Thursday, October 29, 2009

Highland Park , pa

Highland Park , pa
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this is probably my favorite of the batch I took. I'm going to get this one printed and frame it~

my tree hugger

my tree hugger
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one more reason I love him~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It surely is Halloween Time

Well, they played "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and it's starting to really feel like Halloween. Certainly, I've had my decorations up for a bit now...I do love getting into the spirit of it all. This wasn't always the case. At one time, I didn't really celebrate Halloween and just waited till Christmas. Now, it's just a good feeling to do something silly and fun with the kids (or just for oneself).

Last week, we kicked off the Halloween season with a party at the museum. This was a lot of fun but it was too low on chocolate...maybe, I missed out on it but there just seemed to be a lack of candy. This is pretty ironic as I'm the one who usually complains about too much candy...I guess I feel sort of like I'd like to have some. My mom (thanks, Mom!!) sent the kids caramel tootsie pops. Oh-my-gosh! They are SO good!! I love them and want to buy several bags to keep for rewards for me! lol! Everyone ought to have rewards of the candy kind. I remember my dad would have a box of snickers just for!

There is so much to do at home and I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a cold, again. I thought I was getting one last week, but it seems to be a true cold this time. I was hoping to skip the fever/stuffy/runny nose and so on. My ear is totally stuffed and I feel dizzy from the feeling in there. I hate this. Hopefully, it will pass quickly.

It's raining right now...not too chilly but smells really good. I hope the weather is nice this weekend as we're getting Harry baptized. I'm nervous and excited about this as well. Plus, my bestfriend is supposed to be coming in for the baptism and this is why I'm stressing out so much. I hope it all goes well...we've got SO much planned and I just need to take each day as it comes. It will all work out even if we're a bit damp from the rain.

At least a few good things are happening. Jon is getting better from his cold and the gals are nearly clear. The other good thing is the pumpkin search for the museum is finally up! So, if you're in the area and would like to try this out for your class, give it a try! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall is upon us

With the weather changing from warm to cool to freezing (!) and back to warm again, you know we're transitioning into that beloved season, Fall. It's amazing to watch this time of year as the leaves either gradually grow into colors or reds, yellow and burnt browns or else just drop to the ground like tired shoes. I've always thought it was a bit humorous to watch certain trees change. They all have their own stories...some brilliant and bold, others soft and subtle while others keep their color all year. Personally, I like seeing the trees change and become bare again. Sometimes, when I see a distant hill, they remind me of the gray whiskers of some giant or perhaps a hibernating creature. The bare branches seem catch and hold the fog as if holding onto the dreams of people from the night before. It gives me a sense of falling back into time and peering into a world or rather a season, yet to be discovered.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Not much of a title but that's where I'm at. I'm trying to organize my basement studio after something like a year and a half of neglect and just not having the time to do anything because I was doing everything else. Does that make sense?? Anyway, I have to admit I collect way too much fabric...this is usually stuff that people gave me (because they didn't know what to do with it or want it) or clothing I had plans for. I'm donating a good bit of this. I don't feel bad. In fact, I feel like I'm making a huge liberation in my rat pack ways. I feel so glad to be able to see stuff I haven't seen for years because I was cramming everything in there.

I also have a paper problem I want to save ALL my kids work. I'm trying to limit this and make it so I save the most important things...and have space for it all. I think what I need to do is empty a few of my plastic containers and have one for each kid. Then, I can store their memory things in there for them (and me). I need to do this for all the holiday stuff too (and thin some of this out...geez, I have some gaudy Christmas things that I found a while back...). It's all good and I usually don't throw things out willy nilly and make it worse for the Earth. I usually donate it or reuse it in some way. There's always freecycle too. :)

Anyway, I feel pretty optimistic. Oddly, a good deal of the fun working down there is the lighting is so great!! Jon put these florescent lights up for me and it really cheers me on. I came up stairs and boy, it seemed like someone had put on a dimmer.

While cleaning/arranging/tossing/donating I found some beloved family thingies and brought them. I found a framed photo of our dear Autumn who we had to put to sleep a few months ago. I didn't think I would be so emotional about her, but I am. I'm going to put this out and a few others of the kitty gang. I need to get some new pics of every one. It really does make me feel better.

I'm also trying to be realistic and not hold onto so much. I tried some stuff different art things and some of it works and other's, not so much. So, I'm doing this purging thing as a way to make me more focused. Don't worry, I'm not too crazy cleaning. I don't think that's possible with me. lol!

