Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good article on environment...,1518,372179,00.html

Also, donate to My sis-in-law is making monthly donations with every bill. I love that in her. It's not much but it will help.

Peace to all.

Nix that...Gas is up again...

In ONE day the gas rose from 2.50 a gallon to 3.00. Amazing.

And don't let anyone tell you it's JUST because of the hurricane...gas had rose about 50 cents in the last three months. Jon was just reminding me how when we stoped at Dairy Queen and this nice old guy came up to us (after reading our bumper sticker...don't blame me, I voted for Kerry) and started chatting. He said something like, "Yeah, gas wasn't 2.19 a gallon when we were hoping to elect Kerry..."

Let's help...

I've been waiting for this...crafters it's time to help! I feel like I finally have some place to go...

Peace, love and hugs to all,

So, how much are you paying for gas?

We're up to $2.77...this in an area where you are paid the minimum wage of 5.15 an hour...

You'd think, as a president, as a leader, as someone who has supposedly seen the devastation in New Orleans, he'd say conserve and reduce your spending on oil. Lots of people in the East use oil heating. This is the time of year when they usually try to fill up. What's going to happen to all these people? What if you are elderly and on a strict budget? What is going to happen?

People, normal quiet everyday people are feeling the pressure and there are whispers of rebelling. Something's going to happen, folks. It's in the air and it's not Katrina. All I know is I hope it will happen on voting day...

Stand strong.

Fiddling while Rome Burns...

Check out the date on this...August 30th 2005 ...our president...

Reading about Katrina

First off, if you haven't already donate to They will use money for water, food and shelter.

Secondly, I've been reading the message boards on various news stories. Primarily about Katrina. It saddens me that a lot of people write the most henious things about people in dire circumstances. But it angers me when people really distance themselves and "punish" the victims.

I'm talking about people who are condeming those who are looting. Apparently, this is happening. People are looting all sorts of things like food, water, supplies, clothes, jewelry, etc. This made me ask a question: What drives someone to loot?

I decided to do a little research and found an interesting article about a book called Social Influence at Ground Zero: A Review of American Ground: Unbuilding of the World Trade Center, by William Langewiesche.

In the article by By Elaine Cassel, we learn various reasons as to why people loot. It was interesting to learn that the firefighters at the World Trade Center looted...and I don't blame them in the least. The article gives definite reasons why psychological states are stressed to cause this mentality.

"While norms can lead to orderly social behavior, they can also lead to anarchy. In a section that has already been attacked by New York City firefighters, Langewiesche reports on his observation of firefighters who engaged in looting of expensive clothing and jewelry from stores inside the WTC towers. This resort to lawless behavior can be explained as a result of deindividuation, a psychological state in which a person becomes submerged in a group and loses a sense of individuality. When people experience deindividuation, they undergo heightened emotional arousal and intense feelings of cohesiveness with the group. Deindividuation seems to be caused by two factors: (1) the belief that one cannot be held personally accountable for one’s behavior, and (2) shifting attention away from internal thoughts and standards and towards external environment. Both were evident in the firefighters’ looting. Langewiesche tells how the people working in Ground Zero developed a survivor mentality that surrounded them with an aura of "specialness." But the firefighters thought they were more special than others, especially police officers, with whom they shared a mutual lack of affection both within and without Ground Zero. Deindividuation also leads to conformity and compliance, and all workers at Ground Zero, firefighters and non-firefighters, behaved similarly when faced when unexpected dangers. One of the high points of the book is when the workers journey deep within subway tunnels to check the status of the Freon units connected with the WTC’s huge air conditioning system. Langewiesche describes how, following a leader who was one of the engineers for the building of the WTC and who knew every detail of the towers’ infrastructures, each party in the search crew did exactly as the leader told them to do, demonstrating obedience to authority. Obedience is defined as the behavior change that comes in response to a demand from an authority figure. "

You can read the entire article here:

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


AND HELP OUR OWN COUNTRY! This is the message I would like all Americans to send to Bush. This is what we SHOULD be doing. This makes sense. It is a total shame we are off in Iraq liberating to death all the people there. We need help in our own

My prayers and thoughts are for all those effected by Katrina. Donate husbands doing that his am I (and I faint!).

Do what you can...


Katrina unleashes Mass Pollutants

Greenpeace just sent this out...I'm sending it out to all of you out there. Please sign this petition. It's to get our Congress to take action and start clean up and using better ways to store/get rid of toxic chemicals.

Sign the petition and help get the word out.
Thank you.

Is it raining where you are?

Cause it sure is raining over here! Part of the Katrina storm, I'm guessing. I'm a little worried...not severely but a bit. I heard that we are supposed to get the big part of the storm tonight...I wish it wasn't such a warm storm. I would feel a bit odd putting a candle log on. I just love those things, candle logs. That's what those instant logs are made of; pressed saw dust and wax. And they don't bother my allergies, too much.

Speaking of allergies, I went to the ENT yesterday and the doctor just DIDN'T listen to me. I described having ear pain and feeling of liquid in my ear. He kept saying is there drainage? And I'm like none that I know of. So, he runs a hearing test and basically says yeah, your hearing is below normal but above needing a hearing aid. I'm like, so what are we going to do. And he just says we'll run more six months! What!?! I know why my hearing is being effected...allergies. My regular doctor knows this too but this one is an ENT and he's not even trying...just rushed me out the door and that was it. Well, I'm going to get a second opinion because I know there has to be more than that. Basically, he was resigned to me losing my hearing and not doing anything about it. Frustrating and made me feel like he wasn't a good doctor at all. I hate to say it but he was a lot older too...Apparently, he "worked" on my husband throat when he was a kid (about 25 years ago, before they moved to CA). I think this guy stinks. So, I'm going to call and try to get a different doctor/medical practice. I just feel like this doctor was treating me poorly, when I said I had ear pain he ignored me, and said I didn't feel pain. WHAT?!? I was thinking this guy either has made up his mind and doesn't want to be conflicted in his opinions or HE can't hear me! And I'm having very severe ear pain because of the tropical storm coming in...changes pressure in the humidity. I don't get it...I really don't. And yes, it bothers me because I have to suffer and most likely he's done this to others.

