Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity...we thought we'd drop by State College and try and see Barrack Obama but when we got there we were late. Apparently, the whole of PA was there and we could not find a single parking spot! With two little kids, walking would be way too much for them (we're talking having to walk 10 miles or so). We opted to just relax and spend the day together (which we already were doing).

On the way up to State College, the sky was blue and though it was still cold, it was warm in the car. We got to see horses, cows, and sheep. There was a sweet little farm with sheep’s baaing and newborns frisking about. Beautiful! Makes me wish I had a little farm of my own...maybe, some day. I know it's a lot of work and can be brutal but I'd do it primarily as an artists inspirational farm (protected animals, trying out environmentally sound ideas, etc).

As it was, we ended up going to a Vietnamese restaurant...I got my soup and the kids had fun watching the fish in the big aquarium. Then, we went to get some supplies for the art classes I'm teaching this week and we stopped at a pet store. There was a good price for a raincoat for Mr. Nelson ($10!) and I could not resist it. I always feel so bad he gets soaked...I probably should have made him one but this seemed like the more practical thing to do (I have a long list of to-do's...).

Anyway, things are moving along for my being the new director for the Children's Museum. I have to wait for some approvals, still but on the whole, it looks good. There's a few things I need to do once things get ironed is get some business cards made, aggressively plow through grants and reach out to every school in the area. I want to see this succeed and grow.

When I lived in California, we moved around a lot. I've mentioned this before...about how we lost our home for various reasons. But one thing this made me very aware of was the need for stability in kids lives and activities they will feel value from as well as expand their thinking. My goal, before moving to Altoona, was to reach out to kids (I was planning to teach HS) and create a change with more aid, activities and a feeling of community. Oddly, this position I'm going to start seems to have all of this combined...only with more of a leadership role. I still can't believe it sometimes that I'm going to be doing this as it's very much what I have always wanted to do (and was doing on a small level from home).

When I was in high school, my school had very few programs and was so depressed economically, I didn't even think about going to college. Thankfully, a group of my friends encouraged me to go to Pasadena City College and enroll. I did this for a few years and it spurred a desire to want to do more and be more. When I was given a small scholarship to start going to a four year college, I jumped at it. I worked through out all of this, got some grants to help pave the way and finally made it to my 4 year degree in Fine Arts. It might not sound like much, but when you've worked for your schooling, gone in debt for it and worked hard to get your degree, you know you've truly earned it. I feel like I could have done it sooner but a lot of reasons (things I wasn't even conscious about) kept me from that. It doesn't matter now because I've learned from those experiences.

It's all good, as the saying goes. We all have different experiences and if we can learn from them, fine tuning ourselves into better people, this is what matters.

This week I'm starting art lessons at the Quaint Corner Children's Museum as well as hosting my daughter's birthday party. Lots of stuff happening but it's all well and good. Oh, I just remembered I have to pick up some art from the library and then, drop off a painting for the BCAF show. Hmmm...things to do. Deep breaths...

First things first, got to mail out some paintings that were sold. So, I'm off to do some morning chores...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"I saw an act of Faith today -
a man was on his knees;
Not in a pew or in a church,
but in a garden planting seeds."

Friday, March 28, 2008


I just finished reading "Christy" by Catherine Marshall. I have not read a more beautiful book in a very long is a mix of realism and spirituality based in the actions of good works. I must say I cried so much at the end because it was like poetry at it's best. Anyone who reads this will want to walk in the Tennessee hills and mountains, see the depictions of nature for them selves and have a bit of understanding to what life is like for those of us in need.

I have no idea of other Marshall books are as eloquent and intelligently written, but I hope so. I'd almost say this book has a very Unitarian principle to it...I recommend it to everyone...I still am amazed by the depictions of the seasons as well as the feeling of joy we get from being with loved ones.


Today was a productive day. I believe it was about two days ago, we pulled down the show at Blair Medical and today we have a new place to show my work. It's at Procare in the Physical Therapy department. I must say I am pleased with how Jon and I hung everything. We work really well together and very fast (now that we've had a few places to show my work, we've gotten much better with communicating). I think I have about 15 paintings there and they look great. I forgot my camera but I'm picking up more work from the cafe in Hollidaysburg and am going back tomorrow. I want to create a 4 piece painting...but I have no idea if I'd have it ready by tomorrow...There is so much wall space it would take a life time to fill the walls. Of course, I love it! :) And I'm very glad with the response I've gotten so far.

