Friday, February 29, 2008

Guinea pig in cup

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Got this little fella listed at last! You can view "Sweet Guinea pig in Pink" here.

A tilt of the head to St. Patty's day...

Having fun with Photoshop, again! :)

Soup on a cold day...

I made a delightful soup last night with lentils. Oh, it was good...added some plain yoghurt and I was in heaven. I got the recipe from the Goya package. I forgot to add the bouillon cube but it was probably better without it (I have a tendency to swell in the feet with minor amounts of salt).

Jon had 3 bowls of it and I did too; it was that good. I should have photographed it but I don't think lentils photograph that well. When I was a kid, my mom would always have a pot of lentils cooking or some other soup going. I remember the smell would be just heavenly...though, I didn't really care to eat it. I think I did like having some with yoghurt or Bulgarian cheese. Otherwise, it was nice to just smell the fragrance.

I'm thinking of making split pea soup tonight minus the ham (as that was used up). I think it will be good without it. It's funny how I always thought these things were hard to make because I'd see them in cans. Now, I realize it just takes 20 minutes to heat various beans in a pot of water, and there you go!

I might make turtle bread with the gals tonight as well. It's just bread in the shape of turtles...forgot where I got the recipe. Golden Medal? Anyway, it should be fun watching them create turtles with dough and then having it for dinner.

It's starting to snow again. We're supposed to get about 2 inches but I was hoping for Spring. My goodness, was I hoping.

I admit I've got flowers on the brain of late. I was really happy to find some artificial ones in the freecycle box of goodies. The gals and I love them and have a blast making various flower arrangements, wreaths to wear and so on. It's funny because people around here just give them away or sell them off. I don't know why folks don't take them off the stem and use them in different ways than the standard vase. They could even make little flower fairies like the book my sister sent me for Christmas has. We made two of these and they came out really sweet. Hmmm...may have to make some more! :)

Also, I found some good news out about local businesses. Sheetz (a gas and food stop), pays people fairly well. For most jobs, it starts at $9.25 an hour and goes up from there. I was really surprised and now realize why there are usually the same people working at these jobs (for years). Low turn-over and good employee service equals good customer service. I've never gone to a Sheetz and had a bad experience, now that I think about it. I'm supporting them from now on.

Tommy Cooper - Card Trick

The B-52's ROAM 1989 Extended Remix

Everyone get up and dance...or rock in your chair! :)

The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination

Love this song...

The Pen is mightier than the Sword...

I recently had a situation with a dental practice. It's almost absurd in the amount of thought and irritation I've received from this establishment. The secretary is nicknamed "The Dragon Lady" and I guess this will tip off locals to who I mean.

The stupid thing about this whole thing is there isn't anything I could have done differently. What did I do wrong, you ask? Well, I cancelled an appointment due to being sick (once) and was late during a rain storm. These are my two faults. A normal person would say, well, what's the problem then? And I'd say, Exactly! There isn't a problem! However, Dragon Lady seems to think 1 cancellation entitles her to warn me about being banned from their practice. You're not allowed to make more than one cancellation...(this happened a year ago, mind July 2007).

I made an appointment yesterday, without realizing I was stepping into a pile of poop. Actually, I felt uneasy about setting up an appointment but I tried to focus on the dentist (who is actually pretty good). But the stink of Dragon Lady, has made him foul too. I'm going to look for another dentist and cancel my own account with this organization. Little thing like this matter to me and actually to most people. When I was late because of down pour, I thought to myself, I will not rush and get into an accident for a dental appointment. I got there safely. What did the secretary say to me when I arrived? She yelled at me for being late and making a mess of her appointments in front of the whole office/lobby and my young daughters. I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say. Well, now I do... I also wrote two reviews for them on the yellow pages (thank goodness for reviews) and I'll be sending the dentist a sorry, I'm leaving note but I don't put up with sh--.

Someone told me, the dentist lets the Dragon Lady fight his battles. But honestly, if this person can't control this thing in the office, I don't think they're a very ethical profession. So, good-bye to them and good riddance.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quote of the day

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Stephen Covey:
Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

Colds are no fun...