At one point, I actually thought he was giving me the bum's rush because my health insurance was still the lowest one there. Recently, I was "up graded" to blue shield (a better health insurance). When my doctor's secretary called the ENT(when I was on the lowest one), the ENT secretary was actually snippy and annoyed. This is so awful...the treatment of people who are poor. Even when I left the ENT, the secretary was jerky to me. Basically, the program I'm on acts as a secondary insurance and I don't have to pay the co-pay. When I told this to the secretary she acted surprised (as in she had never dealt with that before) and then told me that I should have said so in the beginning (I had thought it was taken care of) and then she told me to go and get some money (I only had my atm card on me) at the hospital (it's about a half mile walk, up hill) . I did this but when I got back and I talked to a different secretary, I found everything had been taken care of. REALLY CRAZY. And the first secretary looked like she didn't know why I was back. Let's just say, I'm going to be going to a different ENT.

Also, I've noticed that at markets some people use food stamps and the like and they are treated really badly by the cashiers. The cashier will literally humiliate the person by saying something like your paper work didn't go through or make a big fuss. This has happened to a few people when I was in line. It makes me mad too. So what if these people need aid to help them? Don't treat them like trash! They're human beings trying to get along. Besides, we should be really outraged at companies getting subsidies from the government for millions of dollars. They are the ones that do the most damage...not some elderly person trying to make ends meet or some young woman trying to feed her kids. It's so horrible how the poor are treated. And if you are poor but don't look it, don't tell might get shunned. It amazes me on so many levels. It really does. I should have a thick skin after all these years but I don't.

What was it that Jesus said about the poor? Luke 14:21 'bring in the poor and maimed and blind and lame.' It's interesting to hear various religious groups ignore most of the passages on poverty. So much of the bible focus' on doing good, helping those in need but for some reason this is pushed aside and a lot is focused on a few vague passages on being gay or abortion. I think it's funny how so much is focused on this when most of these fundamental religions say they follow Jesus. It's ironic because Jesus talks primarily on good works, believing/having faith in God and working directly with the "bad" elements. Now, there are some groups that are very open to everyone... and there are some that are open but only if you'll change your ways in the long run. Change your ways and not only will heaven accept you but so will we.

I know all this because at one time I was a follower of this thinking...or at least I followed it to please others. I've been to many church meetings and fundamentalist church's (I didn't know the difference at the time). For some reason, these churches always have to find someone to blame, some one to put down and make them selves look "good". It's a very controlling attitude and it only causes harm rather than good.

Anyway, that's my rant of the day. Basically, I'd like to see people treat each other nicely. Don't be snobby and mean. And treat people with respect regardless of their station in life.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi20th century Indian spiritual & political leader

And another good quote:

"When someone steals another's clothes, we call them a thief. Should we not give the same name to one who could clothe the naked and does not? The bread in your cupboard belongs to the hungry; the coat unused in your closet belongs to the one who needs it; the shoes rotting in your closet belong to the one who has no shoes; the money which you hoard up belongs to the poor. "

Basil the Great

That's a hard pill to swallow...but it's a good rule to try and live by.

Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm using that cool function on Amazon where you get tid bits of songs to peruse and get an idea if you want to get a CD. Well, I'm listening to one of the greatest folk singers of our time, Peter, Paul and Mary. Their album "Invisible people" OF Our Time". One song is called "Jesus on the wire". Just the little bit I'm listening to is beautiful and haunting. It's about Matthew Shepard...the young man was brutally murdered because he was gay.

I try to understand what gets into people's heads. But I fail miserably. I don't know why someone would do this to anyone, let alone for this reason.

I read some of their background on their website...and my goodness, there needs to be a Peter, Paul and Mary song! They are wonderful and inspiring.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

When the crazies start dancing at funerals...

you have to know it's time to tell them to stop, make them protest a few miles away from a funeral or just go up to them, hit them in the head a few times and try to knock some sense in there. Just kidding about the last one. Though, my goodness the urge is there.

Lately, I've been reading about these funeral_protests . Some people who are anti-gay(read prejudice) go to funerals of soldiers who have died and do a protest...right there. On so many levels this is wrong. It's not just about dishonoring the dead...all who have died for this war...but it hurting the families involved.

I'm not a patriotic type person and I'm anything but religious. But I wouldn't do this at a funeral. I wouldn't do this at any funeral! And I'm amazed that people can do this under some crazy idea that they are speaking for God. Well, we all know that people who claim to speak to God are really about. Yes, something's not right there. Most of the time, these people are harmless but if you get people to follow them in ernest, we could have insanity marching it's way across America much like Germany a few years ago. Very scary.

I think a good response/action is that of Connie Ditmore. Quoted from the AP "My husband is over there, so I'm here to show my support," 41-year-old Ditmore said as she waved and American flag and as tears came to her eyes. "To do this at a funeral is disrespectful of a family, no matter what your beliefs are."

On another topic, I've heard of some groups are now protesting Starbucks. And it's not because of the quality of their coffee. Apparently, this group is miffed that Starbucks has come out with slogans that are inclusive of various life styles. For some reason, this rubs this group the wrong way. I don't know why but it does...and they are claiming to be a "Christian" group too. The irony is I was always taught God loves everyone. I believe that God is beyond color, sex and any policitcal systems of belief.

I think it's sad when certain Christian groups get mixed up about life. The basic principal of the bible is to love your nieghbor, not to judge and basically, help those in need. It doesn't say go around and protest at funerals and coffe shops. What a strange world of their own making.

And as for me, I don't believe in a God on the mountain and as the Peter, Paul and Mary lyrics from And when I die go "I can swear there ain't no heaven, but I pray there ain't no hell...But I'll never know by livin', only my dyin' will tell".

I think that sums it all for my personal beliefs...And as for "the God of all", I like to slip in an extra "o" in there and say the Good of all. But that would be just plain crazy now, wouldn't it? Just as crazy as protesting coffee establishments and funerals...


Thanks to for sharing this: Rosie O'Donnell's blog She has terrific quotes from Republicans as to why we should not go to war when Clinton sent troops to Bosnia. Very ironic to say the least.

As a pacifist, I'm against war. I don't think it's an answer to problems causes more problems, pain and death. I did not support Clinton when he did allowed this (and with more reason). And I especially don't support Bush's war because there was absolutely no reason to even start a war. What would have happened if Sean Hannity had said this during Bush's push to war...

“Explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home in body bags why their son or daughter have to give up their life?”–Sean Hannity, Fox News, 4/6/99

Or if Tom Delay had said this, “You can support the troops but not the president.”–Rep Tom Delay (R-TX) at this point of time.

What I would like to see is a return to balance. Checks and balances. We don't have that now. We have a gung ho approach and that is NOT working. Life is not a black and white cowboy movie...we are all way too complex.

I'm sorry for the rant...I was just reminded how important it is to say what you believe, regardless if it brings on criticism; a hard thing to do in this day and age.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday...Dreams

I love this subject as I am a firm believer in dreams. I am talking about both dreams of what ever it may be you want/need and dreams we have during sleep. Also, I am one who dreams in full color and often will be inspired to do art from my dreams.

Some of my biggest inspirations happen just as I'm nodding's like my brain is cleared of all the days happenings and I can finally think clearly. I keep paper and pen by my bed to write these insights.

Here is my submission for dreams:

Titled: I follow my dreams...wherever they lead

Close ups of the painting:

This is an 8 by 10 inch painting on watercolor paper. I used 100 year old paper for my collage pieces with oil pastel. Sumi ink was used for the background. I started this painting yesterday and finished it today. It is covered with a light varnish.


Friday, August 26, 2005

I feel feelings...and the Ugly Cake.

Been a bit down. Got rejected for yet another couple of jobs...AH!!! One was for a library assistant for weekends. You had to have an MLS, so I was like well, that's a long shot but if they call I'll interview. It's good practice anyway. Well, I interviewed, know I did well and when I got the rejection the very next day, I was still sad. 15 people interviewed for a 7 hour position. The good thing about not getting this job was the 7 hours were broken into two days (Saturday and Sunday, how icky). So, I guess I lucked out not getting that one. The other one was in a different city for a teachers aide like position. It was only 7 an hour (which, unfortunately is good for around here). It was full time with no benefits. But you got holidays and sick days! Hahaha What a bunch of crap!

Anyway, I missed that one too...grrr sour grapes. Then the latest position I tried out for was a poetry editor for a web site. It was a non-paying gig with supposed potential of pay in the future. Didn't get that one either. Just as well, they wanted you to go to various poetry readings and "do reports", edit a certain volume of poems, etc...all this for free. The funny thing is I am a published poet (in literary journals from my university days) and more recently on poets against the war. Yes, I haven't published Children's poems...actually, I've never tried. Maybe I should...I do have several that are public worthy.

So, that is my depressing day. I did mop the floor in the dining room. Oh, and I did do a lot yesterday. I'm giving art lessons at home and have three pupils. I'm happy and very excited about that. I think it will go well.

I told my sister about the Sunday school preschool class and she gave me some pointers (she teaches Sunday school too but older kids, elementary age). So, I have a plan: 1. tell the kids what you expect from them (no yelling, shouting, or being loud) 2. Let them play then ease into 3. reading a story 4. snacks at the table 5. craft I got most of this right but it was a bit chaotic as I didn't consciously think about it. Now, I have a plan. : )

I'll use the same technique on my art students. I made several flyers and put one up at the local YWCA and have to put more up at the library and market. Then I have to put an ad in the paper. Should be interesting. I have several lesson plans and art techniques to show them. Plus, I'm going to have them submit work to children's magazines. This should be a good form of encouragement.

As for my self, I've been submitting to various magazines, galleries and agents from the Illustrator and Graphic Artist Guide book. I have to say some of them are very snotty sounding. I skip those and move on. It's funny how I'm looking at them as good or bad, instead of the other way around. I'm a bit more selective now...don't know why, maybe just more experienced and I know what I want.

I've been working on several ideas for paintings...using a different approach and one that is more exciting for me, too. It's something I've been wanting to do...basically, it's collage work. Once I have some pieces finished, I'll be able to show something. Actually, I think I'll try doing the Illustration Friday theme "Dream" using my ideas.

I feel a bit better now that I've written about my rejections. I still have several resumes out there but I feel like I don't have to worry about them too much. Plus, August is ending and poor box is looking a little less poor. So, I'm on the up. Just a moment of feeling all unloved, is all.

Here are some pics I got before my disk drive broke:

This is actually kind of pretty. Titled, "Jacks on the mantel".

A while ago I mentioned that I was going to make my daughter a Totoro birthday cake. I did but it turns out it is the ugliest cake I've ever seen. Everyone was very kind to me and didn't mention how very ugly it was. It looks even worse in the picture.

I think the girls liked it even if it was ugly.
Well, at least this one did!

Lydia looks a bit aprehensive...I can't blame her. I tried to hide the ugliness of it with candles. I used all 21 candles and it was really burning hot. I don't think it worked.

At least it looked kind of good in the soft glow of candle light...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big Idea: Mistakes in sewing...

Well, since I can’t post any digital pictures, I thought I’d amuse you with a little story from my life. It started with my conceit and vanity towards patterns. Patterns, as in, I can make that dress without a pattern! Why would I buy a pattern? I can make that dress just by looking at it. It was that sort of pattern and that sort of vanity.

So, I got this big idea that I would make an easy slip on dress, sort of like a muumuu but more fashionable. Then I could walk around feeling 70’s-ish and relaxed. I have some really great material that is VERY 70’s and late 80’s. This print is actually beautiful and interesting.

I start out by trying to remember how someone on posted about some actual muumuu they redid and made into a gorgeous skirt. Mind you this person was petit and must have had lots of sewing experience before jumping in. I, on the other hand, am just starting to make clothes for my self (exclusively by patterns, until now) and am not so petit.

I cut the fabric and sew up the hem (I’m good at hems…I have lots of curtains to prove this) and decide to be a little daring and sew in a cord like thing to keep the muumuu dress from falling down to my knees. I then added elastic on the top to be extra safe. I do a trial run and pull it next to me, showing off my curves and I think wow! This is great!

I’m feeling pretty good about this and before long the dress is finished. Only when I put it on, it doesn’t look like the trial run. I had pulled it close to me but this, this bunched up, and ruffled where ruffles were NOT supposed to be. I tried tugging at it and seeing if I could fit it next to me like in the trial run. But now, I had elastic to battle and a cord around my neck to take into consideration. No, this was not my cute vision. Heck, this wasn’t even a Mrs. Roper vision! I looked like a bell with ruffles…not very sexy, if at all, and rather pathetic.

