Tuesday, December 29, 2009

snowy daze

It's cold and snowy. Normal weather for the end of December the beginning of January. It's amazing to think in about 3 months this will be all gone and the buds of Spring will start to emerge and we will have gone through another Winter. It's good to think about this when all the world is cold and frozen.

However, I have a secret to tell. I seem to have started to actually like Winter! I don't know when it started but it has. I love that I can freeze things outside and make a snowy icescape design. I know this week it will be a little too cold (in the 20's) to make any snow people but it should warm up to the 30's soon and we can do more snow people, igloos and such. I love that we have fun things to do.

It's also a quite time...I can just do things inside that are not too strenuous because of paint fumes and such. I have to wait till it warms up again. The guilt factor of not getting the trim painted, can wait and I can do inside artwork. Christmas is over and we can focus on fun things just for ourselves or plan gardens and next years gifts. I love this! I have never thought of it this way, but it's like a mandatory time to take it easy and plan things out. I guess this is why January is, after all, the time to make some changes and get some ideas ready for the upcoming year. Just very exciting!

Well, I'd better post this...I started this blog post about 3 hrs ago and just have finished now. We were watching various old Disney cartoons from the 30's w/ the kids. lol! It's interesting how these stories still strike a chord within the "modern" day child. Love this.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

too darn cold...

Sorry to be a tad negative but when it's barely 20 degrees outside, mama is not happy. Good grief! It's cold outside. We tried sledding for 20 minutes and had to go back inside...TOO COLD. I thought the baby was going to get frost bite or else the gals turn into ice statues. I want to do some winter type fun but it's not going to happen if you just want to stand in the sun and go back in the house as fast as you can. Plus, when we got in, the kiddos had tantrums, I fell asleep w/ the baby and basically, everyone was in a bad mood. After some sandwiches and warmth, we felt better. This is why there really needs to be at least 2 adults in a house with kids. 1 to watch/play w/the kids and the other to make food/goodies and clean up a bit. It's not fair to have to do everything...esp. when you're low on coffee and creamer. Just not human, I tell you!

I feel better now that I took a nap. I nearly burnt the beans (I'm making pinto chili) and was having a good dream about a Mexican restaurant but I saved the beans. There will be chili tonight, folks, with a slightly burnt/baked flavor. :)

I was feeling so down about all the cold, I sat in the basement next to the kerosene heater...It only warmed my front and the rest of me, was chilled. I need a couch or something down there to crash. Would it be evil to get Jon to move the futon (on the 3rd floor) to the basement? I hope not...we shall see.

I had seen those big ol tubs of sour cream at Sam's and thought who in their right mind (besides a restaurant) would have one of those in their home frig? Now, I wish I had one. I could smear sour cream on everything...well, at least on the chili. I'd gain a 50 pounds just looking at it. Never mind. I wish they sold plain yoghurt. Now, that would be excellent and healthy!

I feel a bit spaced out from my impromptu nap. I still can't believe I did that. Thank the stars the girls were good and well fed after lunch. They have Christmas Eve on the brain. I'm like, yeah, Santa can't get everything you wanted on your list (and the amended versions, I should say). Just a tad too much, if you ask me. We are going to celebrate Little Christmas on January 6th. This is when the Magi come and bring the gifts to Jesus. I think it's a beautiful expression of suspending our disbelief and accepting the miracle of Jesus...all this from the Wiseman. Pretty amazing when you think about it. :) For the idea to get to the kids, I'll be "finding" some presents Santa forgot and bring them out. We will think about how the Wiseman brought gifts to the baby Jesus and how it's important to honor that goodness in all of us.

I'm looking to make a crèche this year, as well. I want it to be outside but it's so cold. I will have to see how I'm feeling on the eve of Christmas.

Well, according to my Tasha Tudor "Forever Christmas" book, if you have a good cold snowy winter, the next years garden is supposed to be spectacular. I will have to order some Burpee seeds this year, I think. I want a flower bed, garden w/veggies and that's about it. Well, I hear a babe calling me. He must smell the chili...hehehe

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nearly Christmas!

Well, it's nearly Christmas...4 more days. But this certainly isn't the end of it all. This year I'm also celebrating Epiphany, when the Magi celebrate God in human form, Jesus. It's a beautiful tradition as I like to think of it as men of logic and reason, put this aside and accept this miracle.

