Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fur berry Tree...

Fur berry Tree..., originally uploaded by emily999.

You always knew, but now it's confirmed...hamsters come from the ancient fur berry tree. Only on Halloween Night, do they hatch. If you want one, you have to try and catch it.

Made from Pyza's enchanting photo of Chmurka!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quote of the Day:

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it.
Lord Acton

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A wee bit about me...

As I was tagged by Karin, I thought I'd give it a try...

Seven things about me:
1. My dad immigrated from Bulgaria in 1966, the same year my husband was born! :)
He also wrote a book about this called the Miraculous Escape. He didn't get very much earnings from this as he gave away most of the copies. I still have my copy he inscribed to me in 1976.
2. I was born in Hollywood, California at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital.
3. At the age of 5, I told everyone I would be an artist.
4. I had a pet guinea pig named Strawberry when I was 10. I loved that little piggy and was heart broken when we had to give her up...long story.
5. I love playing the piano...and having my gals sing along while I play.
6. I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I make sure I counter act this by being around light, upbeat colors and doing fun stuff.
7. I really, really like York peppermint patties. I forgot this until one of my clients gave me one and I almost did a Sponge bob yodel. :)

I'm going to have to go through my links and see who to tag...more on this later (I'm using dad-in-laws computer and it's a little different from my PC's keyboard...).

Friday, October 26, 2007

It happens...

Looks like one of my clients is in bad condition. I know this is part of the job and is inevitable but it's still painful to think someone you've worked with so closely is near death. I hope she's all right and pulls through but I know being 94 makes it a lot harder to do this. I'm feeling a bit down.

Then, I found out my friend, Caroline, can't make it this weekend...and we'll have to wait till November. Just seems like stuff happens and keeps happening to make it hard to do things and be places you feel you should be. I hate that.

Besides all this it's raining hard and it's a cold rain which means no walks as both kids have mild colds. Norrie ate too much candy yesterday and has an upset tummy. I think auntie and grandma may have snuck her one too many pieces. Good grief. Plus, the gals woke up before I did and got into the candy! Fortunately, they were pretty good (or just couldn't open the wrappers) and had two-three pieces.

Tomorrow is the baptism and we're going to do that. It will be nice to have that done as it's a tradition and a touching ceremony/symbol. I really wanted Caroline to be there, but I know it's so hard with little ones.

Being a care giver is a very emotionally draining job, I must say. Still, I'm so glad I took my client out last week. I know she was happy and that I made a difference. I know I'd feel even better if it wasn't so gloomy outside.

The good thing about thinking people are coming over is I got more stuff cleaned up and fixed up that I normally would have slacked off of. I put up the shelves in the gals room, cleaned up Lydia's room/decorated and put up the curtains and straightened up stuff. I would have liked to paint the floor...looks like I will be able to do that after all. I'd laugh but I feel sad about it all.

Anyway, I'm going to apply for a few art related jobs and see what happens. They seem very flexible with time and so, I'll go from there.

I feel sort of let down, I guess. Two blows in one day...my eye started twitching again and I know that means I'm stressed. It really felt like I got punched or something...so odd.

Since I have more time, I'll do more paintings and put them up on eBay. I'm going to work on another Day of the Dead doll (2 actually) and make the one I have a partner to dance with.

Other thoughts...I really wish/hope/believe (or want to) that when people die, we return to that innocent baby self that is free of language, culture, etc and is just content with the world. I hope this is part of it...or that we are reborn into something wonderfully connected...sort of like recycled back into the world. Wouldn't that be incredible if this were true? That would mean there could be a Jesus walking among us, or Gandhi or Martin Luther King...or our beloved family member reborn. It sure would explain a lot, in my book. ;)

March of the Trick-or-treators

March of the Trick-or-treators, originally uploaded by emily999.

For illustration friday word of the week: Trick-or-treat

So much is happening...

Tomorrow, my friend Caroline should be coming for a short visit! I'll take what I can get!! I'm excited and nervous and still have to fix-up a few things around the house.
swap for the Fairie Zine! :)

The Halloween Tree!