I tried vainly to adapt it into a skirt but it was about 20 inches too long and looked even worse. Now, I had ruffles on my tummy…ruffles should not be on your tummy. Ruffles can be on your tummy if you are under six years old.

Sadly, I took the piece apart, bought a pattern and have since made most of the skirt. I think it will look very different and maybe stunning. I just need to finish it.

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a camera on hand…here are some drawings I did of what it looked like:

You should be thankful I couldn't photograph this... : ) The thought didn't even enter my head!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Paper bits I collect...

Originally uploaded by emily999.
It's's a piece of paper from a small collection of scrap papers I have. I love it...the texture, slightly embossed and the paper looks like it has less red then the scan shows.
Also, if you go to I have lots of ATC's to trade!

I feel slightly tired...busy weekend. Next weekend is busy again...we're volunteering at the university for our church group, Unitarians. It's going to be at an inter-faith meeting. Hope it goes well. I have to do flyers and posters this week...ah! We're using a sock monkey/monkey theme.

Then in September, I have art classes I'm teaching. I'm teaching kids but I'm also open to adults. I think it will be interesting, fun and messy. I'm excited! : )

Why do I have to feel so sleepy? The weather is a bit cloudy but there is a great breeze and maybe the sun will peak out. Yesterday was so incredible.

Is Fall really around the corner? I wish most of the summer the weather was like this...coolish and not humid. Had a terrific thunder storm a few days ago...unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it as I screwed up the computer and Jon was thundering and sending me evil eyes. I ended up fixing the problem my self, oddly. Anyway, it was a cool light show.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Oh, now I remember why I'm tired...I taught Sunday school! Boy, it's fun but I was tired from all of that...let's just say we shouldn't have all the cakes and goodies out for little hands to reach. When I said it was time to clean up, time to go all the kids ran out the door and screaming. Plus, they pounded on the chalk board and apparently it was really loud. Very embarrassing. It wasn't so bad, actually. Just a new thing to learn... : )

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Political Cartoonist or Children's Artist?

For awhile now, I’ve been conflicted with (on a superficial level, of course) the idea of being a “pure” children’s artist. Well, now I don’t have to worry any more. According to the latest SCBWI on-line article, Expressions, being a children’s artist or a political cartoonist has lines that overlap each other and in fact, many artists were doing both. Here is the article for your perusal:

Political cartoonists who illustrate children's books

Political cartoonists who illustrate children's books. Chris Riddell is one himself, and he explains why he is fascinated by others like him. Sir John Tenniel, for example, who drew many topical cartoons and caricatures for Punch in the late 19th century, but is best remembered today for his illustrations for Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS. Or Ernest Howard Shepard, British artist and book illustrator who began his illustration career selling weekly cartoons to Punch, but is known especially for his human-like animals in illustrations for THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame and WINNIE-THE-POOH by A. A. Milne. Today, there's Chris Riddell. He has worked as a political cartoonist for The Economist, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, and The Observer, but has also written and illustrated many children's books, including SOMETHING ELSE by Kathryn Cave which was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize, highly commended for the Kate Greenaway
Medal, and winner of the UNESCO Award for Children's Books. Riddell recently illustrated a children's edition of Jonathan Swift's GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, retold by Martin Jenkins and winner of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2004. Tenniel and Shepard are undoubtedly two fellow cartoonist-illustrators who continue to inspire him. He says that he has a pile of fading copies of Punch from 1943, which have Tenniel's famous cover engraving, and Shepard's beautifully drawn cartoons inside.

Guardian article,11710,1524497,00.html
Meet Chris Riddell
Gulliver's Travels

For me, this was a huge relief. I don't have to "Choose" one side or the other. You can indeed do both. And like Dr. Seuss, perhaps, you can blend the two of them too!

And today the great Yertle, that Marvelous he,
Is King of the Mud. That is all he can see.
And the turtles, of course…all the turtles are free
As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.

--Yertle the Turtle

Friday, August 19, 2005

Cabbage and Rabbits

Cabbage and Rabbits
Originally uploaded by emily999.
This is the lastest painting I've done. I'm in love with it but I'm selling it on eBay. Maybe I'll make some cards at cafepress...

Here's my ebay link:
  • Emily's newest work on eBay
  • Spider

    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Spider, Spider turning webs
    In the dark, covered with fine mist
    How many fireflies and winged bugs will you catch?

    I was outside right now watching a pair of bats fly low over my head catching everything from mosquitoes to moths to fireflies. Quite beautiful, actually, to watch them. They seem to fly in patterns, interlacing and retracing their paths. An aerial ballet...

    My mother, my self

    My mother, my self
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    I have a lot of ATC's at my flickr site up for trade. If anyone would like to trade with me there are at least 18 to trade!

    email me at if you see anything you'd like to trade! : )

    No pics...

    I don't have a digital camera and haven't been able to post any pictures. VERY Frustrating. But just because my disk drive is broken does not mean I haven't been busy. Now that's a bit of crazy logic or what!

    I've baked bread, made zucchini bread, made pizza from scratch (delicious!), been cooking up lots of veggies and made veggie burgers from scratch. This was a recipe from my adopted grandmother. She was the first person I ever knew who was vegetarian as she was Seventh Day Adventist.

    My mom has tried to make this as well and I have both of them mingled in my mind as how to make these veggie burgers. I'm sure there is a better recipe out there than the one I improvised. Here it is:

    Some left over oatmeal (about two cups of oatmeal already cooked/cooled)
    extra oatmeal
    2 eggs
    soy sauce
    Worcestershire sauce (try saying that three times fast!)
    dried onions
    Mrs. Dash
    some cottage cheese (about half a container)
    Mash all of this together and mix like you are making meatloaf. I just seasoned until everything looked slightly brownish. Oatmeal is very plain so, putting extra spices (such as garlic, cumin, etc) is a good idea both for taste and visual appeal.

    Then I made little patties and fried in olive oil. It's not a vegan meal but I can see how you can adapt it for that. As for the patties, they came out delicious. You can add wheat germ or even tahini for more texture. I didn't have any on hand so I skipped that. You could add all sorts of things and make your own varieties. As long as you can eat oatmeal, this is a nice change.