So, this year, we will celebrate Epiphany as well as Boxing day. Boxing day is when the wealthy would give to those who didn't have enough by a Christmas box for the people in need. I like this tradition because it gives me a real connection of giving to others in their time of needs and teaches us that we are all connected in a bigger sense (we are all in the same family, in other words). I really like this.

My church gave our kids similar boxes for them to gather change and money. On Christmas eve, we will bring them in and the money will be sent to the Episcopal Relief and Development fund to help families in the world. I love this.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Now that many things are nearly finished in the sense of events, activities and so on, I'll be able to get back to my drawing board and start a new year of artworks. I have quite a few ready to start listing, so stay tuned, if you are inclined to a bit of fun art. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

shiver, shiver...

It's a bit cold...23 degrees. Supposed to snow tomorrow. I think all this cold weather has made me sleepier then usual.I was down by 9:30pm and would have even been sleeping earlier if it wasn't for the kids. I'm going to put on my sweater/slippers and drink some coffee. I got up at 6:30am and need something.

Finally, made it to the library yesterday. I was so glad I went because not only did I find several books on CD to listen to, get some books for my gals but I also got to hear a harpist playing in the main library section! This was such a shock and thrill! I will have to find out if he's playing more this week. I also found out that the library will be closed from Dec.24th till Jan. 7! This was a scary thought, so I loaded up on books. You can also renew on-line...yes! So, lots of good things.

Hope you all have a great Friday! Next week is Christmas, Jon is mailing out cards/packages today and all I really need to do is some baking.

Today is also my little guy's 1st birthday!! Happy Birthday, Harrison! We love you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gently falling snow~

I love the snow falling right now...such a sweet lightness to it and because it's fluffy, it's easy to catch on your tongue. :) I may have to go outside and watch it fall some more. Just feels like Christmas from a card or something but it's real. Maybe someday I'll have my whole family visiting me for Christmas and they will get to see what I see. Love and miss them~

I hope it continues and we can build a snowman soon. The gals did some sledding the other day...I wanted to try it out but had to wait till there were two of us (I was holding the baby). Harry had a good time and was amazed at the cold. I think his skin is a little sensitive because he got a huge rash on his neck and back of his head.

Well, I hope everyone is safe tomorrow and has a good week. I can't believe it's Wednesday already.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowed in!

Or I should say, iced in! Good grief, it's slippy out there. The closed the road in front of our house as there are/were about 5 cars stuck there. Some freed themselves but others are staying put. The salt trucks are sure late today...but it's understandable with all the ice falling from the sky.

We missed church which is annoying. I was hoping to go out and see everyone. Plus, I have the nativity finished. Oh, dear...will have to wait.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


the house does not smell so strongely of kerosene burning but of crook pot cooking. Apparently, we let the kerosene heater get too low...scary, smelly and evetually colder as I had to open up the doors to let out the stink. Phew, glad I caught that as I was afraid we would have a bad result.

Well, the kids are finally home...geez, the Christmas concerts seem to be getting later and later.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling blessed~

I just feel really happy I updated my webpage. If you like it, let me know because I really do and would love to hear praise from others. Yes, I'm being silly but it's just nice to feel like you've done something and hopefully, people out there will enjoy it too. I love the backround by Itkupilli. They just make me so happy. :)

Glad I got that off my chest...Plus, I updated my links and am going to add more of my favorites.

I'm also getting boxes ready to be mailed out. I still haven't done a single card. I'm so slow this year...I may make them this year...or send out ACEO paintings as cards. I have quite a few and would love to share with others. We shall see. I might do a collage instead. I can see a star and painting combo. Hmmmm

So much to do, and you know what? Things are getting done! I can hardly believe it. Even with all this ice/cold and snow. Amazing. You'd think I'd be cabin fevered or something but not really. Having the kids go to school, getting out there with them and doing chores in the morning, is a good routine for me. I know things will change as they get older (and the baby can walk around and pull everything off shelves...actually, he already does this a bit with rolling to a favorite spot and yanking out books/videos). But for now, I'll be happy with this routine.

It's a bit funny/scary with how I get the car out of the driveway every morning. I sort of back up and slide into the alley. It's a strange and bizarre sensation and almost like being on a ride in Disneyland...like the ones where you drive a car and just sort of feel which way your going to slide into something. I guess bumper cars would be a better description. Anyway, that's what happens.

I was looking through my blog and noticed about 3/4th of my old pics were GONE! I am sad about this. They were connected to my old server and now they are gone. UGH! I will have to go through the computer and salvage what I can for photos...I've been downloading stuff to my flickr account and will have to print them out. Annoying.