I got off from work last night and was able to stay and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters (we do it a 1 week in advance over here...don't ask me why). Anyway, so the kids were dressed up and looking cute and had fun. Lydia is hoarse and stayed home from school as she had a rough night with coughing and didn't feel good. She only went out trick-or-treating for 15 minutes with daddy, Norrie and Mr. Nelson. They were a butterfly and ladybug. Mr. Nelson wore a scarf. I really need to prepare better for costumes considering I only have half the time to get them done. I didn't even get to make Jon and my costume (I was going to be a spider and Jon a grasshopper). Oh, well. Maybe I can have something for all 4 of us for the retirement trick-or-treat next week.

All this and I have to finish painting the bathroom, change rooms Caroline and family, get stuff ready for the art show and the school show. Phew.

My Day of the Dead Doll "The Dancer" didn't sell. But you know, I'm glad it didn't. I really like this doll and so does Jon. He was happy we get to keep it as it's my 1st one and we both really like her. I have others I'm working on...

I still need to do some quilts but I feel too tired right now. So much to do but it's good stuff. I love being busy making things.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A blog post of many colors

I've heard the debate about blogs being just about one thing...say about cats. I think that's fine and good but for me, I don't just write about cats. I have to write about all sorts of things...just the way my mind works, I suppose. My thoughts are fairly freeform when it comes to my blog. My website, I'm very focused on my art (I still need to fix a few links to my abstract art web pages). But here I feel sort of like I'll write about nearly any topic with in reason. I know some people feel there should be a line between business and personal feelings, and I can see the point. However, I hate to say this, but I do want to know if when I buy something where the money is going. For example, I do not buy things from Kraft. Why? Because they are part of the Philip Morris company. They make a huge amount of money spreading cancer to people, children and pets . Things like this tend to make me really angry and instead of holding it in, I will boycott products made by a company that is so perverse they send their beloved smokers HUGE packets of free cigarettes (I know, because one was accidentally delivered to our door stop).

I guess I think of it as a moral compass guide...oddly. America being a capitalist society needs to have some sort of guidelines that say, hey it's not right to sell products that cause cancer, it's not right to pollute (or ignore it), and it's not right to abuse employees and customers with poor wages and poorly made products.

Anyway, I'll step off my soap box and focus on my art and life. Phew...glad to get that off my chest.

Today is a wet and cold day. I didn't realize it was that cold till I stepped outside and started shivering. By then, we were in the car off to school. I'm going to have to finish cleaning out the heat vent and put the furnace on if this keeps up. Fortunately, the house is half way insulated and it feels so different. The sound is the biggest change...quieter and even Mr. Nelson barks less. Mr. Nelson got a shot the other day at the vet, poor guy. But he did really well! Only a little peeing; otherwise, happy, cheerful Nelson! :) Even the vet seemed surprised.

I've been working on crocheting little rounds of yarn. I've made them into pins for the boutique shows...I love them but my wrist was so stiff this morning when I woke up. I thought I had a sprain or something.

I also made Lydia's butterfly wings for her costume but I'm afraid it won't be waterproof if it's damp and rainy. We might not go trick-or-treating but to a few houses. There is a Halloween night (on the actual Halloween night, Oct. 31st) at a retirement home. We might just go there...it's warm, safe, and inside. Plus, we'd be visiting some of my friends there and cheering up a few people.

Lately, I've been using a lot of starch for the costumes and a Pikachu car (Pokemon style). I love this stuff as it's so much fun to slap newspaper in there and it sticks together so well! I can't believe how much easier this is than all the other stuff I've made/used. I wish I had used it for a lot of projects in the past...including the ill fated ice skater dolls I made in my late teens. I used flour and water with glue. It still attracted tons of bugs and I had to throw them out. So disappointing. I think I have a few pics of them...will have to look. I still miss those dolls.

Anyway, starch is so great. It dries really fast and holds the shape...if not making it stronger. I think I'll have to use some sort of sealer and otherwise, it'll be fine. I may have to try this for some art pieces.

I have to frame a few paintings for the show and I got my order of crystal clear holders for my bigger paintings!! So, I'll have those there too. I'm so happy about this! I wish I had new business cards but I still have a big stack of the older ones.