Thankfully, there are things like Dayquil. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without this...actually, I use the generic stuff, not that it saves a whole lot (about .50). For some reason, I thought it was 12 hour relief but it was only 4 and I started to feel miserable this evening, just when Jon got home. I was hungry, sick, in pain and just watching "Clean House". Usually when I watch this show it inspires me to clean and get the house organized. Not today...The gals were jumping all over me and I just would let them (unless it was stepping on my face). I took more medicine and about 45 minutes later, I was much better.

I must say it's a very strange feeling living in such a small town. To get our computer fixed, we went to another town and there is a place called Leighty's. They have all sorts of used computers in one corner and all sorts of things fixed up. I love this place as they fixed our computer!! Anyway, to get to this town you have to drive for about 30 minutes. We stopped to get gas/dropped by K-mart (needed new shoes for the gals and I got them on clearance too!), and then drove to Newry. On the way, there was a blizzard and all you could see is darkness, a few old fashioned (1960-1990's style) lighted shop signs, various factories and a small farms or two. Just has such a quaint feeling. For some reason, I really like shops that are small and intimate. There were quite a few interesting places with windows painted with goods they had. I like that and will have to investigate this once the weather is warmer.

We got the computer and it has all the info/pics I have on there...hopefully, we'll be able to download and save all of it soon. I'm so grateful and the guys even took off several virus' that were on there and annoying pop up ads. So, this is a good thing.

Speaking of things breaking and sometimes good things happening from it, I had an incident with my beat-up wardrobe. I got this wardrobe about 5 years ago from K-mart on sale and it's served it's purpose. But, let me tell you it was a pain to set up with a trillion parts and you could not move it once it was put together as it's extremely heavy. They even said on the instructions to not move it once it's together (we did) as it will loosen parts (and it did). Well, after removing the doors a few months ago, the bottom drawer and finally the last drawer, I managed to destroy the upper shelf by pushing on it when I got off the floor (I was sorting a bunch of junk that has shifted since we got the mattress). In doing this, I catapulted a plastic 3 drawer storage unit(which was on this shelf) across the room and flung the contents everywhere. It was horrible. I couldn't even clean it up as I had to rush to get eldest daughter from school...

Anyway, I did eventually clean it up and much to my surprise was able to utilize the wardrobe better by putting more storage units in it without the shelf. So, all in all a good thing in the end (even if I broke an pretty antique plate in the process. Argh).

Today, I ended up doing a bunch of some free things from freecycle (frames and this mystery box (it had rollers and some Easter goodies in it), dropped off a painting for Art in Common's group show at the library for March, got my allergy shot, played at the library with Norrie and then got Lydia. I was so tired after all of this, I fell asleep for an hour while the kids played and snacked. I think having a cold and the weather being so bitterly chilled, takes a lot of energy away from me.

Honestly, I'd rather have a full day like this one, then be bored or regret missing doing those chores in life for whatever reason. As Goethe once wrote, "Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Blair Medical Hall view of art

Hall view, originally uploaded by emily999.

Triptych, Titled: Through many windows

At St. Drogo's...

Based on a vintage photograph of children dressed for Halloween

I like this painting...came out rather well considering the model was a black and white photograph from the 1900's or so.

I'm so tired right now; finished hanging the show for the local hospital, Blair Medical Associates. I didn't get to hang two larger pieces as they were just too big and there weren't enough hangers for them. Oh, well...they'll get shown soon enough. Maybe I'll bring them to the library group show...though, they are really big. Hmmm We shall see.

So many good things happening art-wise. I love that I have places to share my work and make new contacts.

I pop a few images here of the abstracts...

 TItled: Calm in Chaos

"Calm in Chaos"

Various works...

Various works..., originally uploaded by emily999.

messy but gets the job done.

messy but gets the job done., originally uploaded by emily999.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

rather pretty snow ball

rather pretty snow ball, originally uploaded by emily999.

Early years with thing 1

Early years with thing 1, originally uploaded by emily999.

Those early years with thing 2

Those early years with thing 2, originally uploaded by emily999.

Looking at the album

Looking at the album, originally uploaded by emily999.

Animal Hospital mural 2nd stage

Animal Hospital mural 2nd stage, originally uploaded by emily999.