Other than that, I'm all right. I also found my missing house keys (my hubby had them in his pants pocket!) and found some missing gloves, etc. I'm cleaning out stuff to give away. I probably could have a great yard sale but in the winter? I don't think so. Also, I'd rather just give it away...stuff like old clothes, shoes, fabric stuff and so on. I seem to get much more back and I find stuff that I'd forgotten about. It's a great system.

I was horrified by my garage, yesterday. It's worse than I thought. Jon piled up stuff to this massive height and I'm acutally afraid it will fall on me. The weird thing is there is space to spread it around...but he didn't do this. SO ODD! Anyway, I'll have to clean that out too.

One thing that has kept me sane being inside is using our basement. It's almost like our family room esp. with the kerosene heater. This really helps and makes life a lot more comfortable. I would like to unearth the ping pong table to actually be played, but that might be a long term goal. If I can clear it off and use it for mini-games, that would awesome too (half of the table is up and you can bounce a ball off of it. It's just an idea.

Last night, Jon picked up the church cookies (yum!) and he said there was so much wind, a sign blew off of a company near the church. Scary! It felt so horribly cold and guess who had to very determined kiddos who wanted to sled? Yep, we tried to but it was just way too cold/hard as ice snow. Felt like walking on glass!

I can't believe it's nearly 2pm. I've got to clean up a few things/pack a few things before the kids amble home. Then, I want to list a few things on eBay. I'm made up of "a few things" today. I'll take my time, too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my happy fellows!

my happy fellows!
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I always feel sorry for the birds and animals during the cold winter months. I put out seed, bread and apples. I'm going to do the peanut butter on pinecones w/seeds with the kids. I like to think of St. Francis of Assisi when we do this. My neighbor has a statue of him...I would like to have one too.

Various things~~

Representation of Joseph,Mary and baby Jesus at the Baptist Calvary Church.

They did 7 stages of Jesus life...very moving under the stars.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wedding present for my Brother/sister-in-law!

Wedding present for my Brother/sister-in-law!
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Need to mail this out...hopefully, they won't look at my blog. I was inspired that they found love through the internet (like my hubby Jon and I did). Ah, internet love~ How romantic! :)

Stack o hats...what I've been doing. Christmas presents for the family

Stack o hats...what I've been doing. Christmas presents for the family
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Hats, Hats, Hats! I have 3 more to go...27 hats! :)

Our House on a Snowy day

Our House on a Snowy day
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This has been a long bit of snowy cold days...but at least it makes everything like bright with all the snow. It does make it feel like Christmas when there is a few inches of snow on the ground. We have about 3 inches...saw kids trying to sled down Keith Hill. Maybe we'll try that this year.

Fortunately, the roads are pretty safe and I've got my yak traks on. Bundling up is always annoying but it's not for too long, really and I'm accepting there are different seasons,

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy moment of the day

Building blocks with Harry and watching him knock them down. Just love these quiet times with him...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Been WAY too busy...but it's all good. I have a cold now, so I have to slow down...Harry has one too. Poor little guy. The weather has dropped to the low 30's and the ground has the hardening feel before winter really sets in. Why does that sound like pregnancy for some reason? The sweet thing is it is a bit like birth...you are waiting and waiting and then it is Spring! My aunt wrote "Baba" on facebook. It's interesting as I knew that Baba probably meant old woman...and it does. But in Bulgarian, it also has another meaning...Baba also is in reference to Baba Marta or Grandmother March. As a child, family would give us these Martinitsa dolls and it was always around Spring time (most likely March). I loved mine and kept it for years...only recently did I learn these are a symbol for welcoming in Spring and you are supposed to give them away. Your loved ones are to tie them on the branches of trees to welcome Spring. I love this so much and it makes me happy to know more about this wonderful tradition. It also explained why my aunt would say Baba at the beginning of Winter...remember Spring is here in about 3 months or so...what a lovely thought on a cold day. :)

Now, I want to make some Martinitsa's and give them away for spring. Perhaps, I'll do a little write up explaining them as well. I like sweet traditions like this. :)

Well, I have a bit of work to do...mostly baby care, thankfully. I'm also working on a pile of hats to make for Christmas gifts, finishing up the manger props for the kids to use at church and cleaning up the house. I don't know how I can be so messy, but I'm really good at it! lol Have a great day! :)


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