Friday, August 28, 2009


Yes, it's Friday! For those that still have weekends off, a 2 day respite from work and time to relax with the family. I love Fridays. I really do! :)

It's a gloomy Friday, but I don't care! I'll take it gloomy, sunny, snowy or rainy. Just as long it is here.

I am still getting over my annoying cold and headache. I'm still stuffy and the energy level is a bit low, but there are flashes of energy which can only mean, I'm feeling better. Jon wants to go hiking but we'll see. I want to go biking, but again, we'll see.

Anyway, I had a good conversation with my sis last night. It's so nice to have unlimited long distance. I have to call my mom next and my bestfriend, Caroline. I'm going to get talkers ear or a neck ache. It's worth it!

I feel like things are all right, finally. My brother was in a car accident and it was ruled his fault. A motorcycle hit his side of the car, flew over his car and broke his arm. It could have been much, much worse. I'm just relieved they are all right. So scary! But he seems to be handling it, thank goodness.

We started homeschooling this week and not only is it Friday but it's our first week of school accomplished! I'm so proud of my gals...they are doing very well and trying so hard. They make teaching a joy...sometimes frustrating but 90% a joy! :)

I'm starting to create new artwork, again. My aceo's are calling my name. I'm also finishing up some demo's for a few places I want to submit my work to. And lastly, I've getting a story I started reworked as I think I have a good idea for plot. The other version, while all right, lacked a bit of excitement and flavor. I think this might be the key to something interesting. I don't want to get my hopes up (I always do anyway...sigh) but I'll see how it feels and go from there.

So, I guess the creative juices are still flowing and I'm not burnt out. This is always good to realize once in a while.

Anyway, other than all of this, I have tomatoes to pick though, I doubt I'll get very many...something has been nibbling them (rabbit, chipmunk, what?). Very annoying and I've waited for those things to redden for the past month (took longer because of the rain). So, we shall see what's there.

Finished up a grant for the museum and will put that to bed, so to speak. The museum seems to be doing all right and that's all I can ask since I stepped down as director.

Otherwise, life goes on and I'll keep trying my best. That's all I can do. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend or one that is calm and refreshing. Blessings to all of you!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's been some time

since I posted...just been busy! I know once we get into the school routine and esp. once the weather cools off, I'll be more inclinded to write. But as it is, the summer days are numbered and we are trying to get the most out of them.

It's funny. I thought it was August 26th...a full week in the future! So, I'm feeling glad I have more time to do a few things I wanted to get done. Funny how that worked out.

We finally did make it to the pool and I didn't realize childcare ended at noon. So, I had to take Harry with us. Fortunatley, I had his swimmer trunks and it was fun...a little scary but fun to float around. Both the kids were nervous as the water feels deeper then what they were used to (canoe creek). But we're planning on lessons next month, so hopefully this will make them more water aware.

I feel relaxed (even after having to carry Harrison for the whole time). It was nice and the people in the pool were kind and friendly. This made a difference.

well...have a good week!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Headache but better

Supposedly, we're supposed to be getting a storm tonight and then a series of storms for the next 5 days. We shall see as it seems like they've blown over us the last week or so. It feels like there should be a storm as my joints are all achy and I've got a huge sinus headache. I really wish I wouldn't get these but I do. I had a nap and it's getting better, fortunately.

We went to the big outside flea market at the was SO incredibly hot. I didn't really think I'd find anything but I did find a mushroom cookie jar ($2) that is SO cute and the gals found treasures too. I didn't think I'd find anything but it's just at those moments that you do find something and just the right price. I was annoyed because I nearly got a Bratz doll (have wanted one for the fun of it) for $1 but this lady bought the WHOLE box before I could nab a single one. I was so annoyed. It seems I'm not meant to get one...oh, well.

I also found, of all things, a cheese slicer! It's one of those old fashioned ones that you pull across cheese and there is a little wire to cut it off. I'm very pleased by this. I got that for a dime. :)

Next time, I don't care what anyone says, I'm going to use my umbrella and stay out of the sun. I really am not a sun type person in the sense of sitting in it or any of that sort of thing. I like being pale and watching the sun from under a big hat or shade. I love the warmth, after the sun sets. I especially love when cement gets warm from the sun and you relax on the cement and feel like your a giant lizard sitting on a heated rock. Love that! :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

picking peaches

I picked my biggest haul of peaches...something like 30, I believe. That doesn't include the 14 or so I picked a few days ago. Plus, I had to throw a few in the bushes for the fairies (they had already started nibbling those, anyway). So, the peach tree was very fruitful this year. This is quite a big jump from the 12 I got last year.