On a different note, I'm so sad to see California...I can hardly believe it. If we go in January, what will be there? I hope people will be all right and I pray there is enough aid for everyone. 500,000 people. That's bigger than the entire city I live in! We're only about 40,000 people. I'm shocked. My sister wrote to me last night and said she's so sorry for everyone. I feel like where are the US army reserves? Why are they in Iraq and not protecting our country? This leads to the question of why are we still in Iraq? I really don't know why.

Sometimes, I feel like a big part of America has forgotten to save for a rainy day. The part of America that's forgotten this, is our leaders. I work with a 93 year old woman and she tells me, every time I see her, our children are our future. She knows this with all her heart. Does she have kids? No. But she was a teacher for over 50 years and still thinks about how important children are. This is someone we should be listening to. We haven't saved for a rainy day and robbed ourselves of safety and care. My folks have had the worst of it...my dad's social security was cut (and he depends on it) because the state of California decided seniors don't matter. Schools were cut aid for programs that HAVE left children behind. When I compare this to PA, I'm amazed at the difference. I know hard times are for so many right now...and I pray, if anything is lost, it is only material items and not life.

Enough dwelling on things I cannot change. I will focus on what I can do...I'm sending prayers for strength to everyone in California.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A bit of calm

Monday's are my weekends...

Sort of. I worked every day this weekend. Friday evening, I was successful and got my client out to "The Dream" in Hollidaysburg. She was thrilled and I could tell she was really happy. I know she was nervous about eating (she still hasn't got her dentures in) and I know The Dream resturant has a good selection for seniors. So, she was very content with halibut, apple sauce and sweet potatoes. I was glad.

Then, on Saturday I went to Bellwood and did a mass of cleaning. To my horror, I found out they have wasps in the basement! Let me just say, I was a little freaked out because it's a very low ceiling (makes my claustrophobia worse) and having a potentially aggressive bug attack me in that small space is not a good feeling. So, I avoided going down there...which meant leaving 1 load in the dryer...oh, well. It's not a travesty and I wrote about it in the journal.

Then, it was back to my other client (that's when we went out to eat. It may not seem like such a big deal but when someone is using a walker heavily and is 94 years-old, it is a big deal). Then, I had to be up early on Sunday and go to my last client for the weekend. I have to say, I'm starting to get very used to everyone's personalities. Helen, my Sunday client, is very interesting and is the political debater. She has great ideas and thoughts...plus, a few phobias (like me and everyone, really). I also found out she is from Czylosovokia in heritage and was able to tell her about my dad being from Bulgaria. Her story was sad as she never got to know her father because he died in a war...I'm trying to find out which one but it must have been around 1914 (the year she was born). Actually, I just looked up wars and it must have been the 1st world war. Incredible. She said she was living in Czyklosovokia on a farm and her mother worked really hard as they raised cows to sell. She told me that mother cows do cry for their babies (they would have to sell the calfs for meat) and they would bring them tufts of the babies hair to calm them down. How very sad. It must have been such a hard life. She remembers WWII as well and tells me a little about how she mourned the children who were ripped from their parents to be killed. Horrible...and I try not to let her dwell on this.

The more I sit with her and talk, it's amazing to hear her stories...I should record her stories on tape.

And today is a day off filled with chores. Tomorrow should be a little better...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Phew, I'm tired.

It's been a hectic weekend...or rather Friday and Saturday morning. I recently was given more hours as my job as caretaker for seniors. I usually have something like 6-10 hours and now it's increased to at least 12 hours per week (or more if need be). It's tougher on me as I see less of the house/kids/hubby. I had a 3 hour evening last night and this morning I had another 3 hours. Then, I have another 3 this evening and tomorrow up at 5:45am for another 3. This is not typical, thankfully as I go to see one client every two weeks or so. Her place is the hardest for 2 reasons...1. I'm very unfamiliar with driving to Bellwood. 2. I have to do so much cleaning while there! Today I scrubbed the bath/kitchen floor, wiped down more cobwebs from the ceiling in the dining room, washed all the cushions, etc,etc. I swear the other caretakers just do the least amount of work. I feel sorry for this client because she is super nice. She won't ask anyone to do anything. Not even dust. So, I did that too for which she was very grateful. I sometimes think it's better for the client to tell you to do a few things...that way other workers don't have to do everything. Last time it was even worse with cobwebs over her poor little bed.