    All this cooking is not because I have a lack of things to do. We are on a super tight budget as the plumbing bill came in (300! yikes) and the health care stuff. So, no eating out and very limited spending. Can I say this stinks big time?!? But it's forcing me to think of new ways of cooking (for me) and I have to say the pizza I made last night was really good. I'm lucky I have a pretty well stocked kitchen and what I don't have, I figure out what I can use instead. Plus, I have a handy dandy cook book, the internet and usually patient family members.

    Did you know it's really easy to make bread? The biggest part of making bread, is the waiting. Also, if you want sour dough bread you have to wait 24 hours for the yeast to ferment. Haven't tried that yet, but I will.

    Weather wise: Gloomy. It's 10 am and it feels like 6 am. We're going to try and pick up my birthday Gingko tree. Why is this tree, a Gingko, so important to me? Well, the first home I lived in had a beautiful Gingko tree and I used to jump in the leaves as a child. I'd also watch it from the top floor window and when the fall came bright yellow leaves would fill the air like tiny yellow goldfish. I hope that tree is still there. My sister and parents-in-law were loving enough to see how much it meant to me and got me one for my birthday. It means a lot to me.

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    Illustration Friday..

    I have decided to resubmit my topic for Wisdom and add Reflection to it. Without reflection, wisdom can not be found.

    I will probably do another entry later in the week...

    Almost forgot about that today's Illustration Friday!

    Here's my submission for "Wisdom"

    The Song of Peace

    After last weeks entry, I had to do something with an uplifting voice. Here are some poems from children's cyber school that I found encouraging:

    Let the sun shine in the night time and please no more dying.
    Please let us have peace and no more fighting. People are dying.

    Southwest Elementary
    San Antonio, TX, US

    As I look around the world I sigh,
    And think, We could at least give peace a try.

    Exeter-West Greenwich Junior High
    West Greenwich, RI, US

    Peace without
    Comes from peace within.

    Glenala State High School
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Peace remained by my side until I understood
    what she wanted from me—that I be free

    Parque Ecologico
    Porangaba, Brazil

    Let it blow in your direction
    Let it touch you, melt you and mould you

    SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, secondary school
    Tema, Ghana

    We don’t like it that our fathers must be soldiers
    and shoot other children’s fathers.

    Ctvidaberg, Sweden

    There comes an army; here comes another.
    They meet in the middle and declare PEACE.

    Holy Cross Primary School
    Western Cape, South Africa

    The wisdom of children...

  • The Peace Poem

    So many touched me...this is one of my favorite:

    Peace is in the waves at sea.
    Peace must begin with you and me!

    Gander Middle School
    Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

    And another:

    Peace is knowing that your home is safe.
    Peace is freedom.

    St. Elizabeth School
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    After the rain, the sun comes...

    Oh, what an absolutely beautiful day it is! The type of day where the sky is beyond blue and everything is clean, fresh and smells so good. We had a lot of rain yesterday and we needed it. Today was perfect. No humidity, just the right amount of warmth and just so sprarkly clean. Love it! I hope others have been having this great weather.

    I want to post a bunch of pictures but I can't because of the digital camera problem. It stinks. Basically, the floppie disk drive is busted. So, I might have to take out some oldies and post them like redcurrent has done on occassion. That might be fun, actually.

    I am sad to say the local co-op is being dismantled. The leader is overwhelmed and noone seems to have the time to help out. That's too bad, really. Fortunately, I'll be able to still get farm fresh goodies (hopefully for awhile). I got a box full yesterday with corn, beets, beans, peaches, and then some. I love it. I really do.

    In other news, my brother is drawing swords with me on my beliefs. Apparently, my mom has issue with me being Unitarian (sorry, mom for telling everyone!). I think it's interesting that they take such an issue in my personal life. I just hope they are happy and make the best decisions for them selves. Can you tell I don't want to get in an argument? lol

    Anyway, besides all of that I have started ART CLASSES! Yes, I am officially teaching art in my home and will be starting that in September. So, far there is one official group of kids and then I have some individual tutoring. I think I am going to love this. Plus, I have an interview on Tuesday for a library job. It's only on the Saturdays. Goodness, that's about all I could do right now! Of course, I could do evenings too. There's a PSU job I'd like to apply for. I have a long standing application out for another PSU job for designing exhibits. I won't be discouraged.

    Anyway, I'm really excited about the Art classes. I have lots of ideas and am really happy to do this. It uses something I am very good at with helping others. : )

    I also found out my thyroid is border line underactive...whatever that means. Does that mean this is why I don't have lots of energy sometimes? I wonder. I just thought it was depression or my weight. We will see. This means I have to have more blood drawn. Lovely. I HATE SHOTS. Just so you know. I hate them. I am 6 feet tall, chubby (okay rather chubby) and I faint and it could be fatal for me or some small person near me should I topple over. This is not a good thing. Fortunately, I have warned the nurses and they are very much ready to oblige me with lying down.

    Other things that are going on, Norrie is starting to understand the concept of "Naughty Corner". I ask her, when she is doing something like pulling Lydia's hair, do you want to go to the naughty corner? And she actually started to recall the last time. I do the naughty corner as often as I can. It helps me too...I have to count to 60 (one time for every year) and I end up calming down. No more hand swats. Plus, hand swats never worked; she just smiled and blinked. I feel good about naughty corner.

    I've been painting up a storm again. I have quite a bit of work to put up and I think it's working out well. I need to talk to some local galleries and put my work up. I feel good about it.

    I'm working on the Unitarian posters for our group. I'm also doing the's fun stuff.

    Had a huge bill from the was worth it considering water exploding from the ceiling. Very scary.

    I feel a bit let down from all the excitement of the last month. I wonder if I can get my bestfriend, Caroline, to visit next. : ) That would be a blast.

    Been reading lots of books as summer will do that to you. What am I talking about ? I read constantly all year! Here is what I've been reading: Last of the Just by Andre Schwarz-Bart, Every Living Thing by James Herriot, Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope and lots and lots of animal and childrens books. Yes, it's quite a variety...mostly male authors. Hmmm, I'll have to remedy mom sent me some
    Maeve Binchy so, I'll start on that once I finish a few of these. Let me just say, Last of the Just is very painful to read. The writing is so clear and sharp...I read it even though I know it's going to break my heart.

    Well, I'll see what I have in the way of pictures of bygone days. Sometimes pictures can be a blessing and a curse...


    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Monday: gotta go

    I have errands to run, places to go and I am. I'm starting off slowly but I'll gain momentum. The Wiggles are playing or rather "The Wiggles Magical Adventure".

