Supposedly I'm not anemic

but I sure feel weak and tired before lunch. Ah, well...I really need to remember to eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. I become a bit crazy before lunch.

Anyway, we actually had some good weather today. Went to the park, grocery and just having fun. I hate to say it but I drive slightly further away to the park in Juniata because of the trees. Just nicer, really. The park that's close to us doesn't have mature trees and it really is hard to be around there with the sun beating down on our defenseless skin. I worry a lot about skin cancer, etc. Okay, I tend to worry a lot period. It can be very I try to meditate and calm's so hard not to fly off the handle or jump to conclusions. It’s still good to be proactive but not yell like a banshee!

A really great article I read recently is from the newest Oprah Magazine. The article "The Two Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People" by Dawn Raffel is about Anna Maravelas and how she negotiates with people to do their best in the work place by taking perspective and not playing the blame game. Maravelas notes there are two types of blaming "Blaming others" (BO) or "Blame self" (BS). The article goes on about how a woman was driving her car, she was late, took a different route and then was stopped behind a light. In the car in front of her a woman kept turning around in her seat and to make matters worse, when the light changed she got out of the car instead of driving! The late driver honked and still the woman began taking things out of the car! Later, we learn the woman's toddler was chocking in the back seat. She was trying to frantically clear the child's throat. This really made me realize how easy it is to forget that all people do have stresses in their lives, things we cannot see and or realize in that person(s) life.

On a different note, we've recently taken up walking. Now that the gals are bigger we walk more and it's a lot of fun. One thing we've started to do is sing while walking. I remember my brothers, sister and I doing this when we'd go for walks. So much fun!

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