Anyway, the other problem getting there really showed it's colors today. Jon drove down and I followed in the other car. When it was time to leave, I decided to try and back track...I ended up headed towards Cresson. Let me just say, this is not where I wanted to go! Plus, I was on empty...which is really scary in the middle of the woods. So, I coasted back down to Bellwood and got to the gas station and took the road thru Greenwood home. I even got a little lost there too, but it was mostly familiar so not too bad.

I got home 45 minutes later than usually. Oh, well. Also, Jon (amazingly) got the insulation half in!! I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure something would go wrong and low there was a dusty Jon blackened about the wrists (from old coal dust in the attic). His dad's helping. I was really embarrassed as the cat boxes were full to exploding and there were piles. I nearly died...I thought Jon had cleaned those up. No. So, after I muttered about it, I got it cleaned up with Jon. He's drilling a last hole to put in insulation over one more bedroom. I hope to God this helps (which it should).

The gals had a sleep over at Grandma/pa's. Their first one and I feel like I've abandoned them, or something. I miss them. Still, it's good to know they are in good hands and we can get stuff done. I still can't believe the insulation (cellulose) is in and we'll have a cozy house for once. Plus, it costs not even 1/3 to do this with 2 people. Amazing.

We'll probably do the walls if it's still cold, etc. But this is probably going to save us a lot on gas...I'm so happy. I think it took about 4 hours to do this so far. Just 4 hours. A bit of prep added to this, about 6 hours. It's funny how something like this can make you feel so much better.

Well, I hope I can get my one client to go out for a drive, this evening. I want her to see the leaves and get some fresh air. She's a bit down and I hope this will cheer her up. I'm going to tell her about my problem with SAD (the changes of season/light and depression) and tell her she has to cheer me up. I hope this helps. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nothing like company to get you moving...

Good grief. I'm cleaning left and right and throwing out all sorts of old papers and what knots. I need to make a few trips to the Salvation army and drop stuff off. My goal is to make the house somewhat easier to move around in as I've been slacking off. It feels good to be moving about and clearing things up, albeit frustrating too.

Lydia is home today from a mild flu...we were about to leave for school and she threw up, twice. At first I thought it was from coughing but it was the real thing. Then, I had to cancel a vet trip for Mr. Nelson (standard check up/shots) and after this a trip to the market. I have to take back my statement about Martins being a bad market...it's good if you go before noon. I don't like being around a lot of people and this makes me stressed as heck...so early morn is just the best time for me. I dropped them off at the kid spot and they had a good time and I got shopping over really quick.

I feel tired now. I wish I could take a break but that's not going to happen...As I'm typing I have two/three conversations going as the gals try to convince me to make presents for the ants. Don't ask me why.

And Mr. Nelson is barking at the neighbors every few minutes and driving me nuts. But at least I know he's protecting us, sort of.

Anyway, just the sort of day I'm having. Oh, I got some Paul Newman chocolate (espresso) and it wasn't very good. I guess I don't really like espresso. I'll have to try the other stuff.

I just wish I had finished all our Halloween costumes last month. I wouldn't be so stressed if trick-or-treat wasn't next week instead of the real night, Oct.31st. Just crazy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yesterday we had the first soccer game for the season. I totally forgot about it but fortunately, Jon didn't. We got there a little late but that's all right. Lydia was a goalie...still, I was a bit embarrassed we were so late. I'll try to remember next time. Let me just say, the place was packed. I don't know if it was support, or that they (the recreation center) decided to have 15 ball games at once, but there was a huge turnout. It went well and there wasn't any score, but the lets just say there was a few goals on our side. :)I was really impressed with the kids being so involved...I mean really focused and involved. Of course, my gal was facing the wrong way, but that's all right. lol!

