Sunday, February 28, 2010

some day we'll see the green again...and then, I'll complain about my allergies!

Sick kiddos

This has been (and still is, apparently) the week of all sick tummies for the kids. Geez! I feel so sad they are all sick...throwing up, runny noses and bottoms...the works. I wish there was a spray to take away all the yuckies and make them feel better. Instead, we've got them some sick presents and hopefully they remain free of barf. Poor guys.

I surprised we're safe, we grown-ups, that is. I've been washing everything, so that must be why as well as trying to scrub down the fort. It seems like they have been sick for the last 2 weeks. SO ANNOYING.

I have a swap to think about and I need to write to my swap partner of Halloween Fanatic (Hi, Robert~ if you're reading this, you now know why I haven't been doing much blogging). Mostly, trying to clean and carry laundry upstairs...sigh. Depressing but it does seem to be running it's course, thank the stars.

When I do take a breather, I found out from Carolee of King of Mice, there is a movie called "Who does she think she is?" It's about artists and mothers (and fathers, I would think as well) who create or try to create art in-between the mad hatter party of life with children. It's an incredibly hard balance and often you feel something has to give before one can do the other. It's a constant struggle and this film seems to be an eye opener. I can hardly wait to see it and hopefully, it gives insight as well as some good advice. I plan on doing an article on this for my blog at the Altoona Mirror (our local paper). It's so needed esp. for any art group to understand women and the roles of women in society.

Boy, it feels good to write here and share something art wise. Now, if I have time to do some art, I'll be glad. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Looks like I'm scheduled for surgery in May (for the fibroid). We can go to CA and not have to be too concerned about all of this...and I'm not going to explode, hopefully, not. Now, I'm freaking my self out.

Anyway, I won't think about that, just get things organized for the trip and an upcoming celebration for the in-laws 50th. :) Phew! What a relief to get things resolved and know what's happening.

So, I'm excited again and not feeling anxious as I have a plan and this feels really good. :) Now, to see who will take care of which pets while we are away.

Both gals are home sick. Miss L is feeling a lot better and this is good. Miss N is still blah and hasn't eaten anything but 1 piece of toast and pedialyte. The Mr. H is sleeping and has an upset tummy too. I feel icky with a headache and just want to take a nap...though, now that I know my plan, I feel a bit more energetic.

We're supposed to get another storm. I sound like a broken record, don't I. I'm feeling annoyed about it too. The good thing is I'm doing another swap with Vivian's Bunny swap! I'm excited about this as I've never done an Easter one...I always seem to go for Halloween, Christmas or Valentines Day. Easter will be fun and it's before I leave for CA. Good timing.

I have to find out if my best friend, Caroline, is going to be in CA the same time as we are. That would be really cool to meet up there. Of course, I can hardly wait to see my family most of all.

All in all, things are going all right. A few more things to attend to (my foot has been bothering me...bunion) and I may have to put my beloved kitty Simone down (she seems to have dementia and acts strangely/pees/poos under the beds). So, this makes me sad. I guess this all keeps us balanced.

I'm so nervous about going to CA and what if things are so changed/strange? I guess we'll just have to see.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” Barbara De Angelis

So true...I feel like this very much since we've been blessed with family and friends. Women, especially, need time to be alone and do whatever it is we feel like doing...daydreaming, creating, writing, playing,etc. If we don't have these times, everything goes wild and falls apart. If you look at strong women from the past, they had time to be alone and ponder, if she choose to, or to simply take a nap. :)

For me, this takes a bit of organizing of time and energy. My thoughts keep going back to my best friend, Caroline's family. Her mom had 8 children and was able to keep a sense of order and control. You'd have to with a family of 10! Certainly, I would never want to attempt having 8 children (3 is by far, more than enough, thank you) but one must give credit to a mom and dad who raise wonderful children into responsible adults. I, honestly, think it is because the mom did have freedom to create and day dream. She gave her daughters and sons the skills to be independent while freeing up time. She started her own business (day care) and bartered for things they might need. Plus, she is deeply religious and did many things to work with the Church. Whenever I would visit, there was always animals about, fish, birds, a cat or dog and all in order. At the same time, she would have her TV playing Spanish soap operas and be cutting patterns out on her dining room table. I love well as her welcoming nature to everyone who entered her home. I hope I can do this a little with our home too.