    Had a great weekend with few probs (only my minor tummy upset). In fact, it was a really good one as I was happy with my eBay sales. I've done bigger sizes and people seem to like that. So, I'll keep that going.

    I'm happy to report I've also gotten better health coverage and can now see any doctor I want and get stuff the Podiatrist. I'm happy about that, as one might imagine.

    Other news, it's cooling off over here a bit and THIS is the main reason I'm thrilled. It was so hot the last few days mixed with humidity no one could do anything. But it's cooling off and I feel I can do so much more now.

    Gotta go do some stuff. But first, I checked out and saw some very cool things done with dollar store finds and limitations. Think I might try my hand at a few ideas too. I love the winner of the craft contest they had! Very unique and clever idea.

    Well, times a running and I've got to get the grrls and me self ready to go. Peace and love to you all!


    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    It's been hot over here! 90 degrees...ugh!I wanted to do all this gardening but it's so hot I can hardly go outside. And now with the rise in gas prices (it's 2.45! This is a big difference as about 2 years ago gas was 1.30. I know it's worse in some areas exceeding 3 dollars!) we can't even really drive anywhere. Also, we had to tough it out for our health insurance. Next month should be a bit easier...still VERY vexing. Heat and low cash makes for lots of stress.

    It's really funny to hear the news "report" about the gas prices. It's almost like they were paid by gas companies to make it sound better here in the US. For example, they compared gas prices to milk per gallon and to nasal spray (?!?). Nasal spray would cost $100+ per gallon. Then they reported that countries such as Belgium, Brussels gas is $5.91 a gallon. They left out these countries have mandatory social security/health coverage. This means you pay directly for your health coverage from your paycheck. You have free choice of any doctors/dentists/ etc you want from that point. Oh, and they have the highest minimum wage in the world (6.77 compared to the US 5.15 an hour). Hmmmm, this place doesn't seem too bad, actually...also, they were against the Iraq war so don't have 700 billion in debt like the US. Interesting, isn't it?

    Anyway, I've been painting up a storm. Lots of artwork up on eBay right now. Plus, I've been thinking of having some things on here. So, look for that in the future. The only problem is my digital camera. Actually, the camera is not the's our cheap disk drive. It's broken and I am sad that I can't get anything up on the net. I lost over 25 pics already from that disk drive and I finally realized it was the disk drive not the camera or the floppies. I use a mavica (oldie, I know). If anyone wants to freecycle me a digital camera they don't want any more email me at I will pay for postage/handling. As long as the camera works and you can plug it in (no floppies), it would be greatly appreciated! : )

    So, there you have it, folks. My current dilemma! It's funny because I know it's not as bad as a lot of peoples...I've been reading about women of the old West; that is some horribly rough stuff. No, my life is quite easy compared to them!

    Here are some better pics of my niece holding the stuffed toy I made her. I asked my sis to send me a few and she did.

    My beautiful Katie!

    My poor nephew is suffering big time. He fell out of his bed around 1:30 am and gashed open his lower lip. They had to put in stitches and he looks terrible apparently. Poor little guy...he's only three. Just awful. My sister said she nearly fainted several times and had to leave the emergency room. I'm praying he'll be all right soon.

    Well, that's whats happening, folks! Hope all is well in your part of the world!

    Love and peace,

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Been busy again...

    Happiness is making a little something for someone that doesn't expect it.

    Well, I moved Norrie back into her own room finally. It got to the point where she was pulling Lydia's hair from her crib. I was wondering why Lydia was frustrated with Norrie. Hopefully, things can return to some sense of normal.

    Been working on the Unitarian campus flyer for students. People loved the ideas. That's cool...I didn't get to go because our baby sitters forgot. You can't blame them too much as they do it for free (grandparents, you know). Still, it really was an inconvenience. So, I missed El Camposino night with the UU's. That stinks. But Jon brought me some take out.

    There's a ton I want to write about but am feeling a bit rushed. I can hear the girls pounding on something...most likely the doors.

    Nelson ate a half tub of butter and threw up for the rest of the evening and morning. Pretty disgusting...he's a small dog but he can jump like an Olympic champion.

    It's been humid and warm but nice. I had a migraine the other day and I was rather miserable. Glad that it's over. I couldn't do anything even though the girls were napping. Even sleeping was a pain as my room was really bright (for some reason I didn't think of closing the was that bad). But today I feel so much better...thankfully.

    Softie made for my dear Katie!

    I looked through some of my pics and I did save a few pics of the stuffed animal I made for my niece. It took me a few days (and staying up till 2am) to get it done. It's all me...from the pattern to the end.

    He is a little red panda made of white corduroy and red felt.

    I thought I lost these photos, so I was very happy to find them! : )

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    illustration friday: Empty

    By their fruits you will know them.

    Multi-media piece...Acrylic watercolor photoshop

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    ATC in the mail!

    Beautiful! This was the word that came to my mind...or rather, "how beautiful!" I opened up my trade from
  • Mimi
    It is so very endearing...I love her style! Thank you, Mimi!
    This scan does not do this piece justice...

    By the way, if anyone would like to trade me...let me know! I'm starting to accumlate quite a few cards of my own and this would be a cool way of trading for other peoples art! Let me know! : )

    And again, thank you Mimi!!!
  • Part 2 Bow and Arrows, dvd and gingko tree

    Last we left off...we had left the rabbit show area.

    Ah, yes and then we started back to the carnival area. We ate, saw many rides, rode on a few and I tried to talk people into going into the bizarre and odd tent but nobody wanted to see them. Personally, I thought it would interesting to see a two headed pig, a man lifting 1000 pounds, and sporting the most tattoos. But no, I have only a pic of the outside of the tent to solace me.

    Wild art!

    As we left we we're tired (or at least my family sister, Becky, was a bundle of energy...crazy).

    That was our day at the fair. The next day was my birthday and we combined it with Norrie's who turned two on July 29th. Cake, pizza and lots of goodies ensued. I got a beautiful wall hanging from my mom. I have to take a pic of that and put it up. I also got a mystery book with cats (thanks, Mom!). Norrie got a handmade raggedy Ann doll from grandma Shirley and Katie my niece wants one too. Everyone thought that was so sweet. She practically loved it more than Norrie (of course, Norrie is only two and Katie is nine and can see the hard work and love in it). Then she got a sweet blue plaid outfit and hand stitched embroidered teddy tee from grandma Shirley (love it, mom!).