We also got a few things ready for Lydia's B-day party next week. This is a relief as I hate waiting to the last minute. I have to get some supplies for the art classes this coming week, as well. I have some excellent news...looks like I'm going to be the new director for the Quaint Corner Children's Museum. Jon is my assistant but I may have more than one. I'm very excited and have wanted to write about this for awhile but have had to wait for confirmation. I have a good feeling about this...and I have a feeling it will be a lot of work but work I can believe in with a passion. If there is one thing I know, I want this to be a safe place for children and teens to go and express themselves through art and I believe this is the start of such an organization.

So many good things are happening and though there are setbacks and of course, it's the rising up from being hit by whatever it is, and going on. I believe strength is not from being idle and sitting in despair but from action, perseverance and working with others.

My mom once told me, when I was a little girl and some kids had teased me for whatever reason, that I was the example. I was the leader to show them by how I acted, how to act and behave. I've forgotten this on occasion but I hope I can bring those words to life now with the Children's Museum.

Just finished another article on a fine artist in the Altoona area for the Art Cafe blog I write at the local paper, Altoona Mirror. I love this as I get to interview area artists, get information first hand and basically, be a part of something (art) which I believe in.

There is so much to do and I’ve really got to get going. I’m not going to fret, however, as it seems things have a way of working themselves out with just a few nudges here and there or a good couple hours of laborious gardening. Lol!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, my cold is making the journey between the gals now...eldest had a fever a few days and then the sniffles/cold symptoms. The youngest had a fever yesterday and I'm guessing the cold stuff is happening soon.

I'm tired. Having both gals home is just very exhausting. I have, what feels like, a trillion things to do (not really, but I feel sore and achy...did yoga last night and boy you've got to watch out for that...really gets you if you're not used to it). When your body is protesting for whatever reason, it just feels 50% harder to do anything.

I forgot to buy butter, coffee and a few other things at the market and just can't get there with two sick kids. So, I'll have to wait. Supposed to met with a volunteer but the kids are sick and honestly, I won't be able to do much with all of this happening...

Other things I have to do today: get my art from the medical center (as I was too good in spreading the word about showing work and now there is a pile up of artists that want to show! lol), mail out the payment for my art submission, and start organizing for the art classes next week. Tomorrow I'm meeting with another person to show my work at her business and after this things should be kind of calmed down. Saturday might have to be shopping day for art supplies and someone's birthday present. Then, I have to get everything ready for the B-day on Saturday, after school art classes, pick-up my work from the library, and drop off one small painting at the BCAF. So, I'm thinking what in the world have I done all of the sudden? I sure am busy...but in a very good way.

I just wish I didn't have sinus pressure and I had more chocolate in the house. If I had butter, I'd bake some cookies to warm things up a's rainy/wet outside but cold rain which "bites" the skin as an elderly client once said about how some clothes feel on her. I wanted to plant some seeds but I'm shuddering just looking at the damp sky/ground. Yesterday would have been good for this but I just didn't get around to doing anything but pull out some dead plants/grass.

I'm so excited about planting otherwise. I hope my seeds will take and I wish I could order a hundred pounds of top soil...but that's not likely. Oh, well...I'll do the best I can.

Jon wants to go to see Barack Obama in State College on Sunday. We'll see how everyone is feeling...I still can't believe he's going to be here. Clinton, Bill Clinton, is going to be there (or was) and it's just amazing how these people are here. If I even catch a glimpse of Obama, I might start crying. Oh, I know I'll do that even before I get there...! I remember when Jon and I went to the Kerry/Edwards rally in Johnstown...I just felt this overwhelming feeling of energy and excitement. This time, it feels more like joy...I don't think that one person in particular can make such a difference but I do believe with a few great leaders, we can make inspire change that will benefit the majority of people.

Anyway, it's an exciting time and even if we don't get to go, that's all right...though, I surely will want to. The good thing is if we do go, we'll go to this great Vietnamese restaurant that has really good Spring rolls. I wish I could make them as good as they do! Plus, I'll get some good beef soup (nearly the only time I have beef).

Well, now that I'm hungry, I may as well go and have some lunch. The gals have passed out for a nap and I'm going to have to cancel with my volunteer. I feel bad but it's just not a good day. Tea with toasted pj sandwich sounds good....