I know she confessed to all the things we women complain of today...time going by too quickly, some regrets but all in all, being active and allowing for times of daydreaming and making plans. I confess, I get too emotional, at times, and have let that take away some of my creative energy. That is one thing I am trying to give up for Lent...holding on to grudges. It's hard to do...and is very worthwhile to let go of. I have found myself being able to move on. There is still lots of work, but it's all good.

Having time to reflect, brought me to this realization. One of these gifts was realizing I couldn't and shouldn't hold on to things as well as people too much. For me, it was facing my fear of things going chaotic. One of these was when we had the 9/11. For all these years, a part of me has been thinking that something bad could happen, I needed to protect my loved ones and make sure all was well. Even though, I didn't physically go through this, enough of us have seen and been traumatized by the images or have had close ones caught by this. I had to let go of this fear and, though it's still there on some level, it's not suffocating me or my family. I hope this doesn't sound too dramatic, actually. I guess I'm responding to how some people feel that only home is the best. I don't think it's not the best, but I do think home can become just as limiting if we don't make changes or forget to trust our loved ones and our neighbors.

Anyway, I probably should have written this in my journal and I'm seriously tempted to make the above "disappear". It's funny how things will express themselves when you've got a moment in quiet reflection. Have a good week!

get me out of here

get me out of here
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did I share them one already? Well, it's still fitting! Poor Harry!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend blur

When you've got a sick kid (or a couple of sick kids, or a loved one or pet that is sick) all you can do is tend to the sick and try to keep things in much as possible. That pretty much sums up my weekend. With Miss L throwing up all over, Saturday was lost to clean up/scrubbing/washing. Thankfully, the washer is installed and only over flowed 3 times (the pipe going to the dirty water was too loose...seems to be solved now). We tried to play in the snow (while some of the little ones were resting) but it didn't work yesterday as it was too cold and I got stuck in a 4 foot drift! That was interesting and kind of scary, actually. You sure do get cold fast. I can see how people can really get in trouble with that.

Today was much different...mostly, just cranky/emotional...mostly, from the Miss E. She was jealous that we got Miss L a sick present and demanded one for herself. Basically, I just said no and it didn't take well. But they have to have a limit.

Anyway, we came home and built something like 7 snow creature type things. We need to add something to it but I'm too tired to walk through the snow. What a workout! I have the urge to do something Calvin and Hobbe's-ish but maybe not. We shall see.

Church was great! We were a little late as we were watching the kids make pretzels. Later, we had mustard and cheese to dip in. Very cute and it made the church smell really good. :)

The kids and daddy left to go to auntie's house for dinner. I'm staying with Mr. H as he is still napping. Maybe I will too. I probably should be more active but just feel sleepy.

I can hardly believe it's going to be Easter soon. How did the time go by so quickly? Plus, we're supposed to go to CA soon. We have a few things to work out and then, all should be mapped out soon enough. Mostly, I'm wondering about the possible hysterectomy. So, we shall see.

Hope every one had a good weekend. I have paintings to work on and things to do, but a nap is calling me...whispering in my ear.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

package mailed!

I mailed off the give away package, yesterday! Glad that is on it's way across the ocean to England. :)

It's been busy over here...what with the new washer and trying to whittle the large hill of clothing. Plus, we are having some unsettled tummies (Lydia is sick...flu, looks like) and the cats are helping by throwing up fur balls everywhere). We are gross and disgusting at the moment.

Thankfully, Jon is taking care of Miss L and her mess, while I try to keep the peace downstairs with the other two. Poor Miss L was complaining of tummy yuckies all night and said she may have over least that's what she thought. I think she was just not feeling good and even the littlest amount of food would have made her sick. Poor baby.

I thought we would try going out, but it might not fly with one of the gang down. Maybe I can sneak off with one kid and get a sick present for the other. We'll see.