Nearing completion...My DH Jon got the program for downloading pics on the computer!! Yeah! Now, I can share what I've been working on. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

Thank goodness there is a snow day. Jon stayed home from work as well...he works in State College and it's a bit nerve wrecking on days of bad weather. This time he has a chest cold as well. Yesterday, after the doctors appointment and getting prescriptions for the ear infection, I was tired out. The gals rested/played and I did house work. Got nothing done art wise...Today was a different story. I must have put 12 backers on paintings and wire hung them by hand/drill. My wrist is killing me. Also, with the snow/cold weather it is a royal pain in the lower padded protrudes to carry canvas/materials from the garage to the house/basement. It feels like some sort of torture or something. But after bellowing for Jon, we got it all down there and in an hour everything was set up. Unfortunately, I couldn't put up the art tonight as it's just too much physically...called to make arrangements for tomorrow, hopefully. Or else Monday.

Apparently, the roads are horrible as a car hit one of the trees in front of our house and then smashed the railing on our steps. Another perk living on "main" street with only 2 stop signs. I have no idea how many car crashes there have been but this is the second one in 2 days. The police were in front of our house for another car skidding off the road, right by our neighbors. This is just too many times, honestly. I'm thankful Jon wasn't out shoveling snow at that moment or else who knows...I'm also thankful for the trees as they stopped that car from doing more damage to our house or else stopped it from smashing into the other neighbors house.

The amazing thing is our neighbors are pretty incredible. One neighbor came out and asked if anyone needed a blanket and everyone was concerned. On different occasions when cars have slid, groups of neighbors will come out of their houses and help this motorist. It might seem like common decency to some but I'm amazed by this because people aren't as jaded as we all might think they are.

All in all a much too exciting day. I had the kids out for 10 minutes but with their colds, in they went. We just went out to put some water balloons in the snow and some water containers. We were watching Curious George on PBS and they did something similar and made ice bowling balls/pins. I LOVE this! Perfect for those old days...Hopefully, the gals will feel well enough to try this tomorrow or Sunday.

Made a big pot of soup after watching the cops/fire trucks stop traffic to write reports and check if the drivers of the crash were all right. They're fine, thankfully, and they're even going to repair the rail once the weather is warmed up. Every window in their car was smashed...I think the driver and passenger were in mild shock.

I'm really going to make an effort to go to city hall with the reports of accidents on my street and get more stop signs put up. I've been procrastinating about this and need to do this.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Low Energy...

Well, the colds have struck us here...eldest has an ear infection, woke at 4 in the morning to crying and pain. Poor thing...didn't want to go the doctors but I told her they'd give her something to feel better. So, I'm tired and exhausted. Just when I thought these sorts of nights were gone...the wakeup-in-the wee-small-hours-of-the-morning-days. I guess nobody really gets past sick days; part of the human condition.

My back is in pain as I had to pick up the youngest (who is rather tall for her age) and hold her a lot. Now, I'm paying for that. Good grief. So, a restless night.

On a good note, we finally got our new mattress which had to be crammed up the 1930's style steps with a tight turn to the left. I took all the stuff off the walls and they moved a bookcase out of the way. I didn't realize how much dust had snuck in behind there! But they got that bed stuff up and it would feel great but my back hurts. Plus, Jon didn't get to sleep in there as Lydia was with me, tossing, crying and so forth. Sigh...parenthood.

We did make it to the local art group over here, Art in Common. I have to say I was a bit surprised by the "college-like" feel of the meeting. I guess it was because the speaker is a professor of Psychology. I have the info written on my notes and will add them here later (plus, I have to up-date the Altoona Mirror blog I write on "The Art Cafe"). The guy gave a presentation of his art which he said was supposed to deal with the psychosis of various individuals. Honestly, I don't think that's his strong point. His strong point is the use of recycled materials which he uses in the most basic of ways...sculptures constructed of Styrofoam, barbed wire, and various stuffs that would normally be thrown out. I guess I was a little surprised at how little this artist had any former knowledge of other artists and basic art history. He didn't even know who Frida Kahlo was and obviously didn't read anything about what abstract art is about. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one who seemed to have this feeling...I was amused by the comments of various women in the group, who spoke honestly and weren't afraid to say the obvious. All in all an enjoyable time. I had Jon there with me and it felt good doing something together. The meeting took place at the Church-in-the-middle-of-the-Block hosted by a local artist, John Rita. It made for a very atmospheric feel and though a bit neglected and run down, interesting none-the-less. The temperature wasn't in our favor as it was about 7 degrees outside and this place obviously doesn't have insulation. When we got home I was shivering so much I thought my teeth were going to crack. I found out the wind chill was 1 degree, figures. We did get some of the banana bread a member was kind enough to make for the group. It was pretty good too!