Oh, and the title is room because I need room to get all this art stuff done, plant my gardens, and spin around abit so I can get things done without stepping on a kid, cat or dog. Just one of those days...At least I found the rest of the garden supplies. Phew.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Better and better...

Starting to feel like my old self again. Phew! Talk about an annoying cold/flu...I don't think I've been that sick, ever or if I was it was less time and because of food poisoning (about 6 years ago, Jon and I drove up to PA from CA to visit Colorado Jon was hit by the worse vomiting ever. We spent an extra 2 days there. Then, I got the same thing in Nebraska. All because of Wendy's take-out (we had salads). Oh, that was horrible. Then, in Colorado I didn't know it got so hot and we accidentally left a soda can in the car. It burst and there was a layer of soda on everything! That was a bad time. When we got to PA, we were fine. However, we did get stuck on the world's oldest roller coaster and Jon, his dad and sister had to walk down from 50 feet! I couldn't budge and they finally managed to push us over the ridge and I rode it with my eyes shut. Oh, that was just not fun...).

Anyway, I've been sick but am getting better. I've had the strangest dreams while sick, I must say. The first batch was pretty good actually...lots of positive things about arts and classes. So, at least I know I'm upbeat in my sleep. Then, I had a nightmare last night about my family and wanted to protect them. I guess I dream about that a lot, I admit. It was about our old house and my mom, dad and the rest of the family combined.

Today, I feel good as if things are getting back in order and more organized. It feels good to feel like my old self but fine tuned as well. I don't feel like I'm behind or have forgotten anything (I hope!). I submitted some work to a local show over here and this year they're accepting CD's! I was thrilled...slides are nice but very costly for me and a CD is easy to burn and set up. This was a huge relief.

Now, I have to organize Lydia's B-day party...I wanted to have it all done by last week but was overwhelmed by the flu. So, I have to catch up on that...mostly it's decorating, party favors for the kids, a few games I have in mind (I have this really neat 1950's birthday game booklet and I'm going to try a few with the kids), and eating utensils. My sis-in-law is being a pain and is dragging her feet (as usual with all social events). Oh, sometimes I wish I could put her on about an annoying person and unhelpful at times. Other times, she's a saint but watch out for the devil in her when she is vexed.

I wish my sis was her. Now, she's great...she's done the kid parties forever and has a golden touch with this. So, Becky, if you want to fly out for Lydia's party come on over! lol! :)

Easter was nice (though I was still sick-ish) at Jon's parents. We had ham, tubule, potatoes, broccoli, etc. Good stuff. I really liked the tubule...There was pie afterwards but I'm not a fan of key lime. Too sour/sweet.

I have to take down the show at the medical building by the end of the week...earlier as now there seems to be a huge list of artists wanting to display. I'm hoping to have a place lined up to show more work...we shall see.

I'm making a few more ACEO's. I said I wouldn't but as I was sick and couldn't do anything bigger, it was a nice easing into project for me. So, I did some new pieces and will have those done by the weekend. I also had an idea for a larger series of paintings...I sketched it out, wrote out the details and started to think what size canvas (large) I'll need. This is going to be a fun project based on the feeling of Joy. I just feel that way with Spring coming, good directions in life and an over all feeling of newness to life. I feel like now that Spring is here we can start our gardens (March 27th), go hiking, make plans and do them, and so on. I missed planting so much I had dreams about roots and buds and gardening. I even rejoice at finding bugs in the house, waking up from their winter sleeps or growing from their egg pouches and exploring the house. I feel bad whenever I do squish a spider...I really shouldn't as they are protectors of plants but I'd feel worse throwing them outside when it's still snowy. Soon, I'll be able to catch them in jars and let them outside.
Little Charlotte's awaken to a new Spring!

Bit by bit...I find that if I work bit by bit, I do not get bored or tired of what I'm doing. I do a lot of different works and often will have to stop to let something dry. When something is drying, I work on another piece till I have to let that one dry. And vice versa. Of course, if I need to speed things up, a hair dryer will do. But usually I work with a lot around me as I usually have a lot of things going at once. Then, suddenly, things will finish and I'll have lots of fun things done. This is the time to start on the next batch of projects I wanted to get finished/started and thus it begins again. I love it!