I had a lot of plans for snowmen, sledding, possible skating and so on. Jon is more practical and needs to pay the mortgage and get a chest freezer (finally). I hope she feels better by tomorrow, so we can go to church, together.

I made lentil soup last night (delish!) and this meal in a box where you add some meat product and simmer for 11 minutes. It came out pretty good. We were lazy and ate around the TV and tried to watch the Olympics. But the noise/commercials made us all grumpy and we turned it off. It's irritating to watch TV with so much hollow sounds (the arena's where the sports are performed has an echo quality). Plus, most of the commercials are pretty unwholesome to watch. I know if we had Tivo, it would be nicer, but it's not free or inexpensive. Plus, do we really need to sit and watch that much TV? If we really want to see something, I can find it on the Internet or rent it on netflix. Commercial free or limited commercials.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Keep Miss L in your thoughts and she gets better soon. Hopefully, she'll feel a lot better and not feel sickie-poo too much longer.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today is Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is about repenting and starting of Lent. I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat meat and had 2 hamburgers for lunch. I am ashamed. I will try to be better and not eat meat till Friday (I think this is right). I feel guilty but I really didn't know and the hamburger finally defrosted in the fridge and had to use it. Well, I put the rest back in the freezer.

It's interesting to understand all these new traditions and rituals. Jon knows most of these by heart because of his Catholic, I'm stumbling along being Protestant and all. Maybe I shouldn't have said I accidentally had hamburgers...oh, well. I don't think God will mind.

What I'm trying to limit and am trying to encourage to grow is patience and not loosing my temper. This is a big issue with me as this winter has been so long/hard, I tend to blow up easier. So, I'm trying to count to 10, pray more often and meditate when I feel like yelling. Going for walks and moving more, helps too. That being said, I also am trying to not be on the internet too much as I can easily forget time. So, I give myself 10-15 minutes on here instead of a few hours. It makes blogging a bit tricky, but I have to do it.

On another note, our washer broke and we have to get another one. I'm feeling tired at the thought. We may go tonight and look around. Besides having church, there is a cool even w/animals at the Hollidaysburg Library...might be interesting to check out, if we have time.

Well, I've got to sort some clothing to wash at my in-laws(they're letting me use their washer, till our new one comes). It's going to be a joy to heave 20 pounds of dirty and we laundry, through the snow. :P I'm going to only do 2-3 loads for the socks and underwear.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun and snow and slippery streets

Well, I survived having the kids home for 6 days...all of them had colds/runny noses and were grumpy (including me). I really have to learn to manage my irritable feelings. It's hard to do when you feel trapped in the house. Plus, the laundry machine finally stopped working (there was a clog that is only half unclogged...the repair guy is coming today).

I was supposed to go and get a check up at the dentist, but I really don't know how my in-laws would park since they would have to come down and watch Harry. The parking space we have is really small because of the snow. I think I might go out there and shovel it a bit. It makes it hard to even walk. We got about 2-3 inches last night which doesn't help.

I feel tired from all this snow/kid watching and so on. The good thing is the sun is out and it's making the world seem less drab.

We were so stir crazy yesterday, we trimmed Mr. Nelson's hair (our dog). It was one of the best trims we've done in ages...we used a muzzle and he was very well behaved (this from the dog that does "alligator rolls"). It was shocking how different he behaved. I got about 80% of the matts out and he actually looks decent. :)

Well, I guess I better go and shovel. I did some house chores as I thought the in-laws were coming over but as I rescheduled, I've got some time to muddle around. Let's all home the washer gets fixed and I can start whittling down the 7 huges piles of laundry...I need clean socks!!

Have a great Tuesday! Thank the good Lord the kids are back in school and we can go back to a somewhat normal routine.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart now closed and the winner is...

This has been very exciting and I hope the winner will like the mushroom book of PA and my art. I wish I had more books to give away...I may have in the future! And I will definitely have more art to give away as well. :)

The number is 103! Jasmine has won the book and art! :) I will need to get your info (I'll be emailing you) and you'll be getting these "give away" items in the mail! :)

Thank you all for entering and it was great learning about all of your wonderful blogs as well! I hope to have more give-aways in the future, so keep an eye out over here. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who would have thought?