This Friday, tomorrow, I have several paintings I'm going to be displaying at the Blair Medical associates hall area. I only noticed 8 spots but I think there might be more places to hang my work. The coordinator mentioned having 25 paintings but some of mine are 3 feet long (or longer) so, this won't be a problem. I would like to get to Lowes for a few other supplies as I've been brainstorming some experimental ideas for framing. I guess I really feel annoyed by the traditional (and expensive) way of framing. I want to do something unique, I guess. We shall see what evolves. The paintings will be hung for 3 months. Then, I will be put on the rotation for displaying work. Exciting!

I'm also doing a group show (painting due next month!) for the Art in Common group and these will be at the library. Oddly, I'm up for a show of my own (or combined) at the library in May. I hope to promote my children's work there as well as my 1st book. So, there's a lot on my plate right now.

It's funny how, even though there are setbacks in life, it does make you think of other ways to get things done. I'm thinking of the computer situation and even my framing dilemma. Just interesting how the brain works if you really want to get something done.

On still another art related note, Blair County Arts Foundation (BCAF) is allowing CD views of artwork, instead of only slides. Thank goodness! It was really costly to get slides made. There are a few other places that need to up-date their of which is Pennsylvania Magazine. I read the submission policy and they basically snub digital entries/art. I was surprised by this and thought it was really shallow as it undermines newer artists (like myself) who find it increasingly costly to get prints made as well as the time factor. I may have to write to the editor there. It's not like I'd say get rid of prints but to be accepting of the newer technologies and you may find even more viewers for your magazine. This is one reason why I haven't subscribed to this magazine, yet.

Anyway, lots to do but not overwhelming...just hope the gals feel better soon and the days start to feel warmer. Because they are so dang cold right now! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuxedo Kitty w/ heart

Tuxedo Kitty w/ heart, originally uploaded by emily999.

Children's Musuem; A Quaint Corner

Jon got some time to put a basic web page up for the local Children's Museum: A Quaint Corner Children's Museum. It just tells the hours and place...more to come. It needs a nice banner and a photo album to show the various events, etc. Jon has lots of plans and I think it will look quite professional and spiffy. :)

Still no word on how the main computer is doing. I hope to goodness most of it's all right and it won't cost a fortune. There are so many bits of info I need from there and now, I have to wait and who knows if the info will even be saved! ARGH!!!

Trying not to stress out but it's really annoying to have to worry and wait. It's not that bad in terms of real life events, just an inconvenience.

I've been thinking a lot about the various people who have recently lost their homes due to foreclosure. This basically happened to my family in the 1980's and when we lost everything, it felt horrible and strangely, bonding. I felt like we were the only ones this had ever happened to and for years felt like this made me some how bad or think if I had only done A, B and C this wouldn't have happened. Now, I realize there are forces beyond our control and things happen to every one. I also realize how important it is to know we can survive these things...much like the story of Job in the bible. Thankfully, most of us aren't suffering that much-Job lost his whole family and more.

I think the one thing I learned from hardships (to put it in one word) is to keep going. Keep going even if you stumble and can barely lift your foot to walk. I just remembered when I was in 7th grade and we had to run on the track. I was the last person and barely was jogging. My coach/teacher said, "Keep going. If that's all you can do, keep going, Emily". I guess I must have looked a little sad seeing all my classmates running ahead of me or something. I wish I could remember that teacher's name. I did make the mile; I was the last one and most importantly, I didn't give up. Another time, I remember my piano teacher remarking how, she had one student who if he made a mistake would start all over, again and again. This wasn't great for concerts (let alone practicing) and she was glad I didn't do this. I'd make a mistake but keep on going through the piano recital and not stop or run off in embarrassment.

Anyway, I hope a lot of people out there know, they aren't the only ones in situations beyond their control. We're in this little boat called Earth and we need to work together. Working together can be as simple as being kind (you know smiling every now and then or saying thank you) or remembering to do one good deed for the day. Or even 10 good deeds. I believe this is how many of us can change the world, our worlds for the better.