One of the key things for me is not watching TV. I can have it on but most likely I'll be busy doing other things. Unless it's just too captivating, I'll most likely do something else at the same time. Most often then not, I don't watch shows or the news. This saves me from a lot tears and feeling of helplessness. I've also learned if I do see a headline or something sad, to say a prayer for the people involved. This makes me feel as though I've done something (even so small as a prayer) to help and I don't feel like I have to carry them on my shoulders. I thought about this for sometime and when I did start doing this, I noticed I did feel better. I felt like words and positive or good thoughts help. Focusing on the negative and only seeing the wrongs, made me feel unable to do most anything. I didn't realize this until I was honest with myself...and instead of just crying over bad news, I had something I could do right here. I think a lot of people already do this and it took me awhile to get there. At first I felt silly and pretentious but now it just feels more like a blessing to be able to call on the Good of all to help when we need.

Right now, I'm thinking about a friend who moved away, Colleen. I have to say she helped bring me back to my center and gave me some direction to follow. I didn't even realize how much it affected me at the time, but it's true. I hope they're doing well in Michigan. It feels a bit weird writing about this here...I tutored her boys for a few years. Great kids and family.

Well, I've got to start the day...hopefully, meeting with a new artist friend at about 11 or so. Should be fun and I hope we feel comfortable with each other. I'd bring Mr. Nelson but I'm ashamed he's got the worse mattes...I tried to brush them out and he did look pretty good but they came back. Now, I can't find his brush (I think Nelson hid it). Ah, well...a new day is here and as the Latin saying goes, Carpe Diem!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I've written sick in the title of many a blog but this last title doesn't even start to convey the icks in with this sick. For the past 3 days I've had a temp of a 102, hovering there abouts. I still feel blah and just out of it, really. This is the first time in several days I felt well enough to sit for more than 10 minutes at the computer and believe me, it's not that easy right now.

Apparently, I have a flu with a high grade basically, rides on the weakened state of an individual who has had a cold. The good thing is, I seem to be on the mend even with a feeling of queasiness. The best part of feeling better is I'm starting to feel normal without the fever. That was the most uncomfortable part...I don't think I've felt that bad in a long, long time. Right now, I feel like my sides have been punched in and my back was karate chopped by the sheets. Yes, crazy but that's how I feel.

I'm just glad to have things moving in the right direction and can finally eat a few bits of food again. Sorry to go on about this...just felt like venting about my woes.

Oddly, I knew I was starting to feel better when I had dreams about various foods. I have had no desire for anything but suddenly, I wanted to have Mexican food. Maybe in a few more days...

Thank god, Jon's parents were close by and not busy. They helped with the kids and I felt bad I wasn't there mentally for them. I was just out of it.

In other news, good things are happening via art. I'm going to be featured in this ACEO magazine! I'm really excited about this! I think in all I've done over a 1000 ACEO's in the last couple of years. I love making them and it feels like a wonderful tradition in miniature art.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another cold...

Well, if the old mentality of getting germs makes you stronger in the end, I must be the Queen of Strength. I have another cold. I can't believe it but it's true...I barely had time to get over the last one and that was about 1 week ago. Hopefully, this will only last 3-4 days.

My eldest threw up last night (or early morning) while she was sleeping. I don't know why...I can only guess she ate too much at grandma's. This happens nearly every time we go to grandma's or auntie's house. I think they stuff them too much or something. Plus, they tend to buy these really rich cookies that I don't ever have in the house. I worry about preservatives and transfat.

So, I had to shower the poor kid this morning and otherwise, she was fine. I have to clean up her bed as well...yuck. My youngest has only thrown up, I guess she has a better response to these things. Plus, she doesn't like fatty foods or things of that nature. Her biggest vice are cheese flavored corn chips.

It's so surprising sometimes, how different they are. Being only a year and few months apart, they are suprisingly unique to each other. I guess that's really true of everyone, really. Fortunately, they also have some similiar likes otherwise, I'd really have a time of it making meals.

Artwise, I'm going to be photographing some new art pieces I made. Two angels and I'll try submitting them to some design companies. I have some more pieces I want to work on as well. I feel inspired and optimistic right now (even with a cold, kids throwing up, bills piling up and more).

Our last rat, Jane, died yesterday. I guess this was probably why Lydia was sad...we have to put some flowers on the grave. Jane lived for 3 years...very good for a rat and died of old age and tumors. She ate and moved around till the last day. The only thing I wish I could have done for her was ease her suffering with an aspirin or something. I guess I worry they are in pain. But she went to the great rat heaven in the sky...crossing over rainbow bridge. We miss you, Jane! Jon made a very sweet story of Jane's spirit helping the Easter bunny deliver the eggs and this made me want to cry...okay, I did cry.