Things my kids will actually watch...Monk (the TV show) and Gone with the Wind. It's so great!! Plus, they watched King of Masks and didn't get bored. Amazing! I'm glad they have good taste and will try something before getting too impatient.

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she looks so sweet here! :)

Wearing their heart shirts

we made this about two days ago...we cut hearts out of paper and either sponged around the hearts with paint or filled them up with paint for the opposite effect. Lots of fun (even though the free spirited Lydia wanted to do something time, I compromised). :)

Valentines loot from Jek Swap! :)

I am spoiled! (and I love being spoiled! lol) :) :)

Dolls by my mom

Dolls by my mom
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Cutie dolls by my mom! She's so great and the girls love them in their dollhouse! :)

Jon w/candy

Thanks, Mom!

Scottie for Harrison (by my mom)

Thank you mom!! :)

made by my it!

I decided to add this to my Valentine Tree! It needed some warm beautiful color and I love that my mom made this for me a few yrs back. I may have to frame this. :) :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day (daze)

I'm not flexible. I think I really love routine and all this snow is throwing me off my flexible schedule. I am annoyed.

The kids are home for a snow day...which isn't bad, but it is when your husband can't decide whether to risk going out to work late (which he did) or stay home with us. So, now I have to worry about him. I'm also annoyed because he dropped a full plate of peanut butter cookie, to the delight of our dog.

Otherwise, I got the cranky baby kiddo down for a much needed nap. He was off his routine too...which exhausts me.

A really good thing is I found the blog I really like called Twinkle Pink. I like it for the artsy stuff but mostly, I LOVE her music selections for an upbeat feel. Just a good get up and get going feel. I wish I had whole house stereos to hear it in my basement or on the 2nd floor. That would be fun! :)

I've got to make more lunch as these picky creatures that live with me won't eat the chicken soup I made. I should let them starve but that might be considered creature endangerment. They've been stuffing themselves on the last of the peanut butter cookies that didn't fall on the floor...sigh.

gotta go for now!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Studio time

After a long and stressful day, I finally made it to my studio. As soon as the kids were tucked into bed, I went downstairs and starting pulling out stuff from the shelves and boxes. Jon was at his second job, so I had about 45 minutes before he got home to sort/organize. My goal is to donate stuff I haven't used (or have lost favor for me)and throw out things that need to be thrown out. It's not that hard once I found my momentum. I got 2 trash bags so far and 2-3 donation bags. There is more to conquer and I know it's getting easier since I've designated various spots for certain projects (paper mache,painting,sewing). I notice the key factor is shelving and lighting. This helps tremendously as you know what is there and if it can really be used for my work.

I don't mind if my studio space isn't's not supposed to be. What I do mind is having space to work and not feeling oppressed by stuff. My goal is to have things fairly organized and easy to maintain. Child friendly would be good too (there is space for the kids to create as well). Anyway, it's coming along better than I expected. :)

I do want to make some curtains to "hide" my mess or at least make it less distracting for me (and give the light something to bounce off of and not look so dark in there). This will be my next sewing project, I think.

Well, I feel tired. Jon is home, folding laundry and I just finished washing a huge pile of dishes (and they are still not completely done). I made 2 batches of cookies as well...Russian Tea Cookies and Peanut butter. My eye is twitching...a sure sign of time to sleep. Tomorrow is a 2-hour delay for school...possible, snow day. I think I may have to finally buy the kids snow suits. I didn't realize kids wear them instead of two pairs of sweats. I guess I still need to learn a few things about the cold weather.

Have a great/safe/warm night and good day tomorrow!

Happiness even with all the white stuff falling down

I'm thinking about the give away I'm a part of OWOH at A Whimsical's just a good thing to have to do with all this snow falling. Gives you a little mental break with having to stay inside and wondering what to do. I also did another swap at Jek's place, Scrumdilldilly. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I finally did a swap. Haven't done any in some time...mostly, because of life stuff. lol I guess that's normal!