Looks like it's going to rain again...the sky has that lighter feeling just before the rains come. I rather like the rain even if I feel achy. Just seems to cleansing after a good storm. :)


2005, originally uploaded by emily999.

Older pics of my niece...found on dad-in-laws computer. Started to feel photo deprived...But ain't she cute?? :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rainy days...

Today was our first rainy day in a while...usually it's either snow or just cold. The day sorted made everyone (or at least Jon and I) feel blah...I think I'm getting a cold from the gals...Norrie has one now and I hope it's mild compared to poor Lydia (she's still coughing up/throwing up. I'm going to either take her to the doctor tomorrow or call the nurse for something stronger. I hope it's not an infection.

Also, I FINALLY got the gals beds painted...we had these beautiful old 1920's style beds from the previous owner. I painted them a pale rose white and they look very shabby chic...then, my mom-in-law mentioned about these cute decal type things with Fairies on them. I got them today and put them on...Wallies fairies are the ones we chose. They look very pretty and cheerful! :) I'll take some photos once the computer is back from the shop.

In the meantime, Jon and I are suffering as we gave up our full bed for Lydia (thought it was a 3/4 bed but turns out it's full) and so we had to order a new mattress for us. I've had my king size bed frame for about 4 years waiting for a mattress so, this is a long time coming. We're toughing it by sleeping on a futon padding which is a pain in the back, literally. So, I'm grumpy is what I'm getting!

This weekend we had volunteer duty and I got a lot of painting done on the mural...This is a lot more than I thought I'd be doing but I'm really pleased people seem to like what I've created. In feet, the murals would range about 80 to 100 feet. I've been approved to do some one the 2nd floor as well, so this is exciting. Since there are several murals already there with a "magical" feel, I may keep up with that...Some horses, unicorns, stuff of that nature. I'll pull out my projector for this and do some nice tight work in this regard. The 3rd floor mural is more of a coloring book feel...I love it and I'm glad a lot of other people do too. :)

So, I'm sore from all of this. The great thing about these murals is I feel 100% confident in doing some more in my own home...I have a few requests for unicorns and, this is on the summer agenda (unless sooner). Plus, it's a lot of fun donating my time to the museum in this way. The best part is Jon helps with the kid watching.

I'm so excited about the art blog for local artists in the area that I've started. On Tuesday there is a meeting for this group I've joined and I hope to get some more contacts for this. I, also, will put the word out over the net and local net groups and start gathering artists for interviews and link exchanges.

All in all, many good things are happening and best of all I'm in my element with art. I need to start advertising some art classes and up-date my web page. The latter will have to wait the main computer's return. This is so frustrating...that with the bed situation.

On the up side, I got to see "You can't take it with you" the 1938 version with Jimmy Stewart. What a thrill to see this. I read the play way back in the early 1990's and remember just loving the humor and wit. Just so much better than many of today's shows. I wish a few writers would follow the examples of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. I still get chills when the character played by Jimmy Stewart talks about getting energy like plants and grass does from the sun. Solar energy...amazing. Besides all of this, the film shows an eccentric family, much like all happy families are like, doing their own thing. And who can resist the sweet crow in there as well. :)

Anyway, got to get ready to go to our once weekly dinner at the in-laws. I'm a little nervous as it's a cold rain falling and Lydia just threw up. Maybe we'll stay home.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Some cool things....

Well, looks like I've got an art blog at the Altoona Mirror! I'm so surprised and excited!! :) I didn't realize it was going to be so quick and that it happened! It was sorely needed as there wasn't very much voice for local artists to share their work on the internet. You can view the page at this link. It's also amazing as it does show how change can happen.


That's how I've felt for the last week or fell apart apparently. Looks like the motherboard blew some chips (who knows why, but I have a feeling it was from when we got a floppy disk thing installed (the first one smoked and had to be replaced (about 8 months ago) and I think it did some other damage). Anyway, I've been doing a lot of home stuff...mostly tending my sick eldest. She's got some awful coughing and so forth going on. Really upsetting and makes me extra vigilant with the cold weather. My grandmother was weakened as a girl from pneumonia so, I just am very cautious about this. I just checked and Jon had the thermostat at 55 degrees! That's crazy for a child to be in a refrigerator esp. when sick. I turned it up to 67. Sometimes, he can be a bit too thrifty.

