Sunday, April 25, 2010

Claremont trail; hanging with cousin

We never made it to the Huntington Library or J Paul Getty mueseum. But we did make it to a local trail and got to spend quality time with family. Beautiful trail and lovely family. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

photo by Alison Melbinger
Today is the 50th wedding anniversary of the dear parents of my husband, Ed and Mary Ann. I love them so much and am so grateful for having them here in our lives. They are wonderful people who remind me to embrace life, love and family with openness and joy. I'm happy to celebrate their 50th wedding day and be a part of this sweet and fun family.

original wedding day photo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Venice beach

Well, our trip is nearing a much too early end. I feel like I barely got here and now, have to pack up in a day or two and head out. We're going to take my mom too and this makes it a bit easier. Still, I wish I had more time to spend with relatives, family and friends.

We did a bit of a mad dash today...driving down familiar streets that are now changing into something I still can't believe...metro links and such are sprouting up everywhere! I would have loved this when we were at our old house. Amazing to see things progressing so much in 7 yrs. 7 yrs is much too long a time to visit one's home state.

It does make one see how you just need to let go of some things too...or write down your memories as much as possible before you forget or else everything changes in a few swishes of property ownership. Strange how buildings, trees, the curve of a street is what makes you remember and feel connected to one place. Even with a big giant metro station smack dab in the middle of the road, I could still feel connected to a place I used to walk or ride my bike on. Amazing.

It's all good and a little sad. But only a little. What matters is we are in the present and having time to go forward. I'll have my memories. It's so funny how the older I get the more I see how much memories are what shape us and what allow us to move forward or get stuck. When I saw our old house, I thought for sure I would cry and feel sad, but I felt like the house and property shrunk into a small bit and didn't seem to matter as much. What mattered is my dear family. They feel like they have become hugely wonderful and I can see it all in their eyes. It just made me so very happy to have time with them and made all the bad things of the past years pale.

Yes, bad things can happen and sometimes nothing good can come of it. Yet, I do feel, that, if we look for the good, we will often find it. I'll focus on the good, if you don't mind. :) Have a great week and keep looking for the good in your life.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On the road

We finally started out for CA...a little later then we planned. We're stopping in IN for the night...everyone is pumped up after taking showers, unfortunately. When does the time zone change? After IN? We are going to be in trouble when we do get back! Oh, dear...

Hopefully, we can awaken early tomorrow morning and make more progress. Poor Harry isn't happy with being stuck in a car seat but we take frequent breaks...just need to rest soon.

Hope all is well with you too! Have a great night and week!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Busy bees~

I'm nearly ready (yeah, right) to go on our trip across the good ol' USA. We're driving with 3 kiddos and then, will be bringing back grandma for a little visit with us all. Will we be able to stand each other after all of this? AH! I think's going to be interesting and fun.

The bags are packed but I think we're taking way too much junk...that is me...I'm packing the bags. I have no idea what the weather is going to be least I whittled down the winter coats. Oh, boy.

I'm just freaking out a little...deep breath. The pets will be all right and I just need to focus on getting through each day.

Today is my eldest gal's birthday! Happy day to you, my sweet dear! We brought cupcakes to her class and I hope she enjoys that with the kids. :) :) She wants a fancy dinner, so we'll do that too.

It is really odd that we are going back right now as this is the time of year when we first arrived in PA...a few days after Lydia turned 1 year old! Amazing how fast the time flies; too fast.

I think we'll be fine and get things moving...I'm going to try and reduce some of the luggage;4 bags seems way too much. I just want to make sure we're comfortable but if you can't get the car out of the driveway, maybe it's time to rethink things.

I'm so excited to see brothers, sister-in-law, aunts/uncles, family and friends and so much more. I just hope we have the energy to do a few things and then some. I also hope there are no earthquakes during this time. Pray for us and all those in the area.

Have a lovely day!

Friday, April 02, 2010

all done!

all done!
Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
Easter egg tree is finished

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Have a Happy Easter, everybunny!

It's nearly the weekend! The kids have tomorrow off and we will thus start our 1 day Spring break. I still can't believe it's only 1 day. The other day was taken off to make up for a snow day. I think it's a pretty rotten deal when you only get 1 day off for Spring break. Can someone tell me why? Is it just an Eastern thing? I have memories of having a week off in the West. So very odd that over here it's just 2 days, bascially. I know they sandwich it around the weekend, but's just too short. I'll stop complaining now.

The weather is warming up to the 70's...I can hardly believe it! I've taken advantage of this and am painting a few house items (desks, etc) outside. It's a nice feeling to get things painted up.

We're also getting ready to go on our CA trip. I can hardly wait to see family and friends. :) Maybe we'll have a stow away too! hehehe

It feels so odd to be leaving just when everything is getting ready to bloom and look gorgeous. Plus, I'm finally getting to see everyone after being hidden away from foul weather...and now, we're dashing off. Oh, well.

I have a little walker now and it's really, really hard to do ANYTHING. lol But it's well worth it even when he taps on my keyboard and things go missing on there. Oh, well. It's all fun and thankfully, he still takes his nap. So, I'm lucky in that sense.

So, if all goes as planned, I'll be updating along the road next week and hopefully be able to share some pics too.

Have a great Easter and Holy week!


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