Even though I'm late, as usual, I'm making some Easter things for our grandma's. They are coming along really cute and even if they are late (Easter is so early this year!) they can keep them out for Spring.

Art-wise, I need to get a CD ready to submit my work for the BCAF festival. I want to enter some new things but the process of varnishing would take to long. I might enter some digital work...I've never done that before and it might be interesting to get a response.

I have to really start getting stuff together for the May show at the library...I think I'll have enough work but I want to do some new things as well (animal/children related pieces). I'm excited about it.

I'm also nearly finished with an interview I did (actually, there are two) of local artists in the area. I'm excited to share that on the altoona blog. Their work is really wonderful and unique.

I must say being able to met other artists and people who are a bit like me (quirky) is great. Sometimes, it feels like nobody understands you if you've got ideas and thoughts that go in a different direction than most other people. Sort of like driving...we get and take the most familiar path but there is something alluring about taking the longer road and seeing new sites and places.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New art on eBay & Tired...

First thing:
New art on eBay! Got some new pieces up:

I'm beat...did our volunteer work today at the Children's museum and must have done about 7 hours. I worked with another volunteer and she seemed to be excited in helping me do some mural work. So, this is great! I'm going to have to get the rest of the mural sketched out so I can have her help paint. Now, I wish I had Jon help me so I'll know what to watch out for and how to help. But she seems like a good listener...that's one of the things that makes for good volunteers. Also, that they actually do the work, obviously.

There was a big party at the museum as well as a bunch of people coming in. The weather is still way too cold and it's a nice respite for many families to come over and hang out. All in all good stuff.

I worked on the mural for the hallway from the art studio and I did an impromptu mural in the bug room. I'm going to have to get more paint soon as I'm getting low and will get that reimbursed, etc.

After everyone left, Jon and I did a huge sweep up...swept nearly every room and the steps as they needed it and just cleaned as much as possible as well as emptied the trash. It's amazing how you get used to climbing 4 flights of stairs...of course, now I'm tired. Lydia has a charlie horse and I'm helping her learn to stretch it out.

I'm still annoyed by her sister, who is one of the best kindergarten teachers in her area, gave me SO much help after I wrote her a sob letter. She gave me a wonderful site called where kids can go to learn basic phonics as well as blending of words. Lydia loves it. It's a free site as well...and she recommended Leap frog (which I didn't really know what it was about...basically, all the stuff they try to teach in wonder some kids are ahead). She's going to send me some stuff soon. It pays to have a sis in the field you need some attention too. I just feel like I got a huge blessing just from sharing my concerns. I'm also amazed at my friends on-line who have helped me (more than many could realize) in understanding these life dilemmas. I just wish I had had them when I was younger as well...I really feel like there is a desire in most people to do good works and to be kind.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bossy Bunny

Bossy Bunny, originally uploaded by emily999.

Sometimes I feel like a bossy bunny...



When my brothers were little, every now and then my dad would give them a hair cut. They would be left with a quarter inch of hair on their heads...But they looked so cute and sheared sheep! I made this piece in memory to those golden days of summer as a kid.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny, originally uploaded by emily999.

fiddling with the paints again...this is based on a vintage style I admire. Combined it with my Japanese pop style... Spring is coming!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Beatles Hello Goodbye

Orchid Study

orchids Dimov-Gottshall, originally uploaded by emily999.

This is my piece in the current show at the library.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Art in Common

We had a great turn out for Art in Common at the Altoona Public Library. It went wonderfully...lots of information, beautiful works and a feeling of camaraderie piqued with humor. I enjoyed it very much. I will be posting a 2-3 part entry on the Altoona Mirror blog, most likely tomorrow evening.

Jon and I dropped off our kids at aunties and they had a good time there. While at the show, I felt nervous about meeting lots of great artists and people but it came out very well. I didn't feel overwhelmed and it was very pleasant experience. I do admit to having a pounding heart when it was my turn to speak about my piece, but I managed to get past my jitters (I hope!). :)

I added about 40 pics to my flickr stream and this is why the blog in the mirror is going to be about 3 parts. Just a lot of wonderful art work and I would like to start sharing as much as possible. But first, I will be adding a post about showing work at a local venue. It seems that Altoona is catching on to the art vibe this year and I'm certainly happy to be a part of it!