Anyway, I'm borrowing my dad-in-laws computer, thankfully. I must say not having a computer for a week isn't too bad the first few days but after a week, it's crazy. I also had to listen to local radio stations (which isn't too bad, actually) but it does make you feel more paranoid about the weather. My goodness it felt like I was going to be snowed in till June or something! So, that was frustrating to say the least. I think this is another reason I love the're not bombarded by crap and loud "watch outs!" from the news. It's worse than commercials, sometimes.

I was a bit frustrated as I was unable to help out on a volunteer day for the kids museum. I was supposed to open up for a play date but couldn't (my sick kid) so, I need to have a few back-ups for being a backup. Lesson learned.

I also was a bit miffed at my daughters school as apparently one of the staff was having a bad day and was angry I was late for the second or so time that week. I know everyone has bad days, but blowing up at a mom and not even asking if I was safe (there was a two hour snow delay, icy roads) or if my kids were all right (this was just before I found out Lydia has this horrible cough)....just rubs me the wrong way. Jon called and talked to the principal and he seemed to understand. So, that was better. Honey is much better than vinegar, after all. :)

Some great news, however, looks like I'm going to be showing some work at this local hospital in their hall area!!! I'm thrilled as it's great exposure and just makes me happy to know I'll brighten up a place were people feel sad or just depressed going to. :) Also, in May I'll be showing some work at the local library. Lots of things locally...I'm nearly down with the murals at the Children's museum and this makes me very proud and happy to do.

It's funny, I was so nervous about bringing work in to show at the hospital but it turned out to be a great moment...the people are very friendly and nice. Plus, having Jon there was always wonderful...actually, we all turned up (no school today).

We went to Lowes afterward to get some supplies...I hope I can do a good job with frames, etc. We shall see. I worked in the garage and my God, it's cold in there. I can hardly hold the drill and the wood cracks easier being so cold. I had to vent about the weather...just can hardly wait for Spring, really. This has got to be one of the longest winters in a while.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Because Lydia was ill she didn't go to school but I brought her Valentines over anyway and she got a treat bag. Jon's parents came over and looked after the gals (I ended up doing some errands since I was off from volunteering at the museum) and Lydia got a get better present. Of course, Norrie was jealous. I ended up having to make an emergency trip to Thompson’s and get the promised flamingo toy she has wanted for quite some time. She loves flamingos! lol! :) I even made her a small wooden one about a year ago. We've got an interesting neighbor that took a shovel and made it into a flamingo as well...we call the flamingo, Sam.

Well, that's about the whole enchilada of late. Oh, and I've been doing some art things as well. Did two new abstracts and am working on several other pieces for various projects. Gosh, it feels good to write about all of this. It still is a bit annoying as I can't get into my mail box...and I can't print or scan anything till ours is back from the shop in about 7 days.

Oh, and I just realized I missed a mammogram appointment...good grief. Just called them and they said it was all right...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jon and I

Jon and I, originally uploaded by emily999.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins

Updated the ol' blog...

I was wondering why I wasn't feeling to excited about my new banner and then it dawned on me...background color! So, I played around with it and viola! I LOVE it, as Spongebob would say! :)

I also did a different pic for my blog photo...a fun thing I was working on:

I think I'll do a whole series of these and submit them to some card companies. What the heck and I know the model really well! lol!

Anyway, I gathered up my little chicks and went over to the Children's museum and did a few hours on the murals. It's a REALLY big task on some levels but the freedom I get to paint is worth it. :) It's like a giant canvas and I get to paint basically what I want. I rather like it, myself (pics to come)...I've gotten past the initial nervous feeling of "will they like it" to "I will make wonderful!"

So, did that and the gals had fun while I painted. I forgot my handy dandy step stool but I managed. I think I'll need a few more hours in the coming week or two and it will be finished. Also, a surprising part of all this painting is my arms feel stronger! I didn't expect that. Kind of a nice feeling, actually.

Good vibes...