I got a package from my mom...a magazine from when Martha Stewart did the Children's mag. It's SO CUTE! Lots of great ideas and makes me sad that it isn't published anymore. I was actually sorting (finally got to it, mom) my magazines and have decided on which to keep, recycle, etc. Of course, I keep all my Victoria's, Romantic Homes, Home Companion (another sadly missed magazine)and a few selected Martha Stewarts (okay, a lot of those...even if they are ad heavy). I was looking up Home Companion and was wishing they would start publishing luck, so far. But I did find out that Mary Engelbreit has her own website and blog! This was some solace considering, I do like her magazines so much. I esp. loved the articles on artist's studios. I hear there is another magazine purely dedicated to artists studios...but, honestly, it looks a bit costly. I'll have to see what it's like when I got to a book store soon.

As I mentioned, it's snowing, again. There is a special procedure for shoveling snow. You are not allowed to shovel it in the road (this is pretty obvious to me...melted snow=ice) but some people need to be reminded of this. You are supposed to stick it on your property somewhere...if you've got space, I guess. We do, however, some people don't. I know in Japan they will truck your snow out for you. Isn't that efficiently a good idea? Plus, once in Altoona, there was a HUGE snowfall and they actually took the snow and put it on the train shipping it to who knows where. I think that is hilariously smart (is hilariously a real word?). Anyway, it would be a good idea for us in the snow part of the world/trains.

Oh, if only snow were vanilla and sugar. There wouldn't be very much of it, that's for sure. Sigh...

Well, I hope everyone is safe. I have to get ready for an ultrasound (fibroids). It should all be well and good...I just like to worry. I know, shame on me. :) I'm off to do a few last things...wish we had peanut butter cookies. I may have to make some.

Monday, February 08, 2010

One World One Heart Give Away! :)

I'm announcing a give-away! This is my second one at my blog, the first I've done through One World One Heart (the 4th for this group). I love the concept of meeting new bloggers and finding new connections! :)


I'll be giving away the Pennsylvania Field guide for Mushrooms and a piece of artwork by me. Thank you to Today's Gold for the heads up. :)

The give-away starts now and will end on February 15th! :) This is my, for the record, wedding date...we eloped, later we had a second wedding on June 10th. So, I celebrate two weddings. It's a long story but it ends up with me getting two gifts a year! hehehe

So, if you'd like to win some artwork and a book, leave a comment. This is open to everyone and I will need to have a way to reach you, so leave a comment/blog site I can reach you at should you win...I look forward to hearing from you. :)I will be using a random name generator as well.

Forgot to mention...

I had a great time doing the Girl Scout activity. :) We did paper mache hearts and pins. My gals liked them very much and one is wearing her's to school. I still need to make a gift for the teachers...maybe something along this line.

I'm in the middle of reorganizing (somewhat)my studio. It's looking pretty messy at the moment but it's all good. There is nothing major...just going through what I have, don't need and want to give away. That sort of thing. The stuff you do when the weather turns a yucky cold...even though, it is BEAUTIFUL outside!

I sometimes wish there was an extra one of me...basically, the other me would make cookies and fix all the meals. I would do clean-up and laundry. Actually, a third me would do child care/tending/cleaning. It's amazing that mom's have to do so much. But that is life...

It's funny when people think of the old days (as in Victorian). Nearly everyone thinks of upper class Victorians who most likely had several maids. My great-great grandmother was a maid to a well-to-do Victorian family...she did a lot of work and was extremely talented. Before she left that job and got married, she made her wedding dress with a hundreds of tucks (the style back then). I have a picture I copied of her wearing this somewhere. So fascinating that she did all of this by hand. I believe she was the same grandmother who had a crochet business later on...or at least one of her daughters did. I need to ask my mom. It's funny because one of my great-grandmothers started her own business with her hand crafts and her sister was a teacher. My sister is a teacher and I'm do lots of handwork...amazing how things seem to be passed on.