    I got her a my little pony stuffed horse (like Lydia's) and she gave that a big hug, pj's from grandma Mary Ann (two sizes too big...she wants to be sure they don't out grow's becoming a family joke), soft doll set with a stroller and bassinet from auntie J and auntie Becky and family got her a Scottie dog in a little bag. It's so soft and darling! I want one too!

    I opened my present from Jon and I thought he was going to get me the new Harry Potter book. He got me a bow and arrow. Let's just say I was shocked. Yes, I have mentioned taking up archery and lessons. No, I do not plan to go hunting, ever. It's for the sport of hitting a target...I admit I'm partially interested because of Geena Davis and her going to the level of Olympics. That impressed me. I still can't believe there is a bow and arrow in my mud room waiting for me to practice. I had to run outside that very night and shoot some targets...which I did miserable and broke one arrow tip. Ah, well. I'll try again in the light and with a target. I love it...though my arms were very sore afterwards!

    Then I got a dvd from my sister. She felt pity on us as our vcr was breaking down and only showing b/w images. That was very cool of her!

    But the cream of the top was my present from my sis-in-law J (who wishes to remain anonymous) and dad/mom-in-law. A GINGKO TREE! Let's just say I was floored. I still can't believe it. Wild night, I must say. So, there it is. A bow and arrow, dvd and gingko tree for my 33rd birthday. It's good to be me. : )

    And now, on to the pics!

    1st Place at the Bedford County Fair!!!

    3rd Place at the Bedford Fair

    Katie admiring the rabbits

    Angora sweet!

    Gotta love the bunnies! Norrie couldn't take her eyes off of this bunny...I think she thought it was a high tech rabbit toy!

    The little mischievous smile of Ben...don't worry the rabbits were safe. He's a very kind kid actually...

    Oh, and never take little kids to an antique mall...they just don't mix and will eventually throw tantrums in a rather quiet place. Let's just say we wanted to trade them in on some guinea pigs by the end of shopping trip!

    Some more pics:

    Norrie's cupcake...nope I didn't make them. It was too hot and humid to do any baking. Such is the way when your birthday is in the heat of summer.

    Hanging out...

    Poor Ben and Katie are very allergic to cats...or at least to Autumn. Ben rubbed his face on Autumns fine soft hair (it's very tempting to do) and immediately had big welts on his face. Fortunately, mama Becky gave him some anti-histamine and it helped. Poor little guy. I think they (the parents) were happy to leave...we have four I don't blame them! But they had a good time and esp. with Kiwi (in the pic). He's not allergic to the short haired cats.

    These are just the digital pics...more on the way! I'm sure everyone is thrilled to view my family pics! lol

    I did do an actual softie for my niece Katie but I lost the pic. Darn it... So, now I'll have to bug them for a pic and/or make another one! It was an intense 2 days of sewing and doing the last stitches till 2am the day they left. I have a pic of me and it's not pretty...I look so tired. Plus, I made them blueberry muffins to go. I'm insane! But I had a good time and was happy and sad to see them go. Love you Becky, Katie, Ben and Huan! : )

    The good thing about having house guests is they make you do all the things you meant to do over the year. The bad thing about guests is you never know what's going to happen when they are here (like your ceiling gushing water from the bath) and when they leave your house is a little bit quieter and little bit lonelier. Thank the stars for email, phones and photographs!

    Well, got to go and wake my sleepy heads up. It's pouring rain outside...yesterday we had a picnic with our Unitarian group...perfect weather and a lovely thing to do...and so much food. I was the unofficial photographer...but I think the photos will come out really good. I used b/w film (my favorite). Hope I got a few good shots.

    Thunder and lightening and rain...who could ask for more on a Monday!

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Rise and Shine before 7am (PART 1)

    The sky is over cast, the sun has barely stretched her arms past the hills and roof tops and both my girls were chanting "mama, mama!" in their room. Both standing bright eyed, diaper full, and smiles. Me, I look like a hamster face. If you've ever had a hamster, you know this look. As hamsters sleep in the day you have had to see the look of half closed eyes, slightly to very ruffled fur and scrunched nose. That's a hamster look and I was sporting it as I stiffly walked to my kids door, telling them to hush, hush so as not to wake me more(?). I don't know what I was thinking...just wanted to go back to bed...Obviously, that didn't work as I'm typing here at 7:55am as they watch Arthur (I can tell by the voices from the TV).

    My little muffins chanted mama and the dog downstairs barked to go outside. What is the world coming too? Why is everyone getting up so freaking early? It's summertime; sleep in time. Dragon tails. That's the show that's on now...

    I guess this means I need to start the day and get busy. My sister and her family left on Tuesday and I'm still recuperating. It was an intense, active five days. I don't think I mind being a home body very much. We went to so many places and yet they went out even more then me. My nephew, Ben, is super active and he only eats very little sugar! Maybe he'll become a mountain climber when he's an adult...something to do with the great outdoors, that's for sure. Katie, my niece, is a bit quieter and more reserved. She reads books like she's eating the most delicious meal. Apparently, she read the new Harry Potter book in two days. The kid is only nine years old! Amazing!

    There are tons of pictures I want to put up but I still need to get them developed. I love ye olden film. I love digital too. I love them both, actually. It's a matter of time which I use and I used them both to excess. I'm a shutter maniac and I've got piles of pictures and rolls of film to prove it.

    I've been working on another post but I don't know how much I'll repeat and how much I'll forget. Hopefully, I'll remember most of it. My sis came on Friday and I had been sprinting around the house cleaning here and there and just working my self up to a highly volatile level. I snapped at the kids and finally gave them to the grand folks much to the little ones relief and mine. Then when my sis came we all walked over to the grand folks house and chatted. Then back to our house. They cooed over my hallway and liked the little improvements we made. I was happy.