There was one minor problem (or big, depending on your level of sensitivity to cigarette smoke). A woman (from the other team) decided to "light-up" and smoked around all these kids (including her own). I was really shocked. I've never seen anyone with such blatant disregard to people, let alone children. I guess she doesn't really care if they get cancer...but I do. I know a lot of parents do, in fact. I'm planning on writing to the Recreation center and making my complaints known. I'm all right with smokers smoking...away from children and me. Perhaps, in a bubble or a car, alone. My great-granddad died coughing up blood from smoking (and black lung from working in coal mines). I sure as hell do not want to do this myself, or see my kids (let alone anyone's kids) do this.


Another annoyance. Apparently, a letter to the editor I wrote a month or so ago has been misunderstood. I swear, with this sort of individual, there isn't much to say because they will only see what they want and hear what they want. I'm planning on responding (and I already know exactly what I'm planning to write and which stand to take). I guess I'm a little flustered that someone would respond in this manner, but at the same time, flattered that someone took the time to write about it. I really thought my little piece was too neutral. I guess, not.

One thing that bothers me about their response is, why the writer thinks being critical of having military at a HS is going to hurt the military? He makes the comparison to police "I wonder how she feels about a police presence at the school?". These are individuals serving the community. The purpose of having military recruiters at the HS is to recruit students...I've had kids tell me that these military guys will find out who's graduating, call their homes, tell the students they have an appointment on such and such a day and are expecting them. What person wouldn't go? Esp. someone who's taught to respect the military. I've heard of others buying kids meals, acting all buddy/buddy, & taking them out/giving attention. Does this sound ethical? Does this sound like a respectful organization? I'd make another comparison about predators and how they approach innocent kids...what's the difference? It's corrupt and it can cost them their lives or, if lucky, an arm or leg. To quote Leo Tolstoy, it's sending kids to be cannon fodder for a war that is not ending and has no point to it.

I've had friends join the military because they were so poor that $15,000 seemed like a good deal. And I think the price has gone up since then...The only reason my one friend survived was he had mechanical skills that his father taught him and was able to be pulled from the front line (he saw friends injured and killed). Now, do we want to send an 18 year old to this?

I once wrote to one of my groups that the poem by Dylan Thomas should be changed from:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Youth should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And every veteran should be saying this to the youth:

Stop that nonsense,’ we say.
We are the veterans who know the meaning of war:
Away with guns, soldiers, and the military,
away with generals and
politicians who have a vociferous capacity
to send our youth for cannon fodder.
-Koozma J. Tarasoff

I think there is a reason why the generational gap is so big, it's so we won't listen or talk to each other and learn. We won't learn the stories from those who experienced war first hand. We won't hear the 90 year old talk about the Great Depression, or learn about the strikes and the changing of laws because our great-grandparents said, "No! I will not starve, I will not let companies take advantage of my family, I will not let big business bully me into submission." This is what almost all 3rd or 4th generation Americans have in their family tree.

Anyway, thoughts I've been thinking...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

feeling a little better...

We released some of the butterflies last night. We wanted to do it the day of John's funeral but it was too cold and rainy. Finally, it warmed up a bit and 3 managed to fly away. Oddly, two lingered on the flowers and even crawled back onto my hand. I never thought this would happen. I think they were too cold and wanted warmth. So, I put them back into the butterfly habitat and brought them back in. I don't know what that means, if anything really. I guess it's just too cold for these two. I'm glad the other 3 were warm enough. I was even able to feed the butterflies and see them sip nectar...amazing! I've seen pictures but to see it in your hands, quite awesome.

I've signed up to be part of a business/craft fair at my daughters school. So, I've been making things like mad for this as well as the art gallery. I think I have some pretty things...flower brooches, and other lovelies. I want to make a few hats for Winter and what knots. So, this is what I've been doing. It's nice because it keeps me busy and I have lots I want to accomplish.

I also got some great tips from this one group I'm a part of, EHAG, for table displays. I'm going to have a little tree on my table and lights to add interest. I hope it works and I can make a few sales. I really like this group as they're professional, fun and very informed on so many topics.

I'm a bit spaced out right now, as I worked this morning (7am to 11am). I sort of like these hours...it's only once or twice a weekend. But it does make me tired as the woman I work with keeps you jumping. Otherwise, not too bad.