I need to get some food stuff prepped. I'm thinking of meatballs with a Vietnamese twist. If I have enough ingredients, I'll try this. How I wish I had my mint garden right now. I'll have to wait till all this snow melts away. It's so funny to drive around with snow that is so piled high it makes you feel like you shrunk in stature. Right now, I'm driving my dad-in-laws car and the seat makes me feel like I'm in one of those huge trucks that tower over everyone on the highways. This makes it a bit better but odd too. I have a question, if you saw a family walking in the snow...a mom and two little ones, would you give them a lift? Would it be scary to offer it to them (as in scaring them...and you)? I have this debate because I often see people walking and I want to ask them if they need a lift but don't want to frighten them as well as get hurt myself. I figure they must be close to their homes...but it makes me sad passing moms/children by. I really wouldn't know what to do, honestly. Makes me wish we had a much better transportation system and even a free shuttle for folks (that was up-to-date and not an old beat up bus...I've seen those too).

Anyway, things that are going through my head. Hope you have a great day! :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm boring...

I tried to watch the game but I ended up pulling out my artwork and started painting. I was listening to best as one can while painting, watching kids and trying to "stay in the zone". :)

It is crazy whiteness outside. I need sunglasses...or those neat looking eye glasses that change to dark with bright light. Wonder if they would decrease eye wrinkles...maybe.

Had REALLY good chocolate peanut butter cake at my brother-in-law's place. Really good, I might want to get a copy of the recipe. It's a bunt cake too...I don't recall ever making one.Maybe I have...will have to try now. My mom would always make bunt cakes. I miss that...she will have to make us one when we visit. :)

I have been cleaning out bits and dust blobs through out the house. How in the world did I ever get so many blobs of dust?? So much bits of this and that and yes, so many treasures? What ever will I do with it all? I have several donation bags being filled, several trash bags to go out and a few special places for things I would like to create new things/memory books, etc from. Just another reminder of how the time flies...and how things can really pile up if you don't watch out!

Speaking of which, I feel bad as I forgot to turn off the kerosene heater we have. We had to leave the relatives early and worry all the way home (for the heater and the ice). Fortunately, all was fine. But what a scary, the roads are HORRIBLE going into Hollidaysburg.

The snow is annoying and the ice is scary. However, if you are warm and watching it from the car, it looks sort of edible. You sort of start wishing it was cream/vanilla and sugar and you could eat it. I must have been hungry when I thought that up. :)

I started to imagine I was feeling better from my fibroid and really wouldn't need to get an operation. But I know it's not true (though I am wishing it were). I am such a big baby. I know I'll feel a lot better and I have a lot of support/love/good people who care about me. This is what matters and it will help to make it all that much easier. I guess I'm anxious as this is the week I'm getting my ultrasound...I even thought it was supposed to be last week (I guess I wanted it to be over). I hope this will clear up a lot of information I'm wondering about. I was supposed to have two ultrasounds but forgot to go (I was afraid, I know that now). Jon is coming with me, thankfully.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound anxious/annoying/jerky or whatever. I'm just venting here and I don't want to sound like I'm a big meanie. I'm mostly just trying to do the right thing. I sound like a movie clique. oh,well...

Have a great, safe week. I hope tomorrow is a snow day...probably not but maybe I'll be lucky. It is a PILL to work my dad-in-law's car (which he loaned us because our fan belt broke and is in the auto repair place). Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

top hat I made...

top hat I made...
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finished this mini-art quilt

I started this before Harry was born and finally finished it! :) I think I may need to frame this one.

Valentine Tree

Valentine Tree
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this tree makes me very happy...many of hearts were given to me, my mom, for Harry's baptism and so on. Just makes me feel very blessed and happy.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

heart shaped nose

heart shaped nose
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attack of the baby

attack of the baby
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piggie race, AJ won Cherry is dazed

ignore the mess and look into those pink will now be hypnotized into getting some of the leafy greens from the fridge and share with me...what?? I think I just channeled guinea pig thoughts!

School work.