In other news, I got my new cards and to my dismay I forgot my website! Of all the things to least I remembered my number. The good thing is I went ahead and ordered a special stamp to add my website. I'm still kicking myself over this one. Fortunately, ordering new cards isn’t a problem and I’ll just stuff a bunch of these cards into the bills I pay monthly. Don’t know if it works but I’ve a thousand cards to get rid of! Lol!

Well, it's late and I need to get up early. The past two days have been hell in regards to some school things for my gals. Not to go into it too much, but it has to do with next year's planning. I'm confident with our decisions. Basically, I believe the emotions of a child are more important then the academic tests. It's funny how we think a sheet of paper is a guide...but the truth of the matter is it's the person who should be looked at and not the results. Anyway, one of those struggles of parenthood.

One thing is for certain, I'm very glad to know I'm not alone in this and am ever so grateful to be able to do research on topics regarding education with a few clicks on the keyboard. If I didn't have the information, I may have gone in a direction that was one-sided.

Water under the bridge...

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I just hope the weather is as promised because it sure dropped temperature by least 10 degrees. Also, I've been walking to the school lately and I must say, I feel good about not using extra gas for this as well as getting some exercise. I can hardly wait for the blessed cool breezes of Spring. Or should I say blasts? So far, March has been mostly gentle. We need this like balm on a worn soul.

Good night and tomorrow is a new day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rabbits in the yard...

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of rabbits in the yard and over by the compost pile. We haven't been doing too much composting...sort of slacked over the winter but did add some tidbits to it last night. So, the rabbits are happy and doing their wild rabbit dances by moonlight. I love watching them, really. They are just adorable and make me so happy to see (except if they eat my garden plants, then I start feeling like the farmer in Peter Rabbit...only a little bit...never to the point of rabbit pie!).

It still amazes me to see the rabbits and bunnies. In California, you just don't have rabbits wandering everywhere... there are hardly any animals in the city. I do remember one time a small pack of coyotes running through our yard. That was pretty amazing. It was just about dusk as the pack quietly leaped in and out of the ivy patch, briefly glided along the lawn and back into some brush, and disappearing from sight into the blue shadows. They seemed other worldly, a trace of another time and here I was watching them from our decrepit house window. I feel like that when I see a group of rabbits or the chance of deer sightings. It's just amazing that some things are still wild in this world of time management.

My husband, Jon, was telling us about a friend of his who does some hunting, at dinner the other night. He was in one of those tree posts, don't know what they're called, for hunting from above. He had been sitting there for a few hours when a huge owl flew down and sat right next to him. The guy tried to shoo it away but the owl sat on. The owl looked at him and he at the owl. They sat like that for about a half hour and then, the owl flew off. We all thought about this and Jon's dad said, maybe it was someone's pet looking to be fed. And we thought that could be...or else it thought the hunter was food or part of a tree. Someone said it was God come down to sit with the hunter...I sort of liked that. Maybe God was speaking to the hunter, not to harm his creatures. Or maybe not. Course, maybe the owl thought the man was a tree spirit, so who knows!

It seems like Spring is easing herself in, slowly, slowly and the animals are awakening. Saw a chippie emerge from it's den, mourning doves, cardinals, robins, sparrows are coming out and the Junco is saying good-bye as they love the cold and migrate to colder areas during the Spring.

Now, I feel like a Beatles song....
"Parents and families are the first and most important teachers. If families teach a love of learning, it can make all the difference in the world to our children."
Richard W. Riley
U.S. Secretary of Education

Friday, March 07, 2008

Quote of the day: Follow your Bliss

"The pursuit of joy: being human in your own skin, doing something that you are called to do in the face of all obstacles, is a radical act."
~Erika Wanenmacher

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cold weather, again...

This image is going to be on my new business cards.

Just when I thought all this cold was over, we're supposed to get a BIG storm on Friday evening. Good grief. All I know is I saw a pair of robins flying around as I pulled into through the alley. I couldn't believe it and made a big fuss about it...both my gals must think mommy is a bit crazed for Spring (I did start making up Spring songs to Christmas melodies like "Hurry, Spring time we're all ready, time to see the leaves on trees, flowers and bees...").

Then, just when we started to feel better from our colds/coughs and so on, we got a mild flu. Norrie did the worse wet pants I've seen in awhile, Lydia threw up in the sink and me, I didn't feel to great either. I don't know if it's because we're around more kids now (at school, Children's Museum, etc) or just from the markets/library/etc. Just really annoying.