I finished the triptych painting and just need to bring it down to change...thought I could do it this Sunday but it's looking like it might be Monday or later this week. I have a lot of smaller works as well, I'd like to bring.

So, all in all, things are moving along. I feel more positive and that there is closure.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm a member of a Halloween Group called EHAAG. It's a great group of talented artists who sell their work primarily on eBay.

One of the artists put together a fantastic scrapbook of various artists as witches, warlocks and more! Here's my photo collage I love it. :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

painted ladies have emerged from their cocoons!

, originally uploaded by emily999.

We grew butterflies again...they did much better. All 5 emerged successfully...even the one that fell down.

Monday, October 08, 2007

happy cosmo faces!

small miracles...

All five butterflies we raised from caterpillars emerged. I thought one had died but as it turned out, it survived. Amazing!


In honor of our friend, John...


Our dear friend, John Webb, passed away on Sunday. He suffered from cancer and so much...we were all hoping for a different change or more time. Our thoughts are with his wife and family.

Friday, October 05, 2007

witch Kitty

witch Kitty, originally uploaded by emily999.

Kitty dear in red

Kitty dear in red, originally uploaded by emily999.

you never know when your inner fairy comes out! ;)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I must be feeling better...

Just flying by to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

witchy me!


sisters!, originally uploaded by emily999.

Autumn Flowers

100_5487, originally uploaded by emily999.


We got this Halloween web. The stuff that has plastic little spiders in it that glow in the dark, etc. You put it all over your house, fence, and so on to be decorative for Halloween. Well, the packaging should also say warning this will catch birds and kill them. That's what I found on the fence this morning. Or rather my little girl found the bird. Apparently, it had struggled and broken it's leg and died in pain. I nearly threw up. So, I ripped all the crap off my fence (there may be little bits left and I'll get them off soon too) and had to cut the bird free from the wire. This was not easy and was gruesome to say the least. I still feel sick to my stomach. I buried the little fellow and will never put that stuff up outside again. Horrible! We'll do garlands or lights or something very biodegradable like straw. I still feel terrible. I honestly thought birds would like this stuff to add to nests. I've left little bits of wool to see if they'd gather it and they would. I just feel sad to know something as innocent as this webby stuff could hurt an animal. I'm just glad I didn't faint...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Getting better, again...

I finally started getting over this cold/sinus infection (twice) when I'm hit by a flu bug, apparently. For a few days now, I noticed something was up...strange sensations in the tummy, feeling like my energy was off, etc. Then, today I slept after I dropped my eldest at school and then after I picked her up. I basically slept all day. I can't believe it. Plus, my youngest was having a ball making messes and nobody saying, clean it up, please.

Nelson was a bit put out; no ball throwing...but seemed to understand I was out of it. He slept close to me or was in eye range. He does that when I play the piano or guitar as well. Very sweet.

I felt so awful and thought I had something worse than a flu...like pneumonia. But I don't think it was that bad...still, it could be if you don't take care of yourself.

I was disappointed as I wanted to do some art things for swaps/finish my triptych paintings but it was not meant to be. I felt miserable. I even thought it was a migraine from cutting wood yesterday (I'm sensitive to saw dust) but it wasn't this. So, now I know that it was a flu. I just hope all my clients are all right (they're all over 90 years old!). I think I got this from the previous caretaker as I filled in for her and she was sick.

My joints are all aching as well...I was wondering why it was so hard to work on my crocheted rug. I thought I pulled some muscles in my wrist.

Anyway, I'm glad it seems to be easing up and I can actually write about it. I have had no time to even sit at the computer and write a few letters. I felt too awful. Add to this, my lingering sinus pain/ear ache and you get the idea.

On the good side, I slept a lot and will probably fall asleep after I finish up here. Jon seems to be getting a touch of something (I hope not) and oddly, the gals went to bed very early by themselves. This sounds suspicious, so tomorrow or later tonight we shall see.

I'm glad to feel better and know it was the flu and not something worse. It's amazing how much I slept as I usually don't have naps. The body knows what to do.

Also, I'm so glad 7-up was invented...it's such a good drink to have for upset tummies. I also had some Tums. So, this should keep things hydrated and calm.