I made our first peach cobbler...I wasn't sure if I was supposed to peel the little guys and just left the skins on. Tastes fine to me! I really need to spray the tree next Spring as there was a lot of damage from a fungus, but otherwise, all right.

I felt SO out of sorts today. Just grumpy and frustrated for some odd reason. I guess I might be coming doing with a cold the kids got. We went to the park and poor Harrison threw up twice. I think it was from not getting burped (I fed him pudding before this). I felt really badly about that.

I just felt so blah and tired after all of this. Also, I was a bit annoyed to find out there was a flea market down the street and I didn't know. Jon saw it before going to work and didn't tell me. I missed that one...not too bad a loss. Just felt like I would have liked to putter around and see what was there.

Have been working on my art projects. I have been trying to do that more often. It's a nice feeling and I think things will move rapidly for several projects. I'm glad I brainstormed a few days ago.

I did have a nap today too..and rested more than I usually do. This helped to put things in perspective and of course, I prayed. It's a good feeling to pray and get your feelings out...not keep them bottled and festering. Once they are out and they feel like they're blown away and I can move on. I feel very proactive, even if I feel achy and tired. I swear there should be a rain storm or something...this is why I've felt caught in-between things, I think.

Well, the peaches a wait and possilby dinner. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I really love Cartoons

which create good examples for my children. There is a tie on this list: Cailou and Max and Ruby. They are excellent examples of how we ought to behave with each other and just plain fun to watch. I wish I could come up with a tween/teen version as this would be a nice cross over for older kids.

Kids do need guidance in stories but not overly sugary sweet stories. I've watched a lot of cartoons over the years and I can say, there is usually more thought in most cartoons/animation then I've seen in many television shows that are aimed at various age groups. But there is a lack for good animation/stories, at least in my book. I think this is why animation by Miyazaki is so popular in the US (and most places, actually). It is the story writing that is real, never demeans people's intelligence (regardless of what age it might be geared at...if they even do aim at any one age) and is why his work feels so fresh.

Maybe the key is not to aim at an age group...just write stories with no object other than telling a good story. Hmmm, I'm going to have to rethink a few things on my story board.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

still likes to be swaddled

still likes to be swaddled
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Thankfully, my bestfriend Caroline, made him this extra big baby blanket. There is no way this kid would fit in the teeny ones you get at baby showers. He's so happy in this pic! :)

Calm before the storm...

We're supposed to get tons of rain today and by the looks of the clouds/sky, I'd say yes indeed. There is this strange gray glow that proceeds a down pour, so I'm guessing it's on the way. My friends/family on facebook across the US are saying it's a real big one and is coming soon. Now, I wish I had gotten some chips...and I forgot apples! Dang! At least I have popcorn/yoghurt. You need something to munch when there is a big storm...

Anyway, I'm hoping today I'll feel more like my old self. I need to start exercising and getting my self motivated. We did a lot of walking over the weekend, which is excellent but I got out of doing my trampoline workout (I stuck it upstairs to be out of the way with all the family visiting). Think I'll bring it back down and encourage a 30 minute walk on that thing.

We went to the market yesterday and spent even less then we normally do! I was really happy about this as it means we're getting better at buying groceries to meet our needs instead of our wants (snackie foods, etc). I did forget apples but I also skipped a lot of sweets. I think we all felt really guilty for eating so much birthday cake. Thank goodness there aren't any more b-days in my house (which equals cake) for awhile. I think I might try substituting cake for something else, too.

I admit when I worked at the museum it was a bit like this: Party comes in. They have a great time, they give all the left over cake (cupcakes/chips/etc) to us. We'd take them home and shame on me. It's hard to resist free cake, I tell you! But we've learned our lesson over at the house and are resolving to turn a new leaf.

In other news, I'm staring at my graphic novel and feel a bit overwhelmed. I want to finish the drawings but feel so...stuck. I remember Lynda Barry saying something like that...not being able to get what you want on paper, etc. I don't think I can do a regular comic style...I've read comics all my life and really love the look/feel but I don't think I can create stuff like this. I feel sort of like I'm stuck. Jon said not to worry about this and pretend it's a practice work. I guess I should do that but my practice work is not going to come out like a typical comic. I should just be me and not stress out, I suppose but I am anyway.

Deep breath...

I'll try some exercises on paper/pen and see what happens. At least I'm trying to get things rolling.

I'm going to insist today be a great day full of creative strides and creative kids. Wish me luck!


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