I'm feeling up right now. I was depressed and sad last night...started feeling really home sick after seeing some pics of my family and older ones of my aunt and uncle. But now that I talked with Jon and we made some plans, I feel better. I also started to feel overwhelmed with the weather and just feeling tired but after a good nights sleep, it's a new day. :)

I'm going to make an effort to focus on good works and the positives in life. Don't get overwhelmed with fears/expectations and just keep doing my art. I also want to start getting things ready to go back to school. This has been on my mind for about 2, it might be time to start talking to a counselor and getting focused.

Anyway, lots of things to do and I just need to take a deep breath and plunge ahead...and don't over think everything!!! lol!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

paw prints in snow

paw prints in snow, originally uploaded by emily999.

squirrel to be

squirrel to be, originally uploaded by emily999.


leaves...., originally uploaded by emily999.

it already looks different from this but I needed to show a transition pic...I was really, really tired when I was working on this. I started feeling insecure but it actually looks rather good in the daylight! :)

More pics to come soon.


more mural work, originally uploaded by emily999.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A better day...

It rained and rained and then it got a bit humid...but at least it's not 24 degrees with a 10 degree wind! I could actually wear a light jacket and at around 3pm, I just wore my sweatshirt! Wow! It's supposed to be 55 tomorrow to and then back to 20's and snow. Oh, least all this rain wasn't snow! It did make MASSIVE ice puddles and it was amazing to see the rivers flowing down the streets.

Got the washer repaired. Of all the things, a sock was stuck in the pipe...and not a wee one either. One of Jon's...though he's hardly to blame as I'm the one who overloads machines. Now, I guess I know what happened to many, many wee soaks previous. Down the drain.

Well, my stress level went down as well as Jon got 3 loads done at his parents (they're only a few blocks away) and this helped the massive loads that were piling up. Now, we can return to normal cleaning...

Also, I actually went early to the Children's museum and did some painting. I started to paint a cupboard in there. It is SO beat up, poor thing. Plaster falling around, crumbly and dirty. It's really awful. But I cleaned it as best I could and painted. Then, I worked on the mural for about 2 hours and got a lot done. I was pleased to see that my painting wasn't as bad as I thought...I was so tired yesterday I started to feel really negative about my work. Insecurity stinks.

Today was a different feeling and I felt 100 times better. A little sleep and some pain pills for sore muscles is such a nice thing.

I have one funny sort of thing happening tonight. I'm getting my marriage Church validated. I guess this is part of the process for being Catholic (for my husband, as he's the official Catholic person right now...besides the kids). So, it will be interesting to see what happens.

All I can say is, I'm SO happy the washer is fixed. It is the biggest inconvenience to have to have massive loads of laundry. I really don't like that. It's funny how if something is not working, it makes everything seem so lopsided.

Also, while at the kids museum I remembered to bring food for the kids and this helped a lot. I hope I start getting some kids for art classes but if I have to wait till next month, that's all right. I really need to paint that art room and get it safe/clean/organized.

Well, I need to get a shower. I thought I'd have time to do some of my own artwork there but it didn't happen. I should have some time tonight. I'm excited as I'm making a pumpkin man doll. I've been working on it for about 1.5 months (lack of supplies, etc) and now that I've got all the pieces together, I can start sculpting. I think it's going to look quite nice.

There is a challenge for EHAG and it deals with a Green Witch, as in "environmental", herbal, or literally green for St. Patties day. I love this idea and can't wait to start on her. I'm thinking of going very primitive and if she comes out well, selling her on eBay as well as submitting her to several companies.

Because I did so much yesterday, I ordered my self two books on vintage Halloween art. I can hardly wait to see these. I would like to get some books on vintage Christmas and Easter as well. Not to forget Valentines day as well.

Oh, and yesterday the gals were both at home...mild colds and just not feeling 100%. I was amazed, however, that Lydia wrote out all her Valentines and did a great job! She's really improving in this sense. Norrie was jealous and I had her make one for Lydia (and vice versa). It worked out well.

I have pics to load and share...going to have to wait till later as I need a shower. The days seem so long, lately. It's a good thing and I don't feel like I'm wasting time or being too idle. :)

The Science of Sleep true.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Been busy, primarily with getting the house in order and doing small art pieces. I haven't any idea if I'll have anyone for my art class tomorrow but the idea is to start having them, regardless and go from there.