Another part of being sick, is the emotional part. You really do get mood swings! Sometimes I forget this...

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to start if feeling about 50% my old self. I'm thankful we have access to medicine and shops to get comforting drinks. Now, I hope nobody else gets sick.

Monday, October 01, 2007

fast weekend....

For the first time in quite some time, we went shopping. We got some basic needs things (shoes, socks) and then it was off for a few fun things. I didn't know there was so much scrapbook stuff for a $1; I was really surprised! We went to Target and they even had those little punch outs that make leaves and what knots for $1. I got a few. Then, we stopped at Jo Ann's fabric (which I have been boycotting for over 2 years...they finally hired different/better people...not ones who actually ate food at the check out!) and found more scrapbook stuff for $1. I got a pack of glitter for Halloween...looks very pretty. I don't know if this is recent or has always been there, but it was fun to get a few things.

I splurged on a witch with an orb that lights up...I couldn't resist her. So enchanting. We stopped at Ollie’s and I got some big yarn (I may be teaching a knitting/crocheting class) and it makes a great hat! I made it last night in 2 hours...and it's knitted! Very easy pattern and fun. I've always made crocheted (round) hats and was delighted to see this worked. Now, I need more big yarn to make another hat for my other gal!

Ollie’s also has a big supply of scrapbook stuff and I got two small albums. I've never really scrap booked but I thought it might be fun to try at least once. I usually use the supplies for my own art/projects.

We also went to the park and got some fun pics of the gals running around. And we stopped at Lowes and I had a photo shoot there too. Great flowers, might as well capture some of it on film with my mini-me's! lol!

I worked all weekend...a few hours in the evening on Saturday and then in the morning on Sunday. I was tired by the end of the day, let me tell you and was REALLY grumpy. What made the day even stranger was when I came home from my Sunday morning client, and Jon had shaved off his goatee! I was really shocked. I told him it was all right but I felt really sad when I saw it was gone. I love his goatee, I guess. He's had it for 6 years, I'm guessing. He sported a beard for a few years then he moved to a goatee...now, it's gone. I know he can grow it back but I miss it. He thought it looked too white. I guess guys are like that about hair too. Anyway, I felt sad and he looks so different and not himself. He said he might try a mustache but I don't know. Oddly, he looks a bit like Tom Selleck...and I can see his dimples better. I hope I didn't make him feel too bad about shaving it off. I was so tired last night I didn't even make sense to me!

The in-laws are away in Boston for a week helping their son-in-law after he had back surgery. I guess he has crusty bones or something that grow deposits on them. ick. I wonder if this is sort of like gout. Anyway, they've gone over there...I've never been to Boston and who knows how many times they've been there.

My friend, Caroline might be coming over soon. I hope she makes a decision soon and we can do a few things before Winter comes.

My brain is on slow motion right now as I'm still tired. We did so much yesterday...I'm sort of sick of going to stores/parks. Even the park was packed to the gills as there was some company party. This was in Hollidaysburg. The park itself, is nice. But the bathrooms! Disgusting! Why not take some of the money and fix it up really nice (like Shaver's creek, or something). It was awful in there...and all we did was wash our hands! Yuck! There's more attention to flowers then to basic needs...disgusting.

The one good thing about this park is it's right next to a canal/stream. There is a small path by two giant chimneys which leads to the water. For some reason, it always smells stinky when you go through it...like an animal has died or something. But I've never seen anything so I wonder if it's some sort of stink plant. Anyway, we went there and Lydia points to some white things on the ground. She says mom, look mushrooms! We all look but they're not mushrooms; they're baby turtle eggs that have hatched! Can you believe it? It was amazing to see this and to know they made it to the water right below the edge of the shore. Jon identified them and I took pics. Then, I saw some wonderful orange mushrooms growing on a log and got few pics of this. These discoveries really made me feel better and not so Closter phobic (crowded places do this to me...I get grumpy/flustered).

All in all it was a pleasant day, though long. I feel a tad annoyed with my self that I forgot to put more paintings up on eBay but it's not the end of the world. I guess I'm feeling better and these outings are good warm-ups to walks in the wood and hiking.


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