Originally uploaded by Emilyannamarie
They are so good about getting homework done. I really need to repaint this table...

sugar cube castle by miss lydia

This is SO cute!! Lydia made this in class and I have it stored under the cake glass in the display cupboard. Once we get tired of it, we'll have this pic to remember it with this photo. :)

heart garland

We made the heart garland from crayon wax and wax paper. melting it between sheets of wax paper w/ the iron. Fun and the kids liked doing putting it together on the yarn for the window.

little top hats made of vintage paper/mache

One of the projects I've been working paper top hats for some creations I'm working on. They came out much better then I expected. :)

mr. cool

mr. cool
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New bags...

I'm thinking of getting a new purse. I haven't bought one in AGES. Basically, I've just carried around the baby bag I got from when Harry was's pretty cool looking/aero-dynamic and functional. However, I would like it to stop slipping off my shoulder when I lug the kid around and be a bit bigger. I saw a really cute one on someone's blog from was leather and huge and oh! So pretty. When we dashed through Macy's at the mall, I saw a smiliar one...gorgeous! Someone at the Girlscout troop had a light lavender leather type of purse...maybe a bit too big and purple...not my color. But it was a nice shape.

Anyway, I'm thinking and looking around for the perfect bag. I'm a bit picky about this sort of it has to be able to hold baby stuff/my stuff and have the ability to transform into a chair. Just kidding. But I'd like something that was pretty too. Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for something.

I should get off of here and download my pics. I forgot to take some pics of the swap I did for Valentines. I made a few extras and will photo those,I guess.

I tried Viv's recipe for these tasty cupcakes. Very good! :)

Now, I'm eating some lentil soup I made yesterday. I added bacon, quite good!

Have a great day! :)

Sunny day!

Today is amazingly sunny. It almost feels I've been in a dark room or cave for a bit and it's too much light! lol.

I want to complain about a few things...but I feel it would really come back and bite me (as in it's people I deal with on occasion). I guess I'm carrying them on my back. I will just say I don't like it when people are petty and don't trust other people. Without naming names, the problem was when there was a group meeting a couple of months ago that I went to. When I went to get my supplies back, the person acted like I was trying to steal things. I was like, what in the heck? She totally didn't believe that I brought my own things and waited for her buddy to verify what was theirs, etc.

I felt doubly insulted because I did a lot of FREE things for the group and I was treated poorly. I know they are cheap (I brought in some shirts that were good quality and got back too really cheap/thin shirts for the project), but non-trusting too? It makes me feel bad because I don't want to deal with such ugly people. It makes me start wondering about their they not like me because I'm a different religion (BIG possibility), because I'm from a different part of the country, have gone to college, or what? It rubs me the wrong way and I try to forgive them, but I get this icky feeling that they are not nice. I wonder if they do this to a lot of people or just me.

I do like a few people in the group, but is it worth it to be around such anally fixated types? I'm going to chalk it up to their being control freaks and let it go, for now. I hope it won't happen again because it was really uncool. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I was so surprised by it...just the whole lack of trust/jerky attitude.

Anyway, maybe I'm a snob and just want everyone to be like me...or something. I know that isn't going to happen, and I don't want it to, either. Next time, I will make it a point to address that attitude and not let it go. I don't think I'm a saintly Buddhist to forgive at the drop of a hat, but I'll keep trying.

Well, one thing is, it gave me something to talk about. And it reminds me that people are flawed and can be quite stupid at times. Such is the human condition...however, we really do need to work harder at being kinder. That is my belief about life. Being kind and teaching people to be kind is magic.

Someone who reminds me of this is one of my neighbors...she is always helpful and tries to embrace everyone...regardless of failings or flaws. I'm glad there are good people to balance out the petty/cheap ones. I've seen this in lots of the people I go to church with and lots of the wonderful people I've met over the years and on the Internet. I do feel lucky to know so many good people. So, all in all, people are generally good...and there is always room for improvement (esp. me!).