This weekend passed much too quickly. Today was gorgeous but I was taking care of the gals who were sick and had temps. They seem to be better but I can tell their energy is low...we'll see how they are tomorrow. Harry is all right but he was looking flushed for the past 2 days. I don't like temp but I'm checking on him too.

I'm so glad it's warming up...I hope it stays for at least a few more weeks. Too much to ask, I'm sure, but I'll make the most of it. I hope I can get a battery for my camera soon and show everyone the gorgeous colors. We stayed in the baby's room and I had the curtains open...the red/yellow leaves against the blue sky just made me feel so glad. Of course, it was warm inside, so that helps too! :)

I really feel glad to be where we're at. One of my few things I'd like is my mom to visit us. We're going to go to my brother's wedding soon and I wish all the family could be there. I know it's difficult for many reasons. Ah, well...

I have to find some "farmer" outfit thing for Norrie as she's going to be a farmer for the school Halloween thing. I was a bit dissapointed because I thought she would be what she wanted to be, a pegasus unicorn. But the teacher has other plans...I think it's fine as she gets to be 2 things for Halloween. lol

Well, I'm a bit tired and have things to think about and do. Jon is putting the gals to bed. I'm happy we can trade off every now and then. Night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baking bread at night...

Not a bad deal, really. The bread, Rustic sour dough, has been baked at 9:30pm. This was my first try and it came out quite good. However, I burned my finger on the metal sheet I used for the bread (they are round shaped). I used a pot holder that was crocheted (two layers) and I guess it slid over and I got my thumb right on the metal! OUCH! It's feeling better now.

The bread came out great though not as sour as I like. Plus, it's not as puffy round on top. Anyway, stuff you have to learn from...I noticed it took longer to get the first rise too...maybe the kitchen was too cold then? I don't know.

Well, we're set to have the baby baptized on Nov. 1st. I'm really excited about this and feel so happy to be a part of a community church. I feel like we're where we are supposed to be; a good feeling.

I did tons of laundry...4 loads and there seems to be a break in the massive pile. Thank goodness. I think Monday chores will be a lot easier.

I'm going to start listing a few things up on eBay, mail a few things to the family and hopefully, get things rolling with a few other ideas I have. I just feel like some things are like molasses for me. Why? Why am I this way? Am I the only one who is like this? I can't possibly just feels like this, I suppose.

Jon's back from his part-time job. It sucks that he's working so much but it does help pay the bills and such. I just miss him, a lot.

One thing I'm working on is a costume for my gal. I hope it turns out well...I have this concept of what I want it to look like but reality might be a bit (or a whole lot) different then what I want. I just hope it looks decent and is comfortable to wear. I still feel badly about the lumpy pikachu costume I made E last year. It was a bit frustrating but most kids knew what she was supposed to be. lol

Well, I hope everyone has a good week. One thing I will mention is not to rent the movie, Knowing. It was really depressing and a bit too end of the world (literally). I didn't care for that. Who wants to see everyone blowing up to dust? I don't really care if it was was annoying and gave me a feeling of nervousness. I wish those redbox movie rentals had better selections. Anyway, my one annoyance. lol Does anyone have a good movie (with a possible happy ending...or at least not world burning up ending) to recommend? I'd love to see some happy quirky film. Think I'll ask that on facebook too...

Friday, October 02, 2009

It's Friday afternoon...

enough, said! Phew! Feels like this week went a bit wildly fast but otherwise, it was good. I have a cold and feel a bit yucky poo. The kids were sick in order of age, apparently. I'm just glad it's Friday and we can sort of relax. We can't truly relax as Jon is working his extra job. He likes it as it very easy compared to other work we've/he's done. lol I think that's hilarious, really. I'm glad he's glad, honestly.

I'm debating whether I should make some chocolate chip cookies. Sort of a celebration for having everyone home. Actually, Harry and I are only home as the gals have started their annual singing at the Hollidaysburg Christmas chorus. I know they'll enough that.

I'm slowly finishing up projects and am getting all my internal/external lists accomplished for once. Thank the stars! :)

But best of all, I'm so thankful things are going well with the schooling, with the kids enjoying life and that things seem to be getting stable. Oh, it just started to rain...for some reason, this makes it feel special.

I'm grateful for furance filter replacement and that the gas company is lowering gas price.
I'm grateful for my family and friends and pets.

Hope you all have a good weekend and remember to look for blessings in your life. You will find many, I am sure.

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