I still need to go and do more flyers as well. Just feels like so much to do. The problem is our washer is on the fritz (looks like a new belt is in order) and this has clogged (literally) most of the house chores. So, once this is fixed, things will get smoother. I do a lot of laundry and I guess it wasn't a surprise this happened.

Otherwise, things are normal and I just need to get going on my projects. Lydia is sick with a mild tummy thing/cold. I hope she's all right tomorrow. I feel fine, in fact, my sense of smell is returning....I guess my cold is going away and any of the infection as well. But best of all it was without antibiotics. I've never used so many antibiotics until I moved to PA. Both of my gals have used antibiotics 2 times, ever. I do attribute this to homeschooling them and hand washing/alcohol based hand sanitizer. So, I feel good about this as well.

Otherwise, things are getting to be a bit normal...did some work at the Children's museum and I can't wait to start coloring the mural...I'm going to do sponge coloring with paint and then start on the hallway mural (I've been approved for this as well). :) Going to have a town them...

Need to get a few commissions to show a client and from there, I'll have most of my art things caught up as well. Well, I've got to go...sharing a computer with a 5 year old is not easy...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Peer pressure...

I just started to think about how there are so many rules and so many things to "be aware of" or else one is impolite or breaking rules. This is what I call peer pressure as a grown-up. I think it's good to be polite and aware and I think it's good to create relationships that have a sense of kindess as well. Sometimes, however, some people can become so focused on rules they forget the human element.

Recently, I read a story about a man in my community that lost his home to the development of a bigger road. I was saddened to hear how officials handled it...a judge even said something like "light a fire under him and get him out of there (his home)." I just don't get that. I think it's disgusting, hurtful and most importantly it's forgetting that this is person where talking about not a moose in the road (though, I think some might handle a moose in a more gentle manner than most humans).

I guess I felt sorry for this guy because A. When I was a kid, my family lost their home B. My parents recently lost their home a few years ago, again and C. It seems people don't think "this could happen to them". It can and it does all the time. Either man comes along and takes property for whatever reason or else it's lost to nature or some accident. In all these situations, there should be that bit of insight that does make us human...compassion. It seems to me, quite a few people do forget this in their rules and figures and this is what leads to so much strife in the world.
The situation with the man who had to leave his home ended peacefully with a SWAT team's assistance. It just seems to me if the company's involved had thought about that old mentality "you can get more flies with honey..." there would have been a lot less heart ache and a fellow human wouldn't have had to be treated like this. I'm glad it ended peacefully...It's when it doesn't end in a peaceful way, that concerns me. I guess with all that has been going on in the news, I've felt a bit overwhelmed emotionally. I think I need to step back from the news stories, say a few prayers and do my own thing.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” - Dalai Lama

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." --Colossians 3:12-13

Making a few changes here on my blog...

I realized I still had my banner from 2007 and thought I'd try a new one with a different feel to it. I'll probably change it again but for now, this will do. Plus, I decided to try the templates here on blogger...they seem much easier to use since I started here (about 4 years ago!) and I'm all for ease in the world of html. :)

Speaking of changes here's the art room wall before and after at the Children's Museum...


before the yellow

I wish I had rememberd to take a pic of the stuff that was on there before. But you get the idea...much better now.

And this is another reason why we're getting so much indoor stuff done:
Poor little bird feeder! photo by Jon

Jon just finished scrapping a path from the house to the parking lot. We were walking on about 2-3inches of ice...Supposedly, it's supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope so. I'm also really enjoying being home with the family instead of always running around outside at odd hours. What a relief.

working on ideas

working on ideas, originally uploaded by emily999.

Here I am drawing out the mural for the animal room at the Children's museum. One of several projects I'm working on over there. Thankfully, Jon is there to help with the kids.

Here's some of the mural outlines:
animal hospital

and here's another part of it:


Friday, February 01, 2008

Witch boot in pink

Witch boot in pink, originally uploaded by emily999.

Made for Valentine's Day a Witch's boot pin! :) It's for a challenge with the EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artist Group) I'm with on ebay.

It's about 3.5 inches and is made of paperclay and paper mache. I coated it with varnish and it's detailed in acrylic paint, oil pastel and vintage mica as well as fine pen details. It's quite charming.


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