Next time, I'm going to have my name written on all my supplies because apparently, people have issues. That is their problem and I will protect myself from their stupidity. :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sleepy baby

I'm feeling kind of happy right now. Got some over due shopping done...nothing fancy, just trash bags and some supplies I wanted to get for the Girl Scout thing tonight. I'm doing a simple demonstration on how to do paper mache. We had to go to Weis market as they are the only place that carries my beloved Liquid Starch. The other supermarkets,apparently, have stopped selling that as they think it is "old fashioned" and useless. VERY ANNOYING. It isn't old fashioned as it can be used for other things such as safe art crafts for kids (and us older kids). :) I can order a big batch (like a huge crate) of Liquid starch but I'd rather pick it up at the market. Of course, everyone was cooing over Harry. I don't mind it but some times people we start to touch his face/hands and that makes it a bit uncomfortable...babies + germs = not good. Usually, it's not a problem but then there are those who just have to touch. Thankfully, I carry some liquid hand sanitizer and rub him down in the car. I learned that from an art professor who had traveled to Egypt years ago w/his kids. People kept touching the kids and saying how beautiful, etc. Then, he'd wait till they left and rub them down with a rag and alcohol. Apparently, they were the only ones not to get intense stomach flu. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I need to get some photos downloaded on here and share some updates of the kids, etc. I wasn't feeling too good yesterday. I had forgotten to take my vitamins and felt low in energy. Today is much better. :) So, I should be able to not feel too out of sorts. I did upload a new blog on my altoonamirror blog, The Art Cafe. If you've got some time, check it out.

Now, I will finish prepping for the Girl Scout demonstration I'm going to do and hopefully, get some art of my own done as well. I should do some chores, but that can wait. :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Feeling a bit blue...

All this winter has finally hit me like stubbing your toe in the dark. Not fun. Plus, I feel sorry for myself with these fibroid and the upcoming event. I feel like a big baby, but I feel down about it all. I'm very lucky and I know things could have been very different if I had the fibroids in the wrong place. As it is, what I'm mostly is scared. Thoughts of me not being here anymore makes me sad...boy, do I sound melodramtic/self pitying. I think it's the music too. I may need to change the selection on my blog and put some more cheerful stuff or else I'm going to be playing violins for me. I did listen to Rufus Wainwright and though I love his work,it's not the most upbeat tunes to listen to.

Anyway, I think I'm making my husband go crazy. I just feel sort of bad and what I should do is just write in my journal and not be a big stink bug to everyone. Is it better to keep things personal to your own family or should you let them know how you feel (somewhat filtered). I keep remembering this one short story I read years called The Chrysanthemums
by John Steinbeck. I looked it up and can't believe there it was in all it's full glory. From what I remember it's about a couple that don't communicate. They just sort of not say anything. At the time, I thought this was pretty pathetic and I suppose, I still do. If you're a real couple, you're going to get into arguments/discusions and then, make-up and forgive. This is normal for pretty much all relationships, actually. Healthy ones, that is.

I guess I'm trying to justify my grumpy disposition/self pitying attitude. I think this works best when you have a good hour to be by your self and write in a journal while drinking tea. Instead, I slept and woke up even grumpier. Annoying.

As for my day, it was full of little fingers wanting to follow what I was doing...typing on the keyboard, picking up (unpicking) around the house, holding onto my hands as we shuffle walked around, tapping on the piano keys and so on. I was able to finish a review I did for a music group, Treadmill Trackstar, for the Altoona Art Blog while he slept. Then, it was a quick dash to do laundry and feeling not so good but trying to move around regardless. I sound like a cranky old person.

I need to finish up a sweet swap.I thought I'd do it tonight but had the whole blah/wah-wahs and will now, try and get a few more chores done. Tomorrow is a new day. I will do my best to be my best.

I feel better now that I'm listening to "The Science of Sleep". I'd like to eventually get a copy of that movie and watch it frame by the artsy feel and that the main characters are artists, etc.

Jon went off to the market and is going to bring home some cookies. This should make life feel less intolerable. I'll just have one or two and will be good. Sometimes, you need to have a cookie. :)

I guess I'm frustrated too...if I have to do the whole surgery (hysteroctomy) then, I might have to postpone the trip to CA. This will be very annoying. This is my other fear/worry. We can always go the next month, so I shouldn't be so hung up on dates.

Jon is back! Cookie time. :)


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