had a hammock but it would probably be soaked w/all this rain. It rained while I took a nap too. I feel like we live in the tropics. lol

working on the mural

working on the mural
Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
great team effort and beautiful work by all!

a Fairy or puck

a Fairy or puck
Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
I made for VCB (Vacation bible school)


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
really good!

buddy bear at delgrosso


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie

anxious for cake

anxious for cake
Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
Niece's b-day

Family sign...given to my sis-in-law

This is a sign I made/designed. What life is all about. :)

many a pretty flower

Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
made me feel much better after my surgery. :)

Miss Penny Olive

Miss Penny Olive
Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
our newest addition! She is a puggle. :)


Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie

Post partum Surgery

I don't feel too depressed...just sort of blah and out of sorts. It's the recovery part, I suppose. Feeling tired. But all in all, I do feel much better and actually more my self. I think all this rain is making me feel a little house bound, however. I didn't think we'd have this much rain...feels like El Nino or something. Not typical.

We had an oppressive heat in the morning, yesterday. Then, a refreshing storm came in and washed away a lot of the dust/heat. I mustered my strength and got everyone to go for a walk...which, we all needed. Penny's tail seemed to have gotten chubbier in the 2 days I was away (I think she likes our dry dog food) and my mom was like, I don't wanna go. I said we'd wait for 10 minutes for her to get ready (she's got this old fashioned mentality of having house clothes and outside clothing...constantly changing her clothes. It's frustrating and annoying. I wish she'd wear an apron (I usually do).

Anyway, I got everyone to go and it was very nice. I thought I almost over did it but actually felt much better to get out and about. Usually, I'm the one in the front, I was at the end of our train this time. Oh, well.

I shouldn't expect too much having been home only 2 days...but I guess, you sort of forget that once you're home. I need to relax. This is hard to do when your room looks dusty (I scared everyone by vacuuming and Jon ran up and finished for me. I was just using the hose to get some dust from under the bed).

I think the worse part was the drive home...every bump was horrible. Then, the getting used to food again/getting your body back to normal after surgery. Let's just say, Metamucil is a good thing. :)

I've been trying to get in more walking as it helps a lot of things and is just good, over all. I'm glad I have to doggies to make this possible. I really need to upload their pics and start working on some outfits for Penny. I have an idea for a cute dress for her...hopefully, it will come out well.


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