But like I said, it was a mild form as I fell much better. I must have known something was up because I needed 7-up and haven't had soda in 6 months or so. We all seem to be better now. Even Jon was feeling icky but only had a light case, thank goodness.

It's not easy taking care of kids when you're sick and I was a big grump, let me tell you. It's hard to be patient, when you just want to zone out or sleep. Also, I wanted to do some artwork but ended up having to tend to their needs/attention and just felt frayed instead of giving.

Did I mention that Jon left the gate open the other day and Mr. Nelson got loose? It was about 2 minutes of panic when I realized he was barking from the way front of the house...I was wondering why he sounded in a different place of the yard. I ran to the back door and saw the gate wide open. Sure enough he'd gotten out. I started yelling at Jon (his fault for not checking it was closed) and he was running around trying to get his shoes on to go and grab Nelson. I ran to the front door and guess who was on the porch? Nelson! I couldn't believe it. I opened the door and prayed he wouldn't run away. But as soon as the door opened he walked right in. I still can't believe was a huge miracle as Bichon's are known to run away. I guess the old saying by Richard Bach applies well here: "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were." Kind of hard to do least for me. I tend to want to squeeze tight or hold on too much. But I'm learning...

Being the winter and that it's an especially cold and long winter, I've been reading. Finished the final Harry Potter book. Oh, my that was good and I can see a prelude to a whole other series as well. Though, this book ended wonderfully and had me on the edgeg of my seat most of the time as well as crying all over the place. Loved it. I may re-read everything from book 1...On the totally opposite side of books, I'm now reading "Christy" by Catherine Marshall. This is a great book...I read it (too quickly) as a young person recommended to me by my mom. I admit I didn't understand a lot of what happened in the book. Some of the concepts, behavior, culture just went over my head. Now that I live in a place close to where the book takes place, it's a strange connection I feel towards it. Some of the scenes feel like a description of places we've walked through...cathedrals of trees above us, the cold, snows, the tendency of ours to romanticize the past but the reality is quite different and so on. I just felt so touched by many passages. Even though there is a definite religious aspect, the realism makes these spiritual passages more understandable and why people hope and go on trying to do works that will make some lives better even in the midst of utter poverty and hardship. Very touching and inspirational. I think this is the same copy my Mom gave me, so many years ago. :) Thanks, Mom!

Well, Easter is coming. I can hardly believe it...I hope it will be a good one and I especially hope, it will be warm. I think the ground was frozen the last time. Oh! I just looked at the calendar and Spring officially arrives on the 20th! Great!

If I had any energy I'd work on some paintings right now but as it is, I'm tired. We finally made the turtle bread (I think it was a tad too salty). Also, I found out today was Wednesday. I thought it was Thursday. You know you're tired/sick if you can't remember what day it is. Ah, well...tomorrow will be better and I hope to have more energy. I still can't believe it's only Wednesday...I even tried to go to my allergist on the wrong day (Tuesday)! lol! No wonder they were closed.

Monday, March 03, 2008


groundhog, originally uploaded by emily999.

Forgot to add this for Groundhog's Day. :)

A great Monday!

Well, my wrists are sore but that could only mean I've been painting again. Went to the Children's Museum and did an hour or two work on the mural. Great fun and so glad I can finally have time to do this as I've been sick and as have the kids. Nice to get something accomplished again.

Other news, I'm selling $1 chances with the local ACCS for a beautiful framed print of St. Therese (valued at $75). If interested contact Fran at (814) 944-1250. I will ship through the US and Internationally. Shipping is free. :) Please tell your friends and you can get a chance for this lovely image of St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

I feel especially good today as it's sunny and actually warm! The snows are supposed to start melting and the Spring thaws are nearly upon us. Amazing! I feel like good things are starting to grow and soon we'll have changes that make the world we live in much happier and peaceful.

Mountains Melting

by Don Rehling

Over here in Denver
Where the Plains surrender

Fragile blooms of yellow and white
Are stepping out, into sunlight

Playing odds that winter’s dead
To volunteer a flower bed

Weeds and grass are in a rush
To make it coarse or make it plush

Mother Earth’s mountain breast
Melt and milk the magpie nest

The swelling banks once panned for metals
Now have skiers that switched to pedals.

Over all the mountains sing
Winter’s over – welcome Spring.


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