Marigolds from our garden

Not that it matters but I just twisted my ankle. Actually, it was probably twisted for about an hour but I just ignored it and now IT HURTS LIKE HECK. So, it's bandaged and I sit here incapable of much and I had the best of plans. Well, it just seemed like a lot of ideas where just waiting to come out but now I'm stuck here with a foot proped.

Poor Mr. Nelson has a return of the runs, Jon is now sick and grumpy (oi), and Daisy (my rat) has a return of her rash. It's the darn heat, I think. I want to sort through all this cool material but can hardly walk out the door without either the kids needing me or I can't even walk.

I feel tired but Norrie refuses to sleep in her bed and is sleeping on ours. If I go in there she'll start touching/poking my face. Plus, my mom emailed me and she's not feeling good either (I hope you feel better mom!!!). So, I'm a big complainer when I'd rather be painting and putting up new auctions. Maybe I can sew...hmmm

hope everyone else is doing better in this miserable heat. Oh, and since I'm complaining, I've got fallen arches to boot. Just wrap me up in one big bandage and I'll be fine. sigh...


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