    The next day, Jon was off to work for a few hours (till 11am). In that time frame it seemed like hell was unleashed. The regular hum drum of life, early morning coffee and breakfast and all things normal went on and then my kitchen ceiling light cover fell down. I mean it splashed down with the force of a God. It slapped down with at least 15 gallons of water. I thought my sister had fallen (she's prone to falling because of her weak knees) and dropped a pitcher of water. But thank the stars, she was fine and thank the heavens no one was in the kitchen except for Mr. Nelson. He was doused with water and had a look that can be only described as "What the hell?" His legs were wet and I don't think he was hit by the plastic light covering. Basically, the pipe in the bathroom facet broke and water had built up in the ceiling. We have a drop ceiling so it had accumulated in the light fixture covering and stretched the insulation to be flush with the drop ceiling. Fear and amazement overwhelmed me. There was a rush of towels, chaos and trying to calmly call the plumber, my dad-in-law and just not freak out. After all of this, my brother-in-law wants to go out and we drive around to McDonalds, go to a park. We come home and the plumber comes as soon as my husband leaves to get some supplies. It was very taxing and stressful. I must mention that my brother-in-law is very high maintenance. If he gets stressed he starts to get very hyper and quick tempered. Honestly, I don't really know how my sis handles it. It's almost like something triggers an obsessive behavior or anxiety that makes him really fly off into Huan world and he has to do everything really fast and his way. I think therapy would be a good thing...but to get him to do anything of that nature is impossible.

    Fortunately, he wasn't too crazy (that happened later on). The day proceeded, my nerves were raw and the plumber said it would cost 2000 to fix. I was like oh, God no! Then my DH called the plumber and found out it would be only 200 for him (the contractor would be the high part, if we don't do it the bath walls). The ceiling would be fine and dry out (which it did) and the plumber arrives today after a few days of bucket baths...which aren't that bad, really.

    That was day one. The next day was hot and a bit humid especially for those of us without working air conditioning. My sister was like, it's not that bad, actually. I'm like, because you have air conditioning in your car, dear (through gritted teeth). We arrived at the fair and were immediately greeted by war veterans gesturing which way to park. I knew they were war veterans because they're arms had been amputated and they had prosthetics and were older (most likely from the Vietnam war). I imagine we'll be seeing lots more of that on younger people as the years go by.

    We went up to the fair and there was a petting zoo of farm animals and a lama. Cute, we took a few pics. Then off to the exhibits where I got to see the results for the art show. I won 1st place for my rabbit painting!!! I was surprised and thrilled. It is my first blue ribbon. I also got a 3rd place for another watercolor I did. I was very happy and surprised. I can officially say, I'm award winning. : ) Next year, I'm going to enter a few more paintings and maybe even a crocheted blanket or knitted shawl. We shall see. There were lots of exhibits and various food stuffs and vegetables. I wish I knew how to can. It looks like hard work but so frugal.

    After this, we walked to the animals...they were having an auction on pigs when we arrived. There were so many horses and cows and so big! You really feel small next to these guys. And there were little horses and sheep and cows and rabbits. Apparently, it got to be so hot that a few animals died, unfortunately. When we got there, most of the chickens were gone. It got to hot for some of them and a few died. Very sad. When you enter an animal, you have to go to the fair every day and tend to them. It would get taxing after awhile. I was thinking of having a booth but now, I'm not sure. It was so the high 80's. Again, thinking of global warming...

    Well, I saw some very beautiful rabbits...angora and I'm thinking about getting one or two. They look very sweet but I'd need to have two places for them to live for the seasons. So, this is something to think about in the future.

    When we left, Lydia was like you forgot my rabbit! And then she started to cry and I had to explain to her we needed a cage first. This made sense to her and we were able to leave with only a few protests.

    Well, there is much more but I've got to tend to the kids. This will be part 1. The next part will have pics and more descriptions.

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    Illustration Friday

    Word: Aging
    Meaning: To get older without wanting to. Usually a bad connotation especially by today's society or rather by today's media and commercialism.

    I wish I had thought more about this word as I would have done something with consumer's and how women are primarily portrayed. I'd especially show this on most TV sitcoms...women are under 40, mostly 20's, thin and white. But since I don't watch TV (just films, sometimes) I don't feel like I can really comment on this in a meaningful way. And really it's kind of boring when you think about it. I know because I found a US magazine in the bathroom left by some of my relatives and boy is that freaky. All white, rich, young people...with very little to say and not even that good to look at (unless one is into plastic, lots o'makeup and bones).

    So, I did this illustration friday on my great aunt Myrt. She is 91 years old and is a most interesting and odd person. She has outlived all her siblings, her only daughter (who had down syndrome), two husbands and lots of other family. She is a petite woman of 4 ft 5 and has osteoporosis but is amazingly active (though lately there was a scare). What made me want to do an illustration about her is this one story I heard about Myrt. It's one of those stories that made me think...what the heck? This little old lady did what?

    Apparently, my great aunt Myrt, who is on my husbands side, can't stand messiness. She is what is known as a very neat and tidy person. In fact, she is so industrious about cleaning at the ripe age of 89 she finally gave up scrubbing her floors on her hands and knees because it was getting to be a bit taxing. Well, actually she was in bed for a week from sore aches and stiff joints.

    Well, this gives you the frame of mind she comes from. It so happened that there was a tree next to her house and in that tree were many a bird. So many in fact, every Spring it could be counted on that she would find lots of droppings coming from that tree and these would spread to the roof, pavement, car, etc. Well, Myrt at the age of 70 or so left something out and the next day the birds weren't in the tree any more. Around a dozen (possibly three dozen, so the legend goes) birds lay at the bottom of the tree. To hear Myrt recall this, you'd think this was a great battle. Her second husband was not pleased. After she cleaned up the fallen, Myrt was still unrepentant. To this day, she tells the story as though she had won a great victory against nature. And to me, now that I've gotten past the shock of it all and can look Myrt in the eye, I just have to smile. Who would think this little ancient woman would kill a bird? And for that matter, raise a down syndrome daughter and survive so many people leaving her forever and still see the humor of life. I hope I age a bit like that...maybe minus the dead birds, though.

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005


    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    This is a piece of advertisement for Adohr dairy products. I love, love, love the colors and design. So beautiful. I'm also loving easy to use. Just wish I knew how to make pictures look bigger.

    Church to the Amish

    Church to the Amish
    Originally uploaded by emily999.
    Ah, the Amish!

    Amish Delights

    Above is one of my favorite finds at the local Amish Farm. They have a little shop there selling everything from quilts, to thread to reading and writing material for their kids. I was discouraged from purchasing this coloring book 9. This is one of my favorite pages from